Friday, June 21, 2013

Dave Pack: My New Mini-Me Campus Is A Shining Light On The Hill

Dave Pack waxed eloquent today about his grandiose vision for his min-me campus.  Apparently Dave thinks the "hundreds of thousands" of cars that pass by his property on the freeway will be so in awe of what they see being built there that they will drop by and becoming tithing members of the most glorious and superfantabulous Church of God ever!

I envisioned a shimmering jewel befitting the Great God that would be visible—as a biblical “city set on a hill”—to literally hundreds of thousands every day on highways passing either side of what would become our “lower campus.” At the reception that followed, there was an air of genuine excitement that the city would benefit greatly from what we are doing. Soon hundreds of employees will join the already 100 who are here.

That's right, by August or so when three COG leaders all die at once tens of thousands of COG members will immediately change their allegiance to Davey and send in all their money.  Then he can begin his final push for the end time gospel - after he builds his new mini-me auditorium.


Joe Moeller said...

I notice that some high voltage, cross country power lines run right along the property of Pack's "compound".

Perhaps this explains the mental illness, or other "short circuiting" going on with the thinking of Pack and his minions? Some studies have suggested a link!

Gives "shining light on the hill" a new meaning, especially if their bodies are glowing in the dark!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Joe Moeller said...
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Anonymous said...

Just what the highways and byways of Ohio needs, another clusterfuck office complex added to the scenery.

Byker Bob said...

Isn't it interesting? The minute I saw this, suddenly the old Beatles' song "Fool on the Hill" popped into my head! How absolutely appropriate!