Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dennis Leap "Blanket" and "Come Here" Training Is Required For Children of Church Members

Dennis Leap, the often mocked best boy to Gerald Flurry, is pulling a GTA at the moment concerning proper PCG children rearing.

The world is filled with nasty rebellious kids.  It is important that you PCGers train your kids up to be obedient robots in church.  Force your kids to lay on blankets at home so they can get used to laying on cold floors at church as they pick the gum of the bottom of chairs and eat it.

Teaching a child to sit or play quietly on a blanket during services has been a tradition in God’s Church for decades. This training not only stops noisy interruptions during services, it is also the foundational plank for building self-discipline in children.

Today, some in God’s Church do not blanket train, which makes the teaching of self-discipline more difficult as children mature.

Blanket training is really simple. You should start blanket training as early as when your child can sit up by himself, but definitely by the time he can crawl. (This assumes that you have already been teaching your child not to make noise during services.)
Notice the next part.  If your child does not stay on the blanket you must discipline your child. In other words, according to McFlurryism, beat the crap out of it till it can cry no more.  After two or three of these spanking sessions you child will learn to submit to your authority.

When your child attempts to move off the blanket or make noise—tell them no once. Move the child back onto the blanket, or give them a hand-signal (forefinger against the lips) to be quiet. When your child moves off the blanket or makes noise a second time—you must discipline them. Continue the process until your child accepts the fact that he must remain on the blanket and be quiet. This is self-control in action.
But what if the kids is just as bored with the dumbass sermon as the parent is?

Self-control is not even a part of this scenarios.  Being beat into submission is all that is being discussed here.  Being submissive is the only thing PCG members can do.

You must teach your children "Come Here!" Training.  Without this they will not be submissive to God,  i.e. me and Gerald.

Start teaching your child to come to you when he is walking securely on his own and you know that he understands you. If you have done blanket training—you’ll know that your child understands you.
My wife and I generally waited until our children were about 18 months before we began “come here” training. We set aside an evening to do this. We called them “Come Here Nights.” I’ll be honest—this is a tough one.

Once children are up and running on their own—they do not appreciate being interrupted from what they are doing. To command them to come to you requires them to give up what they want to do and do what you want them to do. Children want to be their own authority. To submit to your authority requires self-discipline.

This is another vital lesson that must be learned at an early age. Your children will find it difficult to submit to God’s authority if they do not learn to submit to yours. Their physical and spiritual safety depends on obedience to direct commands.
 When you beat your child make sure you train it well enough that it doesn't get mad at you.

Your child should be taught not to respond to correction with anger or a bad attitude. Both of these responses are wrong and require additional discipline and teaching. Correction is a fact of life and, for the people of God, a way of life! Children must learn to follow rules, directions and instructions that are not their preference. They must have self-control to accept correction and direction from you and other authority figures that are sure to come into their lives.
Continue to beat your child until it smiles back at you in a good attitude.

When you discipline your child, make sure he responds with a good attitude and right behavior. Make it your goal to not finish a correction session unless your child demonstrates a good attitude and right behavior. This requires love, patience, strong teaching and time—a lot of time—on your part. It will be worth all your effort. As Paul says, there will be great rewards when you meet this goal. Your child will be more happy and on the road to real success. Remember, positive response to correction will help your child forever.

Dennis concludes:

Parents—go for it!

That's right.  It's the Sabbath today, beat your child into submission so they can enjoy the Sabbath day as a foretaste of God's millennium where you will rule with rods of iron.


Assistant Deacon said...

Where the pagan, heathen "non-Christian" denominations all have nurseries and -- oops -- Sunday School for the kids, the COGs exert their own peculiar form of torture by making babies and toddlers tolerate two hours of somber silence while the all-important ministers bestow the latest information direct from the throne of God.

The ones who actually need the discipline are the buffoons at the pulpit. People should run from these cults as fast as their legs will take them.

Anonymous said...

I would use Puppy Pads. Chewie my Wookie Shih Tzu does really well with them and abox can last for 50 sabbaths. If the child does not respond well, you can rub their nose in it when you yell "NO!" Puppy Pads can also be used by adults on their chairs for adults who just know they are going to pee when Dave Pack makes his next awesome announcement.


Douglas Becker said...

What I want to know: Will this work with my cat?


Why would you think it would work on children if it won't work on the cat?

Or is the cat being treated much better than the children?

Never mind.

Cult of Herbert Armstrong ministers are all Republican dog owners: They expect obedience, just like training a dog.

They wouldn't know how to lead a person to become a confident independent thinker who can stand on his or her own as a fully realized competent adult with fully developed ethics of social contract.

You cannot teach what you do not know.

Children, learn how to sit up, bark and wag your tails on command.

Now roll over.

Parents: Just wait until your children enter their late teens and see where you've "trained" them to go.

Anonymous said...

"Come here!" nights for child rearing and Churchy Church families very often up as "Screw you" years on the part of their children down the road.

"Sit!" "Heel!" "Beg"! "Recite!" "Send it in!" nights have even worse results.

Most Pet Smart stores have puppy training classes , for a fee, if interested.



Secular-Humanist-Buddhist said...

Yeah, right. This will lead to successful adulthood. Why, then did my young relative who was raised in this evil, mind-f**cking cult commit suicide in his late teens after revealing to no one his inner turmoil? Tell me why? This topic of child abuse (blanket ttraining? discipline?) and torture is not funny to me. I know you all are getting over your experiences in these COGs and hurray for you. But did you have ANY part in this kind of abuse? Examine your consciences and face it if you allowed yourself to follow some delusional belief system so that you could have rewards in the afterlife. Then go make some kind of amends to someone insteand of ranting on about Gerald Flurry or Bob Thiel or some other delusional idiot.
ps: I don't know that my relative was subjected to this type of abuse but I can hardly believe he was not from putting the pieces together that I do know. And his parents are STILL loyal members of a COG.

Secular-Humanist-Buddhist said...

Please read my comment that will follow the next article on "child training" on this blog. It hasn't shown up yet but I don't need to repeat it again as this is the same topic.

Douglas Becker said...

No, no! Just leave them in the mall.

Someone will find them and take care of them.

If it works with disabled children, then why can't it work on all your children?

Head Usher said...

I'll tell you what valuable lesson they learned from being spanked. They learned to submit to authority, for no other reason than because they're the freakin authority!

Assistant Deacon said...

Secular-Humanist-Buddhist, you're not the only one here who has experienced loss, so calm down a little. People are using humor and satire to expose the same evil you speak of. Sometimes, it's the healthiest way. In fact, sometimes it's the only way.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a hint at why only men were referred to in the holy day scenario, was and is it really feasible for little children to endure a long and drawn out service. Simply makes no sense.

RSK said...

Its been almost 20 years since the big schism - some of us WERE blanket babies then.