Friday, June 21, 2013

Dave Pack Warns: I Will Be Getting Serious Next Week!

After promising for weeks on end that he would deliver a startling announcement today about the future of the Churches of God, Dave spent the entire post hyperventilating and bloviating about how fantastic his church is and how important it is to impress the world..

Keep reading every Friday announcement! There will not be many more. I repeat: Next week, they will grow more serious.


Anonymous said...

Aaww! The suspense is killing me. (yawn)
Any side-bets going on about this?

Anonymous said...

David Pack, two weeks ago:

"In two weeks—after one more important set up announcement—I will announce the year and very day that this reunification will happen."

Two weeks later:

Where's that announcement?????

Head Usher said...

Dave depends on short attention spans.

Byker Bob said...

Uh, Dave, use your spell check. The word is delirious.


Steve Kisack said...

Who is stupid enough to follow this asshole? As a matter of fact, who is stupid enough to follow any of the COG asshole "ministers"? What happened to "Once bitten, shame on them, twice bitten, shame on me"?

Anonymous said...

Dave had better get serious, as a Supermoon rises over Ohio this twilight, he has but seven fortnights remaining to name the two end-time prophets of God.

DennisCDiehl said...

"I'll be getting serious next week."

Great! It's been a bunch of Monkey Shines and giggles for the last two months! Can't wait!