Friday, June 21, 2013

Dave Pack Drags Dale Schurter Out of the Reeducation Camp to Introduce the Most IMPORTANT Agricultural Program On Earth

Meet Dave and Dale
 God's Two Most Important Men Ever To Walk This Earth

Dave has finally found a use for Dale Schurter.  After languishing for over a year in the reeducation camps of RCG, Dale has been given new life.  Dave likes to claim Dale is the worlds foremost authority on agriculture. No one is more intelligent or knows more than Dale when it comes to agriculture.

Since Dave has the worlds most superfantabulous church, why shouldn't he also have the worlds most superfantabulous agricultural program!

The nations of the world will soon be flocking to Wadsworth to stand in awe of Dave and Dale and a corn patch on the back acreage of the property.  Who wants to bet Davey will build a "Digester" on this property?  Herb had one in Big Sandy so Davey needs one in Wadsworth.

I am also pleased to introduce our coming agriculture program, which will be one of the most important food production programs anywhere on Earth. Many brethren remember the extensive and vibrant Agriculture Education, Research, Production, outreach and extension programs that were a division of Ambassador College and took place on two of its campuses (Big Sandy, Texas and Bricketwood, England). These cutting-edge biblically based programs were started in the WCG under Mr. Dale Schurter. This program has been reinstituted as the Agriculture Education and Research Institute (AERI) of Ambassador Center. It will soon be a model for all nations, demonstrating the crucial basics about quality food production that has been lost by great numbers today. We hope—and expect—to very soon announce the purchase of some nearby farmland.
I asked Mr. Schurter to include a brief description of the program’s mission, motto and objective, which will remain the same as in the past. Here is his summary:
  • “To restore true values in agriculture, health and man’s awesome potential, according to the laws and principles in God’s Word. To observe and obey all of God’s commandments and statutes as they relate to these three areas. To demonstrate and teach that His Way works and is always the best way!
  • “Restoring and sharing true values in these disciplines as a way of life that promotes and restores life.
  • “Our objective is to demonstrate and teach that God’s Way works—for the soil, plants, animals, every individual, family, group or nation.
  • “The self-help programs we develop and share are designed to teach those in need ‘how to fish’ in helping meet their needs, as well as giving them a fish or two for ‘seed.’ Experience shows this approach has synergism in providing motivation to be better people individually, and to share what they learn with others.
  • “Our procedure is to identify genuine needs, their cause, and establish appropriate tasks and programs designed to correct the causes and meet the needs, thus honoring our Creator through promoting and sharing the way of the kingdom of God by demonstration and education—offering others the way and opportunity to do the same, both physically and spiritually.


Anonymous said...

“To restore true values in agriculture, health and man’s awesome potential, according to the laws and principles in God’s Word. To observe and obey all of God’s commandments and statutes as they relate to these three areas

Did Dave and Dale correct any of their important visiting dignitaries for wearing clothing made of mixed fibers (Leviticus 19:19). Or did they allow such abominations onto the Headquarters of God's Church?

Byker Bob said...

Agriculture? Well, that would confirm Dale's image as a one trick pony, I suppose.


Redfox712 said...

Recently I took a look at Dale Schurter's book for RCG. I didn't read it, but looked at the pictures.

It is disgusting propaganda. It keeps showing "the world" (everyone outside of RCG) trying to do agriculture and they are always portrayed as dirty and degrading.

But in contrast they show photos of beautiful and well maintained land, and most of them are lands developed by Ambassador College, Big Sandy and his modern day work with Pack's RCG.

The implication that only RCG truly understands agriculture just shows the complete arrogance of Pack and Schurter. It is disgusting that the rest of the world are demonized and degraded in that way.

It also came to my attention that Ambassador College made two booklets very similar to Schurter's present book.

Redfox712 said...

Did some more reading about Dale Schurter. Turns out back in 1969-71 he co-wrote, with Eugene Walter, a booklet entitled World Crisis in Agriculture.

And later another booklet with exactly the same name was also released in 1974, but this one was written by Gary Alexander and the Ambassador College Agricultural Research Department.

Anonymous said...

One things these buffoons fail to remember is that Jesus is not returning to plant a bunch of gardens. He is coming back with a CITY. The New Jerusalem is a City, teeming with people, not some corn patch in the middle of Ohio that has a digester.