Friday, June 21, 2013

Ambassador Fine Arts Demo Continues

 I find it interesting that one little machine like what is pictured above is bringing all of this down.


Anonymous said...

It's clear now that the diagnosis of Edifice-Complex truly fits HWA:

Untreated, and fueled by limitless equity, he could go Berserk
bringing his wildest dreams to fruition.

The results were beautiful like this mid-century gem.
But in the end there was no viable business model
to sustain this Madness - this being a highly valued real estate area.

Anonymous said...

That little machine is a type and a foreshadowing of the Internet. The Fine Art Center is a type of all the COG's..No wait...It is a type of RCG and Joshua H(aggai) Pack whose awesome Compound will eventually meet the same fate in time.


Anonymous said...

All those years of begging for money for the building fund. What a waste in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I think building those buildings was more meaningful in the long run than spreading a false gospel. At least people got some use out of the buildings for a while, and the builders had jobs, and they were something to look at.
This is more than can be said for all the TV and radio time and world leader fawning, and Plain Truth mags etc., though maybe those were really just fundraising expenses.