Thursday, August 30, 2012

McFlurry and Jr. McFlurry Want Your Money!

PCG is out after your money! Members have been instructed how to easily transfer their assets to PCG after their death. A Royal Vision article asked whether Christians should concern themselves with how their possessions will be distributed after they die.  Obviously since you will be fleeing to Petra very soon, why on earth do you need all of your money to buy a new car, or a house?  Why waste it on your grand kids or schooling for your children?  Why leave a legacy to your children and grandchildren?

So what kind of "possessions" is Flurry after? 

•Certificates of deposit (CDs)
•Checking accounts
•Savings accounts
•Money markets
•Mutual funds
•Stock or bond accounts
•Insurance policies
•Cash assets
•Physical possessions

Six Pack and Junior McFlurry need to fund their lavish lifestyles at the expense of the brethren.  


Douglas Becker said...

And what of the Proverb that a good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children.

An inheritance of debt, I'd guess.

Anonymous said...

"McFlurry and Jr. McFlurry Want Your Money!"

Of course they want your money. They want it all. They don't care about you or anyone else. As someone once said, the GIVERS have to set some limits because these TAKERS never do.

A problem with the PCG is that they are not content to merely take your money. They want to abuse you in every other way too. From breaking up marriages, families, and friendships, to trying to match up younger members with old sex maniacs, sex perverts and predators two or three times their age, the PCG is full of evil of all sorts.

The PCG's membership has been in decline for many years now, and the remaining people will have to make up the funding difference--unless they smarten up and leave too. This is unlikely because their already defective minds have been further ruined by many years of false propaganda, and being forbidden to read outside literature, and being forbidden even to talk to anyone who was formerly in the WCG but did not leave it and join the PCG. The "no contact" rule applies even to close family members.

Gerald's claim to having any say in who gets to go to the Place of Safety (Petra), and who has to go into the Great Tribulation, can be safely ignored. Gerald's claim to having any say in who gets into the Kingdom of God, and who has to go into the Lake of Fire, can also be safely ignored. Unfortunately for some PCG members who see this, Gerald's ability to kick them out of the PCG and socially ostracize them from any "friends" and family members in the PCG is real.

One of the truly great spiritual, physical, and financial disasters of the PCG is that many people who just wanted to do the right thing and support the truth of God instead ended up supporting some of the very worst doctrinal changes and heresies on the COG scene today. Supporting false prophets like Gerald Flurry truly is a sin, a "missing of the mark" in the worst way.

The PCG's reprinting of some of Herbert W. Armstrong's literature does not help PCG people to remember what he taught in the past since Gerald Flurry edits it and changes it. By now, any decent people who got fooled by Gerald's lies will likely have either left the PCG long ago, or been kicked out of the PCG long ago for refusing to go along with some sin that was being pushed on them.

Who is still in the PCG at this point? The paycheck collectors. The power hungry. Those former nobodies who were nothing in the WCG but now get to masquerade as "ministers" so they can dish out the satanic abuse that masquerades as the "government of God" in the PCG. The old sex perverts and predators. Little people whose little minds have been turned so rotten by little Gerald that they think being ignorant and evil is being a true Christian.

Some people might be concerned about loved ones who are still trapped in the PCG concentration camp. As long as people are still alive, there is hope, but too often it is a false hope. People are still leaving the PCG, so keep trying, but realize that by this time those still trapped in the PCG might have had their minds turned to mush. Even if they escape now, they might suffer from some form of mush brain syndrome for the rest of their lives.

Anonymous said...

The main prey of the PCG was former WCG members. Except for the ones who joined the PCG, these people are now free to read widely, talk to other people, and learn the truth about what is happening. Word gets around, and no new masochists are signing up for the PCG's special "tyranny of Satan" torture sessions.

On the other hand, some people who merely thought they were good masochists find that they aren't tough enough to take all the pointless PCG abuse after all. So people are still leaving the PCG.

Those left behind in the PCG will be told to "dig deep" to help out during any financial difficulty the PCG might have. Some might wake up and realize that they have already dug themselves in deep enough by getting mixed up with a scam like the PCG.

Anonymous said...

Is there buried treasure in King David's tomb? Flurry isn't about to wait upon the Lord's return to find the answer to this question. He wants to hoard and consume all the King's gold bounty, for his elect.

The little storm in Oklahoma, has yet to spent its fury.

Anonymous said...

A word to any possible wise amongst Flurry's congregation: Run, and cover up your buttholes!

~Miguel de la Rodente

Anonymous said...

A decade ago, a man from Ohio, drove all day and night (like he was on a mission from God) to Oklahoma, to personally inform Gerald, he had better put an immediate stop to his college "House of God" building activites. Needless to say, Flurry had him and his cohort, marked and tagged as nut-cases, before he got back across the Oklahoma state line. If only Flurry had taken heed and allowed his flock to listen to that now deceased prophet; perhaps, just maybe, only the PCG elite would be in the poor house, today.

Anonymous said...

After making my escape, I still have three loved ones within the walls of the PCG concentration camp (rescue was/is futile). But, seeing that the 'Third Resurrection' is a complete Flurry fallacy, I maintain, at least, a future hope of reunion on the other side.

Anonymous said...

PCG = $20 million in debt...Flurry = "I built that!"

Anonymous said...

Not a prophet like Flurry; but I KNOW this, I'm keeping popcorn fully stocked. The PCG is destined to put on the greatest COG show in the 21st Century, just wait and see...

Painful Truth said...

Flurry is worried that what he and Herbie taught will come true before that house of abomination of his is paid off. Gerald thinks the economy is going south in a big way.

He might be right or he might be wrong. Either way he does not want that 20 million dollar elephant to be foreclosed on. What message would that send to his blue ribbon tithe paying slaves? Hmm?

Anonymous said...

Gerald Flurry and his accomplices have brainwashed (No, make that braindirtied.) the PCG members into FEARING that God will be angry with them and put them into the Great Tribulation, and even throw them into the Lake of Fire, if they try to use their own God-given brains and try to think for themselves.

Consider, the Bible says (In the New Testament!) to "Prove ALL things" (I Thessalonians 5:21, KJV). The Bible would not tell people to do that if it were not possible to do it.

However, this is not possible for PCG members if they let Gerald Flurry forbid them to read, or to listen to, anything he does not approve of. Gerald Flurry simply forbids his followers to do what the Bible tells everyone to do.

Douglas Becker said...

The Bible also says, "From such turn away".

It doesn't seem that Armstrongists are much for abiding by Scripture, so pretty much all is lost.

Anonymous said...

For now, Gerald and Stephen are enjoying their 'Great Falling Away' excellent adventure, but I can't wait until 'The Great Awakening'. A time when they finally come to acknowledge their behemoth warehouse of shame, only spews out tiny booklets, that are riddled with errors and outright ruinous lies.

They seem to have forgotten: "knowledge shall increase in the last days"

Time to pull the plug on their gig.

Anonymous said...

"PCG = $20 million in debt."

Wow, really? It does seem that the Philadelphia Church of God is not doing so well, and getting desperate while gasping for it's dying breaths.

I wonder if, given the PCG's growing impotence, McFlurry is jealous of others.
(Such as the more potent, rich and influential Christian scamvangelists on mainstream Christian TV networks like TBN and Daystar.)


Anonymous said...

Circling the elderly/terminal, is one of the more morrally repugnant customs of the PCG vulture. The practice can benefit the rest of the flock, but only for a short season, then the full focus of the ministry eye, is right back on them.

If Flurry really cared: "Where's the rest of the flock? When I find them, there's going to be some esplainin' to do."

What Gerald Flurry actually said, "If I am the last man standing, then so be it! [more reward for me]." Oh, what a glorious and victorious day that would be.

Retired Prof said...

Anon Aug. 30, 7:58: "Consider, the Bible says (In the New Testament!) to "Prove ALL things" (I Thessalonians 5:21, KJV). The Bible would not tell people to do that if it were not possible to do it."

In mathematical theory, some propositions simply cannot be proven.

Furthermore, the Bible mentions several impossible events, such as 1) a flood that covers the entire earth but then drains away even though there is no place for it to drain to, 2) the instant transformation of a human mass of water and carbon-based organic molecules into a pillar of inorganic NaCl, 3) the instant transformation of plain water to water infused with sugars, alcohol, and flavinoids.

I'm sure you can think of many other impossible events the Bible claims actually happened, so it's not surprising that it directs us to do the impossible.

Anonymous said...

The PCG elite group, tries so very hard to come off as the financial gurus of the COG world. But, it takes a nitwit, with more money than brains, to pay $5 million-plus, for a book that was obsolete when it was first published.

On a historical perspective, they're definitely not to be relied upon, for accuracy in history preservation. It's a deceitful practice, to edit and change the thought of a dead person. Is it no wonder, church history is such a twisted mellee of confusion? Good luck to future generations, in sorting out HWA's BS.

If only teachers could do their jobs correctly with the right tools, and give an in-depth study of history. People need to get away from the common misconception of a "worldwide" flood. It was a LOCAL flood, folks. Just put away the HWA fantasies, and your fascination will be endless.

The first man Adam concept is another fallacy. But, they don't want you to know that in the churches. It doesn't pay their extensive bills, if you're smarter than a 1st grader.

Anonymous said...

Geraldean being devoid of any marketing acumen - or a good college education - thought that Herbert's Face would make an excellent corporate logo. What he failed to realize is Herb was virtually unknown and many of the second generation COGers had no idea who he was. But he keeps on thinking the face and name will draw former WWCOG members to him.

Get an education Geraldean and stop blinking! That drives the rest away.

lostchild said...

I can only think that those left in the WCG splinters must not be the smartest of the former members. They seem to want to go back to some kind of ancient warlord system of government where people are put to death for wrongdoing or even believing the wrong things.....and feel this is saving mankind?? The fact I believed this once? I get past this by remembering I was just a child believing in fairy tales.
Even back then I did have unanswered questions. Someone here brought up Lot's wife and the impossibility of her being turned to salt. Well I think anything is possible, but I wonder how they knew that being as none of them was supposed to look back, wouldn't they have had to look back too and they definitely couldn't have gone back to examine her -- answer she must has just had the appearance of salt.

What do they need all this money for anyway, are they actually preaching the gospel? At least HWA put on some kind of a show? Even if the world does end they will have to share the prize of being right with countless other groups.

Anonymous said...

They're nothing more than peddlers and hucksters following in the gran' tradition of ol'Herbie hisself (2 Cor 2:17; 1 Tim 6:5) who at one time deceived his followers and divested them of millions after claiming he'd donated a large sum of money to the WCG and how difficult it was for him and his family to do so, but he did it for the greater glory of God, even encouraging his followers to obtain loans from the bank and go into debt to build up the work! What he never told them though was that he authorized the WCG to return his "donation" later on! Shakespeare was right after all for "what we call debt is a hump on our backs, it's an awkward load that crushes one and such loads are carried by stupid animals, camels, mules and donkeys; the back of an intelligent person is flat!"

Anonymous said...

Something's afoot, over at (big surprise). It seems, Ron Fraser had a ghostwriter, taking over his assignment for the day. His scheduled Monday article, doesn't really reflect his writing style. He must be in very poor health, to allow someone else to completely dictate his work. Though, they'll never admit it, the PCG has a bad habit of penning, and editing opinions for others.