Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LCG Lets Dave Pack Know He Is A Liar

The Living Church of God made sure to get a dig in a Dave Pack in their latest letter.  Dave has constantly belittled the LCG over the years.  Dave thinks they are weak impotent little pussy's when it comes to the gospel message.  Even though Rod is the biggest he-man ever, Dave surpasses him as the epitome of masculinity.  Dave is the best at everything, including spreading the thing he calls a gospel.

LCG writes:

Greetings from Charlotte,
In spite of rumors that critics like to spread, the Work of God continues to grow. In the last two weekends, more than 300 visitors attended Tomorrow’s World Presentations in Brooklyn, New York; Springfield, Missouri; and Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama (see write-ups below). The print run for the next issue of Tomorrow’s World magazine will be more than 450,000 and our Internet and social media efforts are growing and reaching many thousands of people. Here in Charlotte, Mr. Meredith has completed a co-worker letter that was mailed this week to almost 12,000 individuals. Plans are coming together for summer camps and for the Fall Festival. Last weekend I was able to conduct a Regional Conference in Joplin, Missouri for nearly 100 elders and leaders in that part of the country. Please continue to ask for God’s blessing and guidance on His Work and for those who are seeking His intervention on their behalf.—DSW

I think it is funny how the COG's always have to throw around numbers in order to impress people.  Dave is doing it big time and has come off looking like a complete fool.  LCG continues to do it, even as their church HQ is fraught with infighting.  "We treat each other like shit, but boy are our numbers up!  Aren't you impressed?"


Anonymous said...

Oh good, NO2HWA made a typo! I feel better now.

dennis :)

We are just men

Anonymous said...

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Byker Bob said...

Some of these numbers would be embarrassing for a local community church, while the circulation for the magazine and coworker letters are beyond anemic as compared to the mid 1950s in the old "Radio" Church of God.

But, they learned how to use hype from their failed advertising executive, and throw around big expansive terms to describe the scope of their work. Back in the 1970s, it was traditional for a CEO to do the groundbreaking for a building project, taking the first scoop with a ceremonial gilded shovel. One of the most ego drenched pictures I ever saw of HWA was at a groundbreaking. HWA and Rader had opted instead for a huge dozer, breaking ground with the plow.


Douglas Becker said...

Need to listen to Meredith and the LCG: They certainly know how to spot other liars.

Head Usher said...

I wish their numbers were all higher, because that would mean they were spending even more money on stuff that nobody wants. Herbie knew how to use media and free literature to get people to come and pay, but thankfully for these guys, it's 99.9% out-of-pocket expense.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, we're in the internet age now, so it's easier to see jerkwad churches like the UCG, PCG, LCG, etc, for the truly scummy organizations that they really are.