Friday, August 31, 2012

Homer Kizer: Unrepentant Firstborn Will Be Slaughtered On Passover (Again)

Homer Kizer, another failed Armstrongite false prophet, is overcome with with giddiness that there will be another slaughter of the firstborn on Passover which will begin the tribulation.  If you are the firstborn in your family and have not confessed our sins to Jesus you will be slaughtered on Passover. Of course, like all failed Armstrongite false prophet's,  he gives himself an easy out:

Time is the arbiter of whether the claim that another Passover slaughter of firstborns will occur, will begin the Tribulation is true. There is no other arbiter from inside time. Popularity, following, acquired physical facilities mean nothing. Either what I write will happen, or it won't. If it doesn't, then I will rightfully disappear into the flotsam of history. If it does, then you are without excuse, and your salvation depends upon you believing Christ Jesus. If you are a firstborn, physically or spiritually, and if you do not cover your sins with the blood of the Lamb of God as Jesus gave the example and as Paul taught saints at Corinth, you will die suddenly. If you are a spiritually circumcised son of Abraham and if you have not covered your sins, you will die out of covenant with God. You will, if born again, go into the lake of fire. For there will be a second Passover slaughter of spiritual Egyptians and of Israelites who left their houses before midnight, the conclusion of the sixth hour of darkness.


Anonymous said...

"Either what I write will happen, or it won't. If it doesn't, then I will rightfully disappear into the flotsam of history."

Trouble is, these guys are always lying when they say this.

What they predict never happens, and they don't shut up and go away in ignominy as promised. Instead, they come up with a new false prophecy and shout it louder and seemingly more confidently than ever before, hoping that no one will notice what giant lying sacks of sh*t they are.

Anonymous said...

The chief to indian ratio is way out of balance in Armstrongism. Perhaps another way to say it is that there a lot of narcissists. It would be refreshing to see some of these people recognize the environment and realize that they don't have any special insight from god. I doubt that would happen even once, though.

Here's to you- Malm, Kizer, King, Thiel, Prophet Val, and all the rest of you deluded bastards.

Anonymous said...

He's not named Homer for nothing...


Douglas Becker said...

How quickly we forget.

I am not entirely unsympathetic to Homer, even if I do not necessarily buy into his eschatology.

You have to go back half a decade ago to... Port Austen. We tend to forget Norman Edwards and his brother in law that was behind the Sears Exide Battery scandal for which his brother in law received a prison term. It is entirely too easy to discount the Christian commune they were trying to establish on an old Air Force base which may have had some environmental issues. Have we forgotten the broken promises, the unfulfilled dreams, the outright lies, the money scammed, the fire? (I actually called the Port Austen city clerk to confirm some of the things which occurred.)

I am sensitive for the desire of justice, having suffered a number of things from Armstrongists myself. I can certainly understand the frustration with the total lack of justice and judgment (compounded by a community that is tired of the endless interal wars of the cult within their borders). Actually, a second (or maybe more if you count Jerusalem 70 AD in a weird sort of way) Passover slaughter has a sort of emotional appeal.

Nevertheless, in a larger way, we need to move one and appreciate the things we have, rather than concentrate the things we've lost. It is time for rebuild.

Of course, we aren't going to give up exposing Armstrongism for all we're worth to perhaps save a few souls from future misery; it's just that we need to find it fun to do it, or it's just not worth creating more misery for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if what happens is people who lack confidence in themselves are susceptible to bluff and bluster. They latch onto people who project confidence, like HWA did, and they just assume that these deluded bastards and confidence men really do have access to and special insight from god that they don't have. And from there on, they become slaves and members of the Borg.

Anonymous said...

This killing machine called El or YHVH is a piece of work.

The OT documents the slaughter of about 2.5 million non obedient or non chosen human beings, men, women and children. In my world, picking on women and children makes you a psychopathic, small male membered, insecure bully.

Add to this hundreds of thousands if not millions, supposedly, of every other creature on the planet to make YHVH happy and we have a real problem here. Why in I Kings 8:63 alone we have Solomon demanding the killing 22,000 cattle and 120,000 sheep and goats in one day. Yeah..sure...always such neet numbers. Also sounds like a financial disaster for someone.

If we can get through the New Testament plagues that take out most of the rest of us and now we find we have to add one more slaughter of firstborn yet to come.....I want out of this psycho religion!!!!

God is love must mean..

God is evil
God is slaughter
God is a meat eater
God wastes lots of meat
God picks on women
God picks on children
Love is hate
Love is destruction
Love is deadly
Love is vengeful
Love is not at all what you think

God and Revelation Jesus need to read I Corinthians 13 or something.

...or open a steak house...and best to leave the firstborn at home just to be safe!

Byker Bob said...

I'm constantly amazed by the totally weird tangents people once exposed to Armstrongism get off on.
Somewhere around the globe probably at least one of them is chanting "Ngengamarachamarhumbabeepuss" over and over and over, thinking it will bring on the great tribulation.

Armstrongism was a very powerful modifier, and it was not just the doctrines which affected all, it was the basic thought or logic patterns. So many who left are fodder for wild and unprovable non-HWA conspiracy theories, unwarranted jumps and assumptions in logic or conclusions, and aversion to or disbelief of possibly real catastrophic events such as global warming, or the meltdown of an economy built on fiat or imaginary wealth.

Back in the 1970's, as I investigated Dianetics, one of the attractive aspects was the clearing or diffusing of the aberrations found in the human mind, thus leading to unimpinged clear and sane thinking and a resultant better life. The Armstrongs had pretty much trashed out God and Jesus for me, so a religion not based on the deity was also appealing at that time. It sounds good in the book, but alas, when one discovers how much it will cost, three tithes would actually be cheaper, and the intrusiveness of their "auditors" was even more invasive than that perpetrated by all of the WCG ministers!

Those of us who are thinking have probably expended most of our recovery efforts simply attempting to become normal (whatever that is).


Douglas Becker said...
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Douglas Becker said...

I'm underimpressed.

Allen C. Dexter said...

So you delved into Ron Hubbard's nonsense too, BB. I was curious, so I took their introductory course at their Hollywood headquarters. It was quite an eye opener.

They didn't quit sending me stuff until I moved to Arizona and didn't leave a forewarding address, letting my mail accumulate at a relatives apartment (my old one) until I picked it up every few months. They are much more insidious than Worldwide ever was.

Byker Bob said...


I'd seen some Scientology bumper stickers on cars before we started printing their jobs at what used to be AC Press (Krueger purchased that facility in 1975). Basically, I started reading some of the stuff we were printing and mailing, and then became curious enough to go to a bookstore and purchase Dianetics.

The scientologists I've met over the years do pride themselves in their thinking, and in the techniques and methods which they use, and although they are as controlled as any culties, they are not as offensive in this as are some of the others we've encountered. I've had customers who were enthusiastic Scientologists, and have actually did some sales calls on that center you mentioned while working for some of the manufacturers who have employed me.

Nice people, but I could always tell they were on a slightly different wave length than my own. Oddly, one of their wives attempted to seduce me, but I considered her husband to be a friend, and did not go for it.


Anonymous said...

Should I be quivering in fear? I am my father's fifth-born, so that should make me ineligible for this Passover sacrifice. However, I am my mother's firstborn.

Which counts?

If I am subject to the sentence, somebody told me Myra Diemer can offer a bribe or something to get me off. Where do I get ahold of her?

I don't know the right bureaucrats to fix a deal like this. I'm just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill guy.

Rankin Phyle

Anonymous said...

I was called to reread prophecy, not to make disciples nor to make nice with bloggers or the little people whose pantry shelves hold more than their minds. I neither ask for support nor take up an offering at weekly Sabbath services or on high days. And without asking for support, I am truly more financially impoverished than any critic I may have—and considering what I write, especially that the Book of Acts is a Trojan text, a Sophist novel, I should have a host of critics. So for the person who will take the time to follow the money, the trail is short: let it be known, I don’t reread prophecy, placing in print, hardcopy and electronic, what I find in Scripture because I want the adulation of disciples or the wealth of this world. I have already lived, from my perspective, in the choicest places in North America—the Oregon Coast, Kenai, Kodiak, Dutch Harbor—so it isn’t for material reasons I have declared since 2003 that there will be a Second Passover liberation of Israel, the nation to be circumcised of heart, from indwelling sin and death. I have nothing to gain from declaring a necessarily unpopular message, especially among uncovered firstborns, biological and legal. But it was to this task that I was called, and it is this task that I have done and will do and will continue to do.
Actually, I am surprised by how rare criticism of what I write is, considering the radical nature of what I have placed in print. And I appreciate knowing that someone has read my words. Now, if these readers will take the time necessary to look up the scriptural passages I cite and determine for themselves if I have faithfully cited the passage, using the passage in a reasonable manner, they may still disagree with me but they will find that there is no attempt to deceive, to make disciples, to enrich myself. The work I do is unlike any since the days of the Apostle Paul, and the very small amount of support received about equals what is spent on websites and office supplies. The bulk of my income comes from the work of my hands, past and present.
Would I have more credibility if there were many disciples and a mega-Church-complex, a television and radio broadcast, a slick magazine (that says nothing), and a reporter in Jerusalem … no, I wouldn’t. I would merely have more critics, with more screeching, squealing, their diminutive minds scurrying about searching for discrepancies (where I said such and such in 2003, but now say something a little different in 2012, as if I ceased to grow in grace and knowledge when setting out to reread prophecy).
My credibility will come with the Second Passover, or wouldn’t come ever. And that is fine with me. HK

Byker Bob said...

Well, dude, if you can pull this off without all of the excuses and postponements normally associated with Armstrongite preachers, maybe you'll gain some credibility.

Problem is, you guys always guess, stuff never happens but you try to convince us that it is but we or the media are just not noticing, or that somehow God keeps postponing it all! Seems like the prophets in the Bible never had to deal with stuff like that. God actually inspired them, what He told them would happen did happen, and there didn't need to be excuses.

Fortunately Deut 18 tells me exactly how to handle this type of situation. Bye Bye!