Monday, June 24, 2013

E. W. King: Offical Start of Laodicean Era Started October 7, 2011

E. W. King writes:

Official Starting Point of the Laodicean Era
Jesus promised the 6th church that He [Jesus Christ] “opened a door which no man can shut”. [Revelation 3:8]. So the door to the true Philadelphian church shall be open all the way into and through the Great Tribulation. What all of the offshoot groups have ignored is this very fact!  This means that the NAME OF THIS CHURCH [WCG] CANNOT BE CHANGED!
Now we have studied the fact that during the sixth church era, the Philadelphian, God chose an apostle to direct this organization. We must understand that this true restored church government cannot be changed! During the Philadelphian era God called His church, “The Worldwide Church of God” and promised that this very church would go right into and through the 7th church time, that of Laodicea.
As many of you who have studied now know, we began entering the typical Laodicean era right before the death of Mr. H.W.Armstrong because of the apostasy of his son. Then, the Laodicean era became even more pronounced after the death of Mr. Armstrong. We officially entered the Typical Laodicean era, the seventh church time (era or epoch) on October 7th 2011 due to the “resurrection” of WCG and the revealing of the Hidden Doctrine of Mr. H.W.Armstrong.
After a short period of spiritual darkness [1986-2011], truth seeking men and women are returning to the true Church of God. They have recognized that many of the doctrines being taught by the offshoot and splinter groups have been distorted and mistaught. They are now seeking greater light and have found it in God’s remnant church, the true Worldwide Church of God.

Eat your heart out Joshua C Pack!  You are just another irrelevant splinter cult now.  King  runs the one true church where all true COG members are flocking to.
COGSR is the last true remaining ministry of the original Worldwide Church of God. This is the last true ministry of the original Worldwide Church of God. This ministry came forth and has appeared in this present epoch of time, the Typical Laodicean Era, through one of God’s Epoch Porter messengers. 
This ministry was officially founded on October 7th of 2011. Since the public appearance of this Last Day ministry many have come to the pure understanding of the true Gospel of the Kingdom. Only at this online location can one receive pure Crystal Clear teachings of True Christianity.


Anonymous said...

"After a short period of spiritual darkness [1986-2011], truth seeking men and women are returning to the true Church of God...and have found it in God’s remnant church, the true Worldwide Church of God."

That's right. All both of them.

Anonymous said...

Church of God members and ex members are NOT returning to any COG's because truth is not found in any of them.

Anonymous said...

It was October 7th, 2011 at 7:11 PM to be exact


Anonymous said...

Sure, and HWA had it right the first time, by keeping Pentecost on a Monday. Have fun selling that one to the other splinter groups, King.

Anonymous said...

In King's article, he has January 12, 1986 as the day his idol died.

And he expects us to make him the guardian and keeper of the Sacred Calendar?!

Byker Bob said...

When are these people going to realize that every time some new charlatan develops another set of pronouncements, it simply adds to the confusion. It also diminishes any credibility the Armstrong movement might ever have had as a whole.

Most Armstrongites chose the particular ACOG they are in for specific reasons, and unless some "leader" screws them over (as some are fond of doing), they are not going to jump ship to sample a new flavor.


Anonymous said...

Several times King refered to HWA as "the first latter day Apostle".

So, I take it, he like all the rest, is claiming apostleship; and wants to be the 7th Head.

Like I said before, have fun with that, King.

RSK said...

(sigh) Yet another "one true church"? I mean, really? Don't we have enough WCG-mimickers?
I guess not, each one has to be fighting over pet doctrines and pet apostles/prophets and who has the biggest small-scale auditorium.

Anonymous said...

Was the start of the Laodicean Era when people realized HWA was an asshole?

Was the start of the Laodicean Era when people realized that the leaders of the UCG, PCG, and LCG are assholes?

Anonymous said...

My current personal experience with the ministry of UCG is that they only care about their church government. They bury their doctrines so far down into their governing system that even if they wanted to change any of their beliefs, that might be wrong, they cannot without a vote. Oh, let's just vote about it, that's the right way to change a wrong doctrine! If God shows you something, you don't vote about it, you change! They believe they can do no wrong, after all why would God let them get this far down the road without telling them they might be wrong about something?

UCG spends lots of money on it's Kingdom of God Seminars hoping to spread the gospel and grow the congregation. But a lot of them meet in Satanic Masonic halls and frighten potential converts away. Cheep rent and truly pathetic!

I no longer attend the local UCG, preferring to stay at home enjoying wonderful, study filled, peaceful Sabbaths with my family gleaning teachings from many other people who are teaching in Truth and Peace.

I have grown in leaps and bounds in the past year compared to the 43 years I spent being lead around by the nose in WWCG and UCG!

I can watch the butterflies in my garden on the Sabbath, while I study, rather than starring at the evil symbols on the walls of the Masonic Lodge.