Sunday, June 17, 2012

Having The Courage To Question Ron Weinland

What this person wrote on Mike's blog is not unique to Ron Weinland.  It is the same method of brain washing that is used in all the splinter groups.  Tell people something long enough and repeatedly and they stop questioning it.  Even better, make them feel special and called out from the world, then you will have them hook, line and sinker.

This person could be describing Pack, Flurry, Meredith, and the rest of the charlatans.

gullible says:

I wish I had known and done research on him, even before following him. But I wanted to be obedient as much as I could after starting to follow him as I was convinced ron was the end time witness. ron continually told us not to go into the internet to read about him. He doesn’t want anyone to research about him and what others are saying about him, and I believed him at the time, as he scared us into believing that god speaks through him. So if you didn’t listen to him, you didn’t listen to god. Had anyone gave warning about ron at this time, it would just fall on deaf ears, as we believed we are right and everyone else is wrong. ron always hypnotise us, by saying they can’t see what we see and they don’t have god’s spirit. Repetition of this from almost ron and senior elders, really goes deep into the mind, so yes anything bad said about our idol would just be seen as they don’t know what they are doing and yes, we would see it as persecution and be even more on fire for ron’s god. That’s why I can understand how those that defend ron on this blog feel, as ron has a special place in their life – ron makes them feel they are special people.
I think after a couple of years of non-events, and growing suspicions, I finally had the courage to defy ron, to do some personal research on ron – which I should have done a long, long time ago. I’m sure glad I did.


Assistant Deacon said...

"...convinced he was the end time witness."

It's hard to process statements like that in light of all the information that has come out about the Armstrongs and their various successors over the years. Glad the person listened to that still, small voice within.

Douglas Becker said...

We can all have a lot more courage to stand up to the Armstrongist leaders now.