Tuesday, June 12, 2012

False Prophet Ron Weinland Declares Fast This Week For 63,000 New Incoming Members

Mike is reporting on False Prophet Ronald Weinland: Don't Drink the Flavor Aid Served by False Prophets
that  Ron Weinland has declared a fast this coming week for all those in his shrinking cult to fast and pray for the 63,000 true COGgers out there that will soon join his cult, some of whom are more important than present COGPKG members.   Mike has more information abut the trial taking place this week as the defense now presents their case on Ronnie's behalf.

During slow moments in the trial, Ron must have done some ruminating.   He decided to call a fast for this coming week, during which PKG comes together in a solemn assembly on any day of their choosing during the next week to pray for the 63000 from the scattering who are to join PKG. Which is even better than the 3000 or so that he’s long prophesied will join PKG before Christ returns.  Which he then said wouldn’t happen before Christ returned in May.

Ron went back to old literature in support of his day of the Lord equaling one year.  His booklet “Time Has Run Out” has a chart showing HWA’s trumpets 1 through 6 happening in one year.  And perhaps he mined Strong’s Dictionary to support his claim that the word “before” in Joel 2:31 does not mean “prior to” but means “in the presence of”.

He talked about prideful lay members who derive status from mundane jobs such as putting out the cookies or greeting people at the door.  And warned that some in the 63000 would surpass PKG members and cautioned them not to be jealous.   Trust me, Ron — that won’t be a problem.


Anonymous said...

And when no new people show up, he'll say they did, but they're spiiiiritual.

Douglas Becker said...

My threshold would be 25,000 before I would fast. You know, I want a confirmation before moving onward.

What we've seen so far inspires no confidence whatsoever.

Besides, there's not even the slimest of connections between the prognostication and the Bible, let alone reality.

Byker Bob said...

Weinerdude deals a lot in "Harvey the Pookhah".

I'll be praying that this 63,000 are spared from a horrible detour into Weinland's Twilight Zone, and hope everyone here will either join me, or think positive thoughts for these folks in that direction!


Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

The jury has decided.

Anonymous said...

I think that most preachers who "declare fasts" do it to feed their egos and control their minions, but in this/Ron's case, I'm guessing it's more of a diversionary tactic.