Wednesday, August 29, 2012

E W King: Hurricane Issac Punishment From God

Here we go again, another hurricane and Armstrongism's magical god comes to blowing in to punish heathen America for its sins. 

I remember years ago sitting in Jekyll Island as the tent was bouncing from the wind of an approaching hurricane with groups of men  holding each tent poles to try and stop the tent from blowing away.  Never mind the fact that the ministry of the Church was more concerned about holding a service than they were with the safety of the members.  Of course the story line then was that Satan was using the hurricane to destroy God's true church.  So the minister prayed, the hurricane turned around and went and killed hundreds in Cuba.  The Feast site rejoiced.  It did not matter that their "prayers" magically sent the hurricane to Cuba where it killed and destroyed property.  That apparently was OK in order for the TRUE Christians to be spared.

Every natural disaster that hits the US brings out the lunatics and spiritual deviates as they blame tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes on gays, abortionists, atheists, etc.  It's always "the other" that cause these things.

I am sure right now every single splinter cult leader is broadcasting out news that Satan is trying to keep the True Church from keeping the Feast in Florida, Mississippi and Alabama this year.  I don't even need to check their web sites because I know they are doing it.  History proves that.

So in typical grand Armstrongite style, E W King trumpets out today that the hurricane that bypassed Florida and that is pounding New Orleans and Gulf Coast is because a Mormon is running for president.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Romney's happening!

The Romney Storm
Many of you have read my “Prophecy Forecasts”. In early April of this year I posted a list of possible events. I have warned [as I did last year] that God may send violent storms to warn this nation not to vote for a president who follows a false prophet. Read my April forecast and look what has happened!
Now I have waited to see if Mr. Romney would postpone the Republican Convention due to the respect of those in New Orleans. Did he? NO, he did not. While the Republicans are having a party [at the same time] the hurricane will hit. Wow! This is a forecast of just what is ahead under Mr. Romney’s presidency [if elected]. The Real Worldwide Church of God-Really Real


Allen C. Dexter said...

Memories again!

I was among the decieved who were absolutely convinced our god turned that hurricane around and sent it back over communist Cuba.

Not that storms never change course on their own because of shifting air currents, etc. Weather is next to unfathomable. Issac could just as easily have hit Tampa directly or hit around Houston. It could have stalled after Cuba and gone up the East Coast. It all depends on what does or does not stand in its way.

Most of them move more or less due west for a while and curve to the north eventually, but some slam into the Yucatan as well. It's a crap shoot.

If it had gone into Tampa, Republican religious nuts would have attributed it to Satan and the same of Democratic leaning would have ascribed it to an "act of God." Your interpretation rests on your personal bias and superstition.

Anonymous said...

This just in, from Camp Flurry: "Mr. Flurry taped a new program 'God's Secret Weather Prophecies' Look for a KoD Web Exclusive on this afternoon!"

Anonymous said...

The punishment of the Lord is seasonal and done within limits. The Lord can only punish with Hurricanes during hurricane season and then only in the places where hurricanes can thrive.

In the midwest and in Spring, the Lord switches to tornadoes and then only wreaks havoc on the midwestern miscreants in a place called "The Alley of the Lord" or "Tornado Alley" to the unversed.

Sometimes the Lord of Snow can hit pretty hard , but again, only in certain limits and climes. Rarely does the Snow Lord smite in summer,fall or spring.

Lord Volcanoe can punish year round, but again, only where He has an opening already brewing in very specific places and then only the relatively few sinners who live in the area. If you are a wicked person, I'd not move to Indonesia or Seattle.

Always look for the Lord in low pressure areas. He is not to be found in high pressure due to excessive sunshine.

If a pagan falls off their roof on a Sunday, God is trying (God has to try you know) to tell him something such as "Get to Church."

If a Christian falls off their roof, hopefully not on Sunday, but if so, Satan is trying to tell him something and it's persecution.

We can't win in the Weather wars of the Lord...


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

No2HWA said, "I remember years ago sitting in Jekyll Island as the tent was bouncing from the wind of an approaching hurricane with groups of men holding each tent poles to try and stop the tent from blowing away".

MY COMMENT - Gary, what a small world - even in the WCG land. I was in Jekyll Island also in 1969 when the hurricane was approaching. Remember the night Garner Ted spoke?


NO2HWA said...

With the light bulbs popping on each side of him till the one above him was left burning. Others were popping all over the place. Deacons with brooms pushing the rivers of water out as fast as it came in through the pole openings.

Allen C. Dexter said...

I'd forgotten the year. Thanks for pointing out it was 1969.
Seems like an eternity ago now. I still had five years of fanaticism to put in. I was turning 35. Now, I;m about to turn 78. Where did all that time go?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, the light bulbs popping. Who even knew what the "sermon" was about? All I could think was, "why don't you stop talking and send us all home, you moron?"

What a bizarre legacy. No wonder I never explained it to my friends growing up. Nobody would have believed it.

Michael D. Maynard said...

Isaac may be a great benefit for the farmers in the states getting much needed rain. New Orleans is below sea level and has sealed its own fate without any outside intervention. Those who keep rebuilding in flood zones and on river banks have sealed their own fate as well.

Michael D. Maynard said...

I was in the Big Tent during that hurricane. Today I think about what a horribly selfish and negligent thing it was for HWA failing to evacuate the 10,000 members to higher ground. A big wave could have washed across that small Island and washed us all into the marsh. But collecting the offering was more important.

Byker Bob said...

Doesn't this imposter realize that Romney is his fellow binitarian, his fellow believer in the "family of God"? You'd think these folks would show a little respect for the people whom HWA stole his doctrines from!


Anonymous said...

Mr. E.W.King has a new post about about the Perfect Storm!