Sunday, June 16, 2013

BREAKING NEWS! Dave Pack Dreams of Redecorating His Offices

Dave Pack has begun dreaming about redecorating his offices in Wadsworth with the huge influx of tithe money from the tens of thousands of COG members who will be shortly joining his cult.  He knows this money already belongs to him, so he can spend it as he wishes.


Anonymous said...

No need to change a thing to the Oklahoma office (other than the locks), even Pack can't imagine the opulent luxury and abundance behind Flurry's double-gated fortress of solitude.

Byker Bob said...

It's somewhat shocking that he's been able to strong arm as many people as he already has. The best protection his future victims have is Dave's mouth. The more he writes and says, the uglier a complexion his empire takes on. Let's hope and pray that Dave's dreams regarding money remain unrequited.

As of this past week, he's no longer all that unique. Cal Culpepper has become the Dave Pack of PCG!


Anonymous said...

When it comes to the PCG, Pack is looking for a package deal, he doesn't want the people without "the Land".

Anonymous said...

It's really not shocking at all.

Many more sleazy lying Christian orgs exist...Such as those of the lying "ministers" like Creflo Dollar, James Robison, TD Jakes, etc.

Heck, just tune into the Christian Daystar TV network or the TBN TV network and you'll see many many shallow clowns who are as bad or worse than "Lil' Flurry"!

Corky said...

Laying up treasures on the earth...if people are going to do that, they should at least lay up their own treasures for themselves instead of giving Pack their treasures to lay up for himself.

By the way, whatever happened to all the money and goods that the first Christians gave to Peter to share in common when they were scattered by persecution? There should be an answer to that since 2 people were killed because of not giving all. Turns out that communism wasn't the best idea they ever had...but Sapphira and Ananias are still dead.

Seems like the Holy Spirit would have known that holding things in common was not going to work out for them since scattering the sheep was what God had in mind for them all the whole time.

DennisCDiehl said...

Now Corky, I have explained this to you.

The Annanias and Sapphira story is a joke on Peter written by Luke who was the Apostle Paul's bio guy.

Both thought Peter was a dunce and should not be followed. Soooooo,

Here we have Peter the Great , who said one thing, "I'll never leave Jesus" and did another, "Denied him" killing off these two who said they would do one thing, "Give all" and did another, "Held Back"

It was an inside joke to the followers of Paul not to follow Peter the Stupid. I doubt you could kill off two church members without family asking about why they didn't come home or Romans letting you just bury them out back of the building.

The story is fiction but the joke was on Peter.

Byker Bob said...

Axially (and probably radially, too) Dennis, the way you present your version of this event without corroborating quotes from scripture, excerpts from the writings of the Ante Nicene Fathers, passages from a respected Bible commentary, or even footnotes from a study Bible, it sounds like some goofy unsupportable Armstrongish theory, only in this case, one concocted by an antitheist.

But, hey, no real biggie. Anyone who believes that Luke, Peter, and Paul actually existed is a friend of mine. Besides, ALL the disciples scattered and deserted Jesus except St. John, and a resurrected Jesus forgave and reinstated Peter. And, those two statements are supported by scripture!


Anonymous said...

Stop talking about scripture. There is no scripture; only fake scripture.