Sunday, August 16, 2015

Living Church of God: How Many Lies Can Rod McNair Speak In 15 Minutes???

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Living Church of God's Rod McNair imagines himself as a great theologian and preacher.  As a preacher we all know that when a Church of God minister speaks something from the pulpit that they NEVER say anything that is not true.  As God's chosen mouthpieces that is an absolute least in the Living Church of God culture.  When LCG ministers speak, especially Rod McNair, it is to let members know how benevolent they are towards the members. Being the benevolent loving leader that he is, he wants all LCG members to know that they CAN disagree with those in authority in the LCG without ANYONE disciplining them for doing so!  Who knew?  Is that really true?  Living Church of God members know this is blatantly NOT true!  Just look at the trail of destruction, McNair, League and Meredith have left in their wake over the last year or so.

Below is a clip from a recent sermon of McNair where he says that members can disagree with those in authority in the LCG without fear of discipline. Really????  Many Living Church of God members know this is NOT true!  Just look at the recent purge of LCG members who disagreed with the new "upgrades" in the church and for the church's stance on British Israelism.  The repercussions to that were swift and vicious. They were supportive of the church on big issues. Just not willing to swallow all Winnail and Ames "new understandings" and other non-Biblical teachings.

"McNair2" LCG says they don't kick people out for a time period "not so long that could discourage them beyond being able to recover themselves." Really?  Some of the recent purged victims were told specifically that no one from LCG would even talk to them till a year had passed.  Most COG members would agree that one year is excessive, but not McNair.  Even his boss, Rod Meredith, whined and moaned about being exiled to Hawaii for a year by HWA.  He felt that was way too long, yet he does the exact same thing to his own members.  The only difference with Meredith is that he was restored to power again as a minister, while those he disciplines are rarely restored to anything other than being a money making machine for the church.   One's position and credibility is destroyed but those dollars sure look good!

The following clip is of McNair stating that the LCG does NOT disfellowship anyone if they have voluntarily left the church.  Those in Charlotte know this is not true! One member from the Charlotte congregations was disfellowshipped AFTER he had left LCG on his own.  McNair publicly stated that the reason they did this was specifically because the person had disassociated themselves from the church.  When McNair, Meredith, Ames and others do this they are using this as a tool of control over LCG members who have doubts and questions.  Fear is a great tool in preventing members from leaving and being publicly humiliated. Plus the threatened of losing ones salvation by being kicked out of the "true church" is a mighty weapon of control.

The "McNair3" clip below shows once again how McNair and the LCG lie through their teeth.  He says that the ministry of the LCG "strives" to NOT make comments that would impeded a wayward members journey back into their congregation.  Really dude?  Really? Character assassination is the modus-operandi in LCG. The ministers share with their wives who in turn share with the other ladies who in turn share with their husbands and before you know it LCG members in other congregations have some altered version of the original story. LCG wants to villainize ex-members. It's often the only way they can justify their harsh treatment of people who in many cases aren't deserving of the punishments inflicted.

The clip below warns LCG members to "withdraw from brothers who don't walk according to the tradition that he received from Jesus Christ."  Many LCG members have been struck by how many of the recent LCG members who were disfellowshipped by the church have remained LOYAL to standard Church of God beliefs.  McNair wants to use this verse to admonish loyal LCG members to stay away from those severed from the body but if they are still believers how does that work out? Maybe McNair should re-write the scripture or perhaps not use it at all since it really didn't apply to the majority of purge victims who are still keeping the commandments and the holy days.

This last clip is of McNair stating that before anyone is "marked" by the church that they receive counseling beforehand. Well over 200 members in the Charlotte congregation know this is not true at all!  In fact this has never been true in the Church of God culture whether it was in Pasadena or Charlotte. I have seen the letters that Meredith sent out to disfellowshipped members in Pasadena and from Charlotte.  No counseling was ever involved.  It was a cold, clinical letter that was devoid of any love or compassion.

Rod Meredith and the Living Church of God had a great opportunity when they jumped ship from the Worldwide Church of God to start anew and do things "right."  Power, narcissism and ego remained the dominate factors of the church hierarchy that carried over.  That is why the Living Church of God has been incapable of growing in significant numbers or even maintaining its present members.  They carried over the abuse and fear tactics that Meredith and others used while in WCG and terrorize LCG members with it to this day.

What new things and truth do they have to offer anyone?  What love does the LCG offer to their  members?  Is being lied to from the pulpit love?  Is being publicly humiliated in front of Charlotte members or local congregations showing love?

If the Living Church of God is supposedly a foretaste of the soon coming Kingdom of God then people should really think twice about being part of the LCG.


Byker Bob said...

Why, of course you can disagree with the ministers and still remain a member in LCG! You just need to make sure that you tell absolutely no-one about the thing on which you disagree, and if the ministers specifically question you about your beliefs, you must lie to them if you disagree. Would it actually even be a sin to lie to a lying false prophet?

The problem is these churches are full of weirdos who often get filled with vanity, thinking that God has revealed "new truth" through them. They try to convince other members of the validity of this "new truth", and the ministers who believe that ministers are given a double portion of the Holy Spirit mark them and put them out. People know from the day of their baptism that the basic doctrines were pretty much systematized and sealed at the time of HWA's death. But, most people like to think of themselves as being special, and immune, like Bob Thiel. That's how splinters get started, and it's why there is "splinter-surfing."


otis campbell said...

Lcg is a carbon copy of ww. From the two hour services, attendance taking, ministry controls, chosen ones and inner circle of friends. I've seen them preach one thing and their actions are the opposite. Once in control, they are only concerned with having the chief seats at the table and staying there. Do they have no shame?

Anonymous said...

It all starts by repeating that lcg is the only real church and that there is no salvation except in the real church as per the catlick's. Then they end up as "dumb sheep" as hwa used to say, Most sad to say take the words of the ministry as gospel truth, because they don't prove all things. If lcg can get the members to believe the big lie that God's government is from the top down and r.m. is God's chosen leader, then they gotcha. They will believe anything after that.
It all starts with the lie about church government. Funny how it's the same doctrine the catholics used for centuries!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet they are crapping in their pants in Charlotte this morning.

I'm waiting for them to mandate an order that members can no longer bring their laptops to services. One LCG member I know uses his laptop to record Charlotte sermons so that he can later review them. That would be fine in and of itself but said member is not in agreement with the upgrades and recent tyranny and he's been caught sending them (the sermons) out as emails as evidence of RCM's growing dementia and proof of changes in what LCG used to teach compared to what it now teaches. He's a big titter so I doubt he takes too much heat.

Anonymous said...

The sky is falling at LCG HQ's in Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

I was sitting there the day McNair said these things knowing they weren't true. It was agonizing. Several others also know but it has been pushed that we members don't always "know all the facts" and that we just need to "show our loyalty by trusting the ministry is being led by Christ". That has become more and more difficult because the Christ I know doesn't lie to advance His agenda. McNair and RCM do.

Morristown Member said...

I wish the church could exile me to Hawaii. I could never go there on my own. I would love an all expense paid trip to Hawaii for a year :)

Black Ops Mikey said...

One would think that Revelation 22 would give them pause, but no, they go right on acting every bit as though God doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

I know about 60 people in Kansas City that got put out for disagreeing with the ministry on the upgrades.

Anonymous said...

We may find this shocking but my guess is that LCG members are so brainwashed that they believe their leaders blindly even if the evidence is to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it really chaps McNair's hide that many of his so called purge victims continue to "walk according to the tradition that they received". It doesn't quite fit into his narrative that they are bad people that required cutting off from the body when they continue to keep the Commandments, including Saturday Sabbath, and the holy days.

I'm sure he and Meredith would have been much happier if those people had shriveled up and died or better yet become Catholic or something! It would have vindicated their expulsion. As it stands, McNair's actions are questionable at best.

Anonymous said...

Cut off shall liers be. One would think McNair and other liars like him would be fearful of openly breaking a commandment.

Anonymous said...

Many do believe, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, that the leadership is caring and honest. Once you've invested years into a belief system, it is very difficult to toss it away. It's especially difficult to leave when you have not only been vocal in your beliefs, but arrogant as well. To leave would shatter their pride.

Anonymous said...

To wait over a year to communicate with someone is an arbitrary decision. A person in theory ,could repent in the next 30 seconds or in 1 month. This is just telling the person to get lost, go away, and never come back. This would not be a bad way to go.

Mark said...

Shatter your pride...that would fit...

Anonymous said...

I especially like the one about how the ministry doesn't tell the congregation what sins those expelled have committed.

What a joke.

They brutally annihilate the reputations of those they cast away for several reasons. One it makes members fearful to get on their wrong side because they don't want it to happen to them (ruled with fear - one of LCG's tried and true tactics) and two they have to talk trash to justify their actions. Adding to the truth, speculating or just flat out lying are all within the realm of possibilities when it comes to those in power at LCG headquarters.

Anonymous said...

What pisses me off is the statement that mr. mcnair says they always hope that they member will come back when I have friends that tried really very hard to come back but they would not even talk to them :(

Anonymous said...

More evidence of what I say repeatedly about the various splinters, in this case, Rod Meredith and his lieutenants: Simply, they need the members more than the members need them. It's really that simple. If COG history has taught anything, it's that the "leadership" changes over and over and over again. And, since 1995 (in some cases earlier) it's been a pick-and-choose thing -- with the members doing the picking and choosing!

Think about that. Since the WCG doctrinal changes, the survival of the various splinters has been totally in the hands of the members, and where they choose to go. Many have switched groups, and switched again, and perhaps even switched after that. And yet the various leaders exercise their predictable, total control as if they have that God-given right. And they don't.

Why do people stay? I honestly don't get it. Seriously, people, get a spine.

Anonymous said...

Heck, it's clear that Rod and McNair are liars and con-men.
But, are they really any better than mainstream Christian con-men like Creflo Dollar and Joel Osteen?

Anonymous said...

Member: quietly and without drama decides to stop attending after witnessing over a decade of backbiting and hatred among the headquarters ministry

RCM: "I disfellowship you from the body of Christ

Member: "I stopped attending 6 weeks ago. How can you kick me out of something to which I already don't belong?"

RCM: "I disfellowshipped you for your disassociation with my association!"

(RCM Translation: "I am disfellowshipping you so that my sheeple won't talk to you thereby enabling me to spin whatever story I choose to manufacture about you while continuing to pretend that I only have love and concern in my heart")

Meredith is so transparent and predictable! He thinks that he is so great that it is inconceivable that someone would walk away from his greatness! So he has to get the last word.

RSK said...

"What pisses me off is the statement that mr. mcnair says they always hope that they member will come back when I have friends that tried really very hard to come back but they would not even talk to them"

Its like the common jury selection question "how many of you believe that (Defendant) must have done something or he/she wouldn't be here?" The implication of McNair's statement is that the member is of course in the wrong. They do not want to foster any notion that the group/leadership is in the wrong.

Anonymous said...

McNair "wants all LCG members to know that they CAN disagree with those in authority in the LCG without ANYONE disciplining them for doing so".

I'm a member of LCG Charlotte and I can verify that this isn't true. If you disagree and you're smart, you keep it to yourself because if you don't you risk your membership. I've watched them systematically weed out anyone with the courage to be honest and open about disagreements. I can't imagine that anyone who's been in the Church for long believing that line. It might be what they're suppised to do but it's not what the ministry practices.

I stay for the fellowship. I agree with the overall message that LCG preaches but after watching how the leading men act over the years I can no longer believe that they truly have love and concern for the brethren.

Anonymous said...

Psalm 7:14 "Behold, the wicked brings forth iniquity;
Yes, he conceives trouble and brings forth falsehood.
15 He made a pit and dug it out,
And has fallen into the ditch which he made".

Meredith and McNair will reap what the have sewn. It's scriptural and inevitable. You can't just lie and ruin reputations and get away with it forever. Eventually they will fall into their own pit.

JL said...

Yeah, that is a blatant lie but I am late to this article and everyone already said what was on my mind about this.


Anonymous said...

Carl a McNair would be so ashamed of Rod. What a disgrace he has become! Unfair scales, a lying tongue, politicking and consistently/ repeatedly abusing his position of power to stomp on members. Rod is more like his uncle (RCM) than his father. It's better that Carl is dead so he doesn't have to see what a deceitful, prideful troll his son has grown to be.

The aforementioned character traits are exactly what have allowed him to rise in LCG.

As it's been mentioned countless times before, tyrants get Meredith's respect and are exaulted. Ministers who are fair, loving and decent are stomped on by the Bob League and Rod McNair types in LCG. Headquarters is a brood of vipers.