Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Christian Domestic Discipline: COG Leaders Seen Nodding In Approval

Word has it that Rod Meredith is shaking his head in approval at the latest "christian" legalistic nonsense being promoted out there.  Just what might be the latest new "understanding" sweeping the church?  Christian Domestic Discipline!  Or in Church of God speak, "Wife Spanking."

Get out the hair brush boys, it's going to be wild night!

There is a web site up and two books out on the topic of Christian men disciplining their wives by spanking them.  Rod Meredith boldly proclaimed several years ago that he routinely spanked his wife when she disobey him.  That is why to this day when many people speak of Meredith he is called "Spanky."

This leads to physical discipline to lovingly keep the wife accountable to her master’s God given authority. After these marriage relationships have been living with the husband as head and the wife in subjection to his authority, the wife always desires greatly to have this type of relationship with her husband, feeling that the husband is showing practical love when he corrects her with physical and painful discipline for sinful habits or other various things. She wants to be in subjection and so obeying means allowing discipline in any way her master/husband determines is necessary.

The discipline of a master/husband is not based on hitting with fists or fighting in general and in fact is potentially to help avoid improper male aggression and abusiveness of that sort. Instead, the husband has the right to thoughtfully use Biblical chastising to help correct his wife, arguing that it cannot be abuse since God gives merit to human leaders using discipline in the outwork of authority. If authority is to exist at all, the DD (persons using domestic discipline) reasoning goes, it must have consequences to be genuine and not merely a sham. Keep in mind that this is all in the context of a Christian Marriage. Domestic Discipline in a Christian Marriage

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It also carries a sexual component that is sure to strike the fancy of a few of the leaders of the Churches of God since several already practice it..

Christian Domestic Discipline is only a fancy name for what has been practiced since Adam and Eve left the garden... the practice of a loving husband having the authority to spank his erring wife to maintain order in his marriage and home.It was used during Jesus' time, it was used throughout the middle ages, it was socially accepted up until the 1950's in the United States, and it lives today in thousands of homes who are connected only by their lifestyle and the internet.Why do I think this fits in here? Because 99% of couples in a Christian Domestic Discipline marriage report having FABULOUS sex lives.
God created man and women with certain tendencies from the very beginning... the man to lead and  the woman to follow. The man was given dominion over all the other creatures on the earth so he was created to be a leader.The woman was created to be man's helper and companion, so she was given certain traits to make her well suited for these purposes. We don't know how long they lived in the Garden in perfect harmony with these tendencies, but we do know they were perfectly happy.

Then came the Fall. Part of the curse was that Eve would no longer easily follow her husband, but rather would want to control him. And Adam would no longer lead effortlessly but would have to enforce his rule. We as men and women are STILL happiest in the roles we were created for, but our sin nature causes us to struggle to stay in those roles. Christian Domestic Discipline helps us to return to the roles we were created to love so that we can be content and happy.  In Response to Sexuality In Marriage

So what is the appeal of Christian Grey, the hero in Fifty Shades of Grey?

As a woman, I feel qualified to tell you.

Christian Grey has "the edge".

What is "the edge" you ask?

The Edge is that little sense of danger that exists around a man that makes him hopelessly attractive to women... that teeny tiny thrill that runs down her spine when she realizes she is not tagging along with a tame kitty-cat, but instead treading softly around a wild lion.

Christian Grey has that edge.  Why?  Because he is not afraid to lead in the relationship, and he is not afraid to enforce his lead, if need be, by physical discipline.

Most women would be terrified if a man were as rough with her as Christian is with Anastasia in "Fifty Shades".  That kind of roughness should only exist in fantasy.  However, a little discipline from her man will only make a woman love him more than he'll ever realize.  It's just part of her nature.

Just another good reason to look into Christian Domestic Discipline. The Edge


Anonymous said...

"Oh daddy...mommy been a bad little wifey..Thank you sir, may I have another?"

"Red" Cheeks

Anonymous said...

You can be sure that you've created god in your own image when you discover that you hate all the same things god hates, and you love all the things that he loves...

This just sounds like a christian twist on BDSM to me. Can't you just leave it as BDSM? Do you have to recast it as CBDSM?

There's an old joke about the teenager whose parents find a BDSM porn mag under his bed, and the teen says, what are they going to do, spank me?

What happens if, in your relationship, you like it the "wrong way around" where she's the dominatrix? Does that merit the lake-of-fire? "Ohh, I'm sweating already big daddy." Is it really punishment if the punished is enjoying it? Would god have to then devise some other way to "punish" you instead?

Die-hard fundamentalists have to force everything into some sort of alignment with their overriding belief in a punishing god. I think it's okay to spank your wife, but only when she volunteers that she's been a very bad girl. In which case, get out the leather crop, etc. As long as you're both enjoying yourselves, I don't see why even a punishing god should be upset over it, such that you should have to insert the word "christian" in front of it in order to tell god in advance to back off. Unless, of course, god is getting an little "extra thrill" out of punishing, nudge nudge, wink wink.

Byker Bob said...

This is just so intrinsically horrible, so bad on so many levels that it really deserves to be one of Herbert W. Armstrong's "restored truths".

Anyone with even a semester of community college psych would realize that the potential for this to escalate and spin out of control in the presence of stressors makes it a very dangerous practice. It is also considered domestic violence by law enforcement, and can lose you your second amendment rights.

But, hey. No more ridiculous than most of the tenets of Armstrongism.