Friday, June 21, 2013

Dave Pack: I Wish HWA Could See Me Now! God Is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Pleased!

No commentary is needed for this:

Development of the overall campus continues as I write. Magnificent grounds are taking shape as the courtyard is constructed and beautiful full grown trees, some over 35 feet tall, are being installed. Colorful gardens and turf grass are replacing brown soil. The entire area is beginning to burst with color! God is surely pleased with His Headquarters on Earth. I cannot help but wish Mr. Armstrong could see this new Hall of Administration arrive to completion just as a private developer in Pasadena is demolishing—right at this time—the Hall of Administration (and Fine Arts and Science Hall buildings) that headquartered the Worldwide Church of God. I was privileged to attend that ribbon cutting in early 1969, and now this one.


Joe Moeller said...

I would love to see the power struggle between Pack and HWA if by some weird "Twilight Zone" way , that HWA was raised from the dead and showed up in Wadsworth.

Within two weeks they would be at each others throats, threatening and disfellowshipping each other and fighting over the new "Garden of Eden". Guaranteed!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

DP said...

What an arrogant narcissistic pompous jackass!

James said...

This campus of Dave's will be be re-possessed. There's not a chance it won't be. It will be a SHTF moment of reality.

Anonymous said...

An ego centric personality does not care what you say about him. He only cares that you spell his name correctly and call him "Mr."

His followers are fools.

Anonymous said...

The Hall of Administration deserves italics because, housing Dave's office, it's the only building that's actually important. It's not as if this place is going to be overflowing with students.