Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Philadelphia Church of God Maintaining the 50's Era for Their Women in the 21st Century

You have to hand it to the men in the PCG.  They know how to keep their wives under control.  You will not find any brawling women in the Philadelphia Church of God.  There have been countless articles in the last month about women being submissive, good homemakers and good mothers.  God forbid if any of them opened their mouths and voiced a theological understanding.

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)  Proverbs 21:9
It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house.

In the latest screed from the HWA Idolatry cult, they have this article:   The Spiritually Valiant Woman

The article focuses on women of the Hebrew scripture and Loma Armstrong.  Nothing about the strong women of the New Testament story.  Nothing about the rich women who were merchants of trade. Nothing about the women who ruled over men righteously or taught men.

There is Lydia the trader who was wealthy from fabric trade in purple cloth.  She made so much money she was "sponsoring" a local church.  Because they met in her house, it was the tradition the leader of the group was the homeowner.  She was doing such a good job at running the local church that Paul and Silas came to visit her before they left for a trip.

Lydia was the first Christian convert in Europe.  She responded to Paul’s gospel ministry when he visited her town of Philippi.[6]  Subsequently, the fledgling Christian congregation in Philippi met in her home.  Lynn Cohick (2009:190) notes that when Paul and Silas prepare to leave Philippi they went to Lydia’s house (not the jailor’s house) and met with the believers there. Presumably Lydia followed the pattern found throughout the New Testament that the owner of the house in which the church met was also the church leader.

Then there is Pheobe who was a minister (diakonos) of the church and a major patron wisely suing her money.

Tradition holds that it was Phoebe who carried Paul’s letter to the Romans.  As was the custom in those days, the letter carrier bore the authority of the one who sent him or her.  A usual part of delivering letters was explaining their contents to the recipient(s) and passing on verbal messages from the sender.[7] So Paul must have thought highly of Phoebe to entrust her with the delivery of his letter.

In Romans 16:1-2 Paul speaks warmly of Phoebe and describes her as both a diakonos and a prostatis.
I commend to you our sister Phoebe, who is a minister (diakonos) of the church which is at Cenchrea; that you receive her in the Lord in a manner worthy of the saints, and that you assist her in whatever matter she may have need of you; for she has been a leader/patron (prostatis) of many, and of myself as well. Romans 16:1-2.
 Paul only ever used the word diakonos (which literally means “servant” or “minister”) in the context of ministry.  [See endnote 8.]  Phoebe was a Christian minister in the church of Cenchreae.  Phoebe was also a prostatis. This word and its cognates mean “leader”.

Phoebe was also not a stay at home mother.  She travelled sharing the gosepl as she went.

It seems that Phoebe traveled widely for the sake of the Gospel.   In his commentary on Romans 16:1-2, Theodoret of Cyrrhus (393-460) writes, “[Paul] opened the world to her and in every land and sea she is celebrated.  For not only do the Romans and Greeks know her, but even all the barbarians.”

Phoebe was not a stay-at-home wife and mother. She was active as a minister in the church of Cenchreae and as a leader-patron in the public sphere. Paul used Phoebe as an apostolic envoy in Rome by entrusting her with his letter to the Romans.  Paul trusted Phoebe and recommended her highly to the Roman Christians. Working Women of the New Testament

None of these strong courageous women matter to the "men" at PCG.  They need their women kept down in the glory days of the 1950's and 60's when Loma was alive.  Her words and actions mean more to them than anything in the New Testament does.  It is more important train PCG women in housekeeping, cooking and child rearing than it is to be agents of God's word.

"The woman should be mentally able to do many of the things the man does, but she typically doesn’t unless he isn’t there to fulfill that role. Deborah judged a nation and led men to battle! Her song is canonized in Judges 5. Mr. Armstrong often said he always looked for a woman who could “wear the pants,” but didn’t. "
"In addition to developing other feminine traits, a female’s development of her mind must be at the top of the list. However, beware that Satan likes to use that intellect whenever women are doing “mindless” tasks—to broadcast thoughts like, My mind is too sophisticated for this. A woman must understand what it means to be feminine and why her role is what it is to truly thrive in it."
 "In 1 Samuel 1, one woman altered the course of history because of her understanding. God prohibited Hannah from bearing children until she learned the vision behind it (request our free book The God Family Vision). Once she learned this, she conceived and bore Samuel. After his birth, Hannah began to prophesy! You can find that in 1 Samuel 2:1-10.
“She probably understood God’s family plan more deeply than the most righteous women of God in the Bible,” Gerald Flurry writes in The God Family Vision."
"Hannah’s prophecy continues to be fulfilled today. David’s throne still exists, and we look toward the resurrection when we, as God’s firstfruits, will step into the role of the Bride of Christ and spiritual mother to multiple millions in the World Tomorrow. If our ladies understand the vision behind their “physical” duties and don’t let those duties become more important than their spiritual development, it will put them at a greater advantage spiritually—not hold them back.
“If you have a son, can you look into his eyes and begin to educate him about the resurrection and the God Family vision? Can you really help him see why he is alive? Can you see as Hannah saw?” Mr. Flurry asks. “Hannah was some wife. She was desperately unhappy for a while; but it was because of that unhappiness that God could teach her this deep spiritual lesson” (ibid).
That’s right! Women can—and must—learn deep, spiritual lessons! Then they must be able to educate their children about those lessons."
"Armstrong College is based on this understanding. Men and women take mostly the same courses—the only ones that differ have to do with speaking (based on the principle stated by the Apostle Paul)—and while the male students take advanced courses on speaking, the young ladies learn about homemaking and nutrition. But they all have to learn the same doctrines and memorize much of the Scriptures."

 "Mr. Armstrong always reminded us that it was his wife, Loma, who was the instrument God used to call him and start the Philadelphia era of God’s Church. Many young women on all three of the Ambassador College campuses in the 1950s and ’60s looked to her as a guidance counselor. As Mr. Armstrong wrote in the May 1967 Plain Truth, “She, herself, marveled at the wisdom that just came spontaneously from God as she counseled with these many girls about their many problems.” God inspired her with wisdom through His Spirit! Her intellect, now combined with God’s mind, was serving a tremendous function in the Work!"


Sharon said...

Why can't any of these buffoons ever use examples from the New Testament? They seem to only use examples from the Old Testament. I notices in the article that there certainly was not a lot of talk about Jesus but a LOT about Herbert Armstrong and Loma. Truly disgusting!

Byker Bob said...

Well, Sharon, they never made it to Calvary because they got stuck in Sinai. The same obstacle that blocked the forward progress of the majority of the Jews in the early days of the church.

Under the laws of the Levitical priesthood, Jesus was not permitted to be a priest or administrator of the Old Covenant! This is because he was not born of the tribe of Levi, he was born of the tribe of Judah. Yet Armstrongism has Him in the role of administering their picked and chosen elements from the OC. Paul tells us that because the priesthood has changed, there must also be a change in the law. But, as I say, Armstrongism doesn't acknowledge much if any of a transition, let alone participating in any manner of transformation, or moving forward.


Steve Kisack said...

Oh, no! The Armstrong "ministers" don't like you talking about the New Testament ladies, especially the ones that were prophets, apostles, and/or "ministers". Herbie's turning and churning in his grave, and all the "ministers" are going to make sure it's all hush hush. Don't read the bible. Just read our literature. We're good at prooftexting. We've been sticking it to you for years. Why rock the boat?

Anonymous said...

the Levitical priesthood was a temporary representation of the true Priesthood, the Melkezideck Jesus not qualifying as a Levitical Priest is a red's irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever find it peculiar that it was Loma who had to lead Herbert (kicking and screaming) to the "truth" about the Sabbath?

Anonymous said...

I read Mr Thiel's cogwriter items but this article was interesting:

Kevin Rudd Again Prime Minister of Australia

The paragraph that I found annoying (because I'm just a woman?) was:

"Regarding Australia’s previous Prime Minister Julia Gillard, I believe that she helped fulfill the following prophecy:

12 As for My people, children are their oppressors, And women rule over them. O My people! Those who lead you cause you to err, And destroy the way of your paths. (Isaiah 3:12)"

Corky said...

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever find it peculiar that it was Loma who had to lead Herbert (kicking and screaming) to the "truth" about the Sabbath?

I find it kind of peculiar that no one seemed to notice that Loma was the actual controlling force of the whole kingdom. It should have been noticed that the whole empire began to crumble when Loma committed suicide but it wasn't...

Byker Bob said...

Well Anonymous 10:27, why would you make such a remark unless you believed that the Melchizedek priesthood endorses the Armstrong picked and chosen elements from the Levitical priesthood? You, in fact, are the red herring and are irrelevant! Big difference in priesthood and law! Go back and study Hebrews without your Armstrong filters!