Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pressing Issues in the COG's This Past Week

Reading COG related sites is never dull.  Some really weird stuff is discussed.  I am still amazed at the number of 'conspiracy' theories people think are real.  Others argue about if it is reliable or not.  The die hard Armstrongites don't trust it because those chain letters you receive in your email box just MIGHT be true and someday you will head the warning!

My favorite is the significance of Prince Andrew and his brother's penis and how they relate to the one true Church and its relationship through Herbert Armstrong (a direct descendant of David) and on  to the British monarchy who are sitting on the Throne of David whom are too stupid to realize that, but thanks to HWA everything is cool with them now.(whew, lots to get in there)

The Laodicea Question

Christ stands at the door and is knocking. Why is he on the outside?
Who put him out and how?

On  Bin Laden

Re: bin laden photo faked

Maybe, bin laden died 7 or 10 years ago, as fox news reported back in 2001 
maybe, bin laden never existed at all but was instead a figment of the powers that be
imagination, maybe, I don't believe anything they say anymore. 

Have So Many Of God`s People So Soon Forgotten?!!!!  

I have to wonder just how many of God`s people have so soon forgotten 
that it was our great God who inspired Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, His Apostle, in this end time, 
who restored the truths of God, and to open all of our minds, 
including every Evangelist, every minister, as well as every one of us, 
to truth that is so necessary for our salvation!!! 
Truths that could not have been heard before, having received them from Mr. Armstrong!! 
Not only for our salvation but to educate us to be there as a part of His government 
to help those at Christ`s return for their salvation, 
as well as to be there for those on that "Last Great Day" to help them to receive their salvation!!! 
Will some be left out,  and behind, 
because of refusal to accept the truths that God has given us from His Apostles, 
including His last Apostle, Mr. Armstrong?!!

Prince William and His Brother NOT Circumcised!

 Prince Williams' bride is also a descendant of King David
 Prince William not circumcised.
There is a lot on the web about Princes Wm and Harry not being circumcised.
Diana it seems, would not allow it.
To me the most inspiring thing about the Royal Wedding, 
is that 3000 years after God's promise to King David, 
his family still sits on his royal throne over the House of Israel.
That should give us all added confidence that God's promise to have Christ occupy this throne,
from Jerusalem, in the near future, is an absolute certainty. 
On top of that, the attached recent article from the London 'Spectator', 
shows how even Kate Middleton who married Prince William, is a descendant of King David. 
As, of course, Herbert Armstrong was, 
whom God sent to show us the connection of King David to the British Royal Family.

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator - Official Proof

 Robert Stanley, weekly correspondent for Washington Times'
investigative radio, reports that the Certificate of Live Birth,
released by President Barack H. Obama on April 27, 2011 is a forensic forgery.

The video links below show proofs that the document posted on the White House
website and downloaded by thousands of people was a forgery, 
beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Obama's campaign website was so breathtakingly high-tech, 
that I find it hard to believe that he would have people around him 
who aren't more technologically-savvy than to post a document 
that clearly shows the several layers of tampering that was done to it, 
unless this is a malicious fabrication.

Was the placement of such an obvious forgery on the White House website
part of  an intentional character assassination 
was it really just a sloppy mistake on the part of the White House, 
in their provision of a falsified Birth Certificate?

The implications of the latter are far-ranging. 
As Stanley says, what little public trust remains will be gone if it is found, 
after all of the years of stonewalling and all of the millions spent in trying to avoid the issue, 
that the President was not born in the US.

Of course there was also a little talk about all the 
tornadoes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, drought, etc., 
as direct signs from God to the TRUE COG members who, 
if they have their eyes open, that the end-time is swiftly being ushered in.  
Typical COG thought.



Michael D. Maynard said...

Regarding Prince William and Harry not being circumcised...maybe their mother agreed with the Apostle Paul in Phillippians 3:2; '...beware of the mutilation."

I wonder why HWA missed that? Ancient Israelites were NOT Christians. Christians are not Ancient Israelites under a now defunct covenant of the flesh that bequeathed to them a land grant through Abraham..that they lost because THEY broke the covenant.

Circumcision is of the heart, a spiritual matter for Christians, not mutilation of the flesh.

Was Diana that wise? I think so.

She certainly appeared to live a Christian life, "loving Her neighbors as Herself."

I miss her.


Allen C. Dexter said...

Circumcision is one subject on which I can agree with whoever the real Paul was. I will always regret my blind obedience to HWA's nonsense about circumcision being good and having my two boys circumcised shortly after birth.

There is evidence that this practice may have originated with the Egyptians. Wherever it came from, it is mutilation, pure and simple. It reduces penile sensitivity and makes auto eroticism more difficult while upping the sale of vaseline and other lubricants.

I wonder what warped thinking led to the first instance of the practice?

Diana was a very smart lady, so I'm inclined to think she is the one who put her foot down.