Friday, June 21, 2013

Dave Pack Packs In Dignitaries At His New Hall of Ad Grand Opening

Dave pack is back with is Friday missal and he does not disappoint!

Today, he starts off bragging about all the special worldly dignitaries that he had in attendance today at the opening of his new Hall of Ad on his mini-me campus.

This morning and afternoon, The Restored Church of God held a very special ribbon cutting ceremony for our new Hall of Administration building. The ceremony took place under a beautiful summer sun, and those in attendance included numerous city officials, members of the community, representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, contractors, vendors, teenage children of members from around the world who are in the United States attending our youth camp and members from local media. Our dedicated staff, now numbering close to 100, also attended the event and helped provide the support for all the activities. The former mayor of Wadsworth (2004-2008), Congressman Jim Renacci, now the U.S. Congressional Representative of Ohio’s 16th district, joined me in addressing the audience who were seated under a magnificent white tent to shield them from the sun. As a private citizen serving on the Wadsworth Board of Zoning Appeals, Congressman Renacci created the zoning environment that paved the way for the development of our campus. Also on the program and representing the current mayor Robin Laubaugh was the Wadsworth City Council President Tom Palecek. Mayor Laubaugh, who has been extremely helpful in our efforts to develop the campus, was unable to attend due to the birth of a new grandchild in another state.

This is just another slap in the face toward Meredith and Flurry because these two wimps can't pull off the extraordinary things that Dave does.

I wonder however, if those local officials, Congressmen and Wadsworth City officials know the filth that lays behind the Pack empire?  Do they know about the destroyed lives left in Dave's wake?  What about the tremendous demands for money as he bilks his members out of ever last dime?  Do these dignitaries know that Dave called them disgusting sinners?

One also has to wonder how much money he paid for these people to attend.


Unknown said...


I thought today was supposed to be the day that the Packman was to announce the "exact date" when all the COGs are supposed to be reunited with him, and when the 3 COG leaders are supposed to DIE in one day.

Nope, drama queen Pack is going to tease and flirt as long as possible for "effect" and cheap attention, by stringing us along.

I have always found it funny how the COG in general will not allow voting, puts down this worlds governments at every turn, and yet turns cartwheels when some two bit congressman, or former mayor of a small town shows up to their event. That somehow this gives them "street cred". Im sure if these officials realized that the membership of the church will not give them political donations or even a SINGLE VOTE, that would have found something more interesting to do that day, like a round of golf.

In the UCG, I would estimate that at least half the people are voting, and perhaps that many amongst the elders as well. It is kind of a weird , "Dont ask , Dont Tell" situation. Members and Leaders know its going on, but dont bother with making it an issue.

Anyway, hey... its just a building. The world is not now safe for democracy, nor is it "Happy Days Are Here Again" and a turning point for life. Its just some concrete, drywall, glass, wire , etc. Pack is taking things way out of perspective of the much bigger and fantastic universe, and frankly so did HWA.

Want something to be in awe of?... go outside tonight and look at the stars and ponder the universe. Marvel at a mountain, watch a bird fly. Now that stuff impresses me!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least Dave knows his product and his market. His product may be reviled by thoughtful people, but he knows how to hook his marks.

Compare this to Rod Meredith, who for years has seemed to assume that people were with LCG because they thought Rod was HWA's most legitimate successor. What Rod seems not to have understood is that most LCG members were there not because they thought Rod was so special, but because they respect(ed) Carl McNair or John Ogwyn or their local pastor, and they understood that LCG would "hold fast" to old-school HWA teachings more than the liberal groups like UCG and CGI.

So, once Carl McNair and John Ogwyn were dead, and Rod started to introduce his own weird new doctrines (redefining the Gospel, teaching that Christians go to heaven before Christ returns to the Mount of Olives, reinterpreting the "falling away"), he genuinely seemed to be shocked that many LCG members started banking their tithes, and quite a few simply left.

When LCG started, it had some credibility among ACOG groups as one that would remain doctrinally conservative without being insane. That credibility is now almost completely gone, and LCG members are rapidly departing for their choice of more conservative and/or less insane groups.

Dave knows how to work this to his advantage, to siphon off those LCG members who have proved Rod is a lying senile nepotist but who haven't yet figured out that Pack is little more than smarter and younger version of the same.

Rod still brags about meeting Elliott Richardson and other bigwigs, and doesn't think people will notice that all of his meetings with dignitaries happened 30 to 50 years ago. I doubt Rod has even met his Congressman or Charlotte's mayor, and he certainly hasn't had them over for a visit to LCG's administration building. Rod is living in his own romanticized past, while Dave, despite his delusions, is at least living in the present.

Anonymous said...

Here's a great general example of one way that I believe through my own opinion that COG's seem to draw people in with physical glitter and their spiritual blubber:

A) Make an AMAZING prophetic prediction. Tie this in with an AMAZING physical distraction.

B) Draw people in based on that AMAZING prophetic prediction. and focus them on the AMAZING physical distraction.

C) Then, get their minds on OTHER things once they are in, such as the AMAZING physical distraction until they forget about the AMAZING prophetic prediction.

D) Either they will forget about the prediction, or their minds will be focused on other things. If they DO remember the AMAZING prediction that was supposed to happen, but did not, God simply moved the date forward. Also, it is considered a bad attitude if you question it. Or, you just weren't ready.

E) Then, issue ANOTHER amazing prediction even wilder then the first one. That way, the first prediction goes long past in history.

F) The NEXT amazing prediction then brings in more people, and more money.

G) Repeat, and rinse.

Examples: The Return of Jesus Christ (spiritual) and the completion of the Armstrong Building Program. (physical). A Major book drive (physical) and the end of the world (spiritual). How about "God's church" getting back together (spiritual)and another completion of a building program? (physical). Ever notice how the physical in these churches always feeds and overrules the spiritual? See how this seems to work in these churches, in my observant opinion?

Laodicean proud said...

I have heard from a reliable source that RCG has paid off a lot of these so-called public servants. Pack does live in the past...somehow he thinks he can unite the COG (and bring it back to 1986). He believes that his group alone is the Philadelphian era. Sorry, Pack, Flurry, and anyone else... we are all in the Laodicean era. Most of your followers will have to repent to even be Laodicean.

Anonymous said...

Yep! Anon from above, you discovered the bait-and-switch game.The Masters of Disaster are at play now.

another seekeroftruth

NO2RCM said...

In response to anon's 4:50 comments about RCM. That stretch where Ogwyn & McNair died was accompanied by Meredith's ugly rejections of Don Davis and Charles Bryce. Davis had been Rod's right-hand man at the beginning of both Global and Living, and RCM threw him off the council for political reasons. Rod also sent Bryce (as CAD) on a mission and then humiliated Bryce by undercutting him on the very mission he sent him to do. That, too, was for political reasons. Rod later violently thrust Bryce out. That left Rod without 4 excellent advisers, men who would give him the straight poop. From then on, the council has been filled with yes-men. Men who have been taken in by RCM's power and charisma. It amazes me how some of them totally transition from rational men to gushing sycophants once they get appointed to the council. Although not at all apparent, Rod has a real charismatic power that is hard to resist, especially when you aren't even aware of it. This, of course, is why Rod has to give weekly updates about Charlotte, gives a must-play sermon once a month, writes all the lead articles, etc. He has to keep his face in front of people or their heads will clear, and Rod can't have that. This is where I disagree with anon -- not that many people have left LCG. RCM has very successfully propagandized hatred for all the other groups, so people stay in LCG regardless of RCM. It is my opinion that RCM is actually worse than Pack as far as spreading hatred for the brethren, probably because he does it more subtly and people don't know they're being manipulated. Anyway, it was that 2004-2006 period where things really went south for Rod and LCG -- symbolized by the Milwaukee shooting.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, so Pack had a solstice celebration today?...he picked the summer solstice as the day to cut the ribbon?....interesting.

Anonymous said...

"Mayor Laubaugh, who has been extremely helpful in our efforts to develop the campus, was unable to attend due to the birth of a new grandchild in another state."

And, who gives a flying frak, Dave?!

Were the two witnesses in attendance, or must we keep guessing at their identity?