Saturday, September 22, 2012

UCG's Latest Creepy Video

"All of their "worldy" friends on FB are looking at the video and thinking, "WTF?"?

This latest video by United Church of God is downright creepy.  Do they expect the public to be impressed by a retro dude trying to look cool as he takes care of his vintage car in a well kept neighborhood?   Is UCG trying to bring back the nostalgia of the glory days of WCG when strife and division had not pried the church apart?  How many families had to travel to the Feast in that kind of car in the 60's and 70's because the parents were giving all their money to the  church and all they had to drive was an old used car like that?

I feel sorry for the little kids that have to listen to this drivel and the subtle brainwashing it is attempting to do.  There is nothing wrong with believing in a future time when the world will be at peace.  I think that's the hope and desire for the vast majority of humanity.  The problem lies in the teaching that this is something people are required to do in order to make God love them and maybe make them kings of some distant planet.  Kolob, perhaps?

One person on Facebook said that the voice of the creepy puppet reminds him of the voice of the pedophile on Family Guy.

Let's all song together about "...riding me a bottle nose dolphin in the kingdom..." ...and meeting "famous men." Obviously famous women are too stupid to talk to. Besides, just who are these famous men?  COGers through history or real famous men through the ages of time?  Buddha?  Muhammad? Constantine? Charlemagne?  According to COG teaching these men won't be in the first 1,000 years of that kingdom anyway.  Only the resurrected saints and those remaining alive after the Catholic Church is through killing true believers and nuclear war is over will be in the kingdom.  Those famous dudes won
t be there but will pop up on the scene later on.

Obviously their marketing guru's think this series of videos is the next best thing to hot buttered biscuits.  But really, WHO is watching these videos other than UCGer's who are told to click the "Like" button as often as possible to give these videos a higher ranking.

My favorite comment was this: "All of their "worldy" friends on FB are looking at the video and thinking, "WTF?"?


Anonymous said...

Oh thanks a lot!

I have been endeavoring to get Bohemian Rapsody by Queen out of my head for over two months. This might do it.


Douglas Becker said...

Well, and, both Consumer Reports and J.D. Powers have come out this past July with the worst Motels and Hotels in America. Check out this sequence in the Fiscal Times.

Yes, friends, this is the time of year that Armstrongists get ready to go to the Feast to feast with cockroaches and bedbugs. Mold and nasty rashes are in their future. You never know just how bad your accommodations will be until you see the urine stains (sometimes in unlikely places), the burn marks on the mattress from cigarettes, exposure to Legionaire's Disease and a whole host of delightful experiences that will last you long after the Feast. Maybe even a life time if you survive.

This isn't any joke.

Add this to some Feast sites where the Drug Cartel and Russian Mafia (that no one talks about much -- fear, I guess) and it all adds up to danger.

So go pray that no one will look on your belongings before, during the Feast, that you will remain in good health and don't let the bedbugs bite.

No. Seriously.

Look for what seems to be appleseeds in the mattress. And remember that symptoms often don't appear for five days, so the Feast will pretty much be over before you know you have a problem.

This is why there will be a Painful Truth article next week on the Calendar.

Pray for protection.

But then, don't expect it if you are obstinantly determined to do something really risky.

But if you believe, sometimes you just have to Sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

UCG is definitely changing its doctrines, if you listen carefully to the lyrics of that video.

UCG, like most ACOG groups, used to teach that today's Christians, when resurrected for the Millennium and beyond, will exist beyond the limitations of mortal human bodies.

That video, however, clearly says that the singer and his audience will sometimes become "sleepy" when they are in the Kingdom of God.

This sounds like UCG is moving more toward the teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses or other similar groups that do not hold to the Armstrongist teaching that today's Christians will actually exist on the "God-plane" after the resurrection.

Also, if you were a God-plane being, wrestling with a wolf would be a pretty one-sided battle.

That video sure makes it seem like UCG has abandoned HWA's ideas about "the incredible human potential." It's a video that would play better at a Baptist church than at a typical ACOG Feast of Tabernacles.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't consider it creepy at all; Awkward very much so.

DennisCDiehl said...

Love the car. The 1950's look, I believe, is telling. Many of the ministry nearing the end of their lives, and who still remain, would find that a comforting time probably in their lives and in church when everything was clear in the one, not split up, COG.

The guy looks like any number of the TV fathers of the 50's and 60's before the world got ever so much more complicated and strange.

Jelly looks like the typical Bert or Ernie.

Nostalgia calms us in difficult times I think. On my FB page I have a large picture of a 1956 Chevy, Turquoise, Nomad station wagon. Took many a vacation trip stuffed in the very back looking out backwards on the way to the Adirondaks for two weeks of absolute heaven. Seems like 20 minutes ago.

Even though all were naively hopeful taking the Bible as meaning mostly us and them as we read it, accepting it isn't going to happen or even so takes time and I think we slide into home in nostalgia

Byker Bob said...

I've said for years that these churches need to change their hook. Most of them expect HWA's hook to still work, so they continue to use it. What's true is that there are so many popular prognosticators of doom, that a few Germans attacking the USA because it forgot about the sabbath seems almost trite.

Does anyone but me listen to "Coast to Coast"? First, let me say that I am not a conspiracy theory buff. However, this primarily AM radio broadcast has a HUGE audience. The new "smart" meters (now being installed to monitor the electrical consumption of homes amongst other things) are discussed, as are the FEMA or Haliburton relocation camps, UN practice maneuvers on US soil, spying on private citizens via the latest in electronic devices, the "Luciferians" coming to power in various European countries, the imminent collapse and co-opting of our economic system, imposition of Sharia law on the world's largest democracies, and other topics are all regularly being discussed. It makes HWA's "gospel" appear almost benign! Apparently it is all taken to heart by the survivalist movement, and has exponentially increased sales of various items at rotating gun shows across the country.

Plus, Christian radio and TV have blanketed the airwaves with their own end time scenarios, and expectations of the soon coming rapture.

If HWA were just beginning his movement today, against this background, it would be a complete non-starter. I'm not saying that this UCG campaign presents any kind of effective solution for the ACOGs, and I'm certainly no apologist for UCG. However, at least someone there is thinking of creative ways of getting their misguided and false message out. They'd just better not ask me if they can use my '57 Ranchero in their productions!


Allen C. Dexter said...

I avoided listening to that video for several days. Finally, I did, and it brought far too many memories back, like blowing a rod in my old clunker on the grapevine going to Squaw Valley and having to beg money from my parents to buy another old clunker in Bakersfield.

The world is not aware of how lucky they are that fantasy was just that -- a nightmare fantasy. We were just like Jewish zealots cock sure that Yahweh was sending a messiah any moment to save them from the Roman swords and spears they were charging into and empaling themselves on.

I wonder, if the human race survives long enough, will there still be idiots shouting about raptures, resurrections into godhood and a multitude of other insanities a hundred years from now? A thousand?

If history is any guide, I wouldn't be surprised. Generations have come and gone, and Joseph Smith's and Ellen G. White's stupidities are as strong as ever. Then there are the supidities of Nicacea and its catholic abortion, the Reformation, etc.

And, we think we are the pinnacle of earthly existence???!!!

Our three dogs are smarter!

Anonymous said...

Some day after it is too late, all the UCG people will find out that they have had their brains turned into JELLY.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a new song, it was written by Mark Graham a while ago. I remember singing it back in the late 80's in the children's choir. So, no, UCG isn't changing their doctrines if they're using a song that is over 20+ years old from the HWA days.

Anonymous said...

Jelly Roll Morton is turning over in his grave!