Wednesday, September 19, 2012

E. W. King: My Prophecy Has Come True

Yet again, we have another COG minister who claims prophetic insight into world events.  God apparently is speaking directly to him and not to any of the other COG leaders around the world.  EeeeeW King thinks he predicted the assassination of the U.S. Ambassador to Syria.

EeeeeW King writes:

It is interesting to note here the fact that I stated in my April 9th 2012 prophetic forecast the following:
“And last but not least I have stated that I believe that an attack on a world leader is coming soon. I do not have all the details about why I believe this, I just do. Egypt seems to be getting restless. Egypt would like to see Israel invaded. This world is like a giant storm floating in space. As we watch world events stay close to God. Pray often. Study the Bible often. Share with others as often as you can about the coming Kingdom of God.” (To read the whole prophecy forecast for 2012 click here)

Did you notice that I put it in the context of Egypt? Many have noticed that my prophecy forecasts have come true. People who have received my first book will note these statements and that I stated them way back when the book was published. I am not a prophet. However, I do know that God has given me clarity in regards to watching prophetic events. I still believe that (unfortunately) yet another assassination of a leading figure will soon occur. I do not take pleasure in these prophetic forecasts. I simply try and listen to God and honor Him in all that I do and say.

An ambassador represents a world leader; he or she is the speaker of the leader. The recent attack on the American ambassador was an act of war!

*To read more about my prophetic forecasts and their fulfillments click here.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that every green leaf in the entire northern hemisphere will turn orange and yellow, copper and brown and then all will fall to earth and be blown into the neighbors yard. This will all happen before Thanksgiving.

We shall see. Let him who ears to hear, hear what Nostradennis says to the churches...


Assistant Deacon said...

As the saying goes, everyone should have something to believe in....and I believe I'll have another beer.

Anonymous said...

Oh Zule...(E.W) nut... Aren't you just all full of yourself. One of the main requirements to become a Gerald Flurry, David CPack, Apostle Malm, Bob Thiel or a Ron Weinland.

You're doing great!!

Anonymous said...

E.W.'s much use of "I" "Me" and "MY" just as we see in personal pronoun ridden sermons of Dave Pack and Ron Weinland, is a disturbing example of the man's need to be important and feel more special than others. His need to feel more insightful than others, just as Dr. Thiel seems to feel about himself, is a glaring, to others, weakness. But since the eye that sees cannot see itself, it will continue until it burns out.

" I am not a prophet."

The classic disclaimer that protects from future mistakes or gives a false sense of humility to the reader.

"I do know that God has given me clarity in regards to watching prophetic events."

Which of course would make him a prophet but we must not speak of such things. People might think I'm kooky and full of myself. So while he claims to not be a prophet, he wants you to know God has given him prophetic-like skills.

I guess he's in undergraduate prophet school for now...

LOL.....what a guy.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe he's just a "Baby Watchman" type of prophet.

(No offense meant toward the true Baby "Word-Salad" Watchman.)


Anonymous said...

"Did you notice that I put it in the context of Egypt? Many have noticed that my prophecy forecasts have come true." silly can one get. Meaning: Did you notice me??? I almost got it sorta right because Egypt is connected to Libya so that counts!!!

"Many" = "Ok, I made this part up. It was the three people who follow me who notice this none noticeable factoid.

Anonymous said...

He says he makes "prophetic forecasts." Then he contradicts himself by saying he's not a prophet. But then he contradicts that by claiming God HAS given him some special "clarity." Which is it? Sounds to me like a way of having his cake and eating it too. If his "prophecies" don't come true, for that purpose he's not a prophet. But when he can find a weasel way to claim that a "prophecy" HAS come true, then for that purpose he WILL BE a prophet.

We could quibble about whether an ambassador is a world leader or not, but what's the point? Still, even with his expanded definition of "world leader" and the accompanying expanded definition of "fulfilled prophecy," no one seems more surprised than E.W. King himself that his so-called "prophecy" "came true." I certainly am not surprised. With nearly 200 countries on the planet, what are the chances that within a year's time from the "prophetic forecast," someone somewhere who he could find a way to misconstrue as a world leader might be attacked in some fashion? Pretty high.

So he's decided to extend his forecast and "prophecy" that a "leading figure" (whatever that means) will "soon" (whatever that means) be assassinated (yes, this time death is specified unlike last time). Once again no geographical details are specified, so an assaniation of any official of any government of any country around the world would suffice to "fulfill" his "prophecy." If something happens in the middle east (where tensions are highest) then this would count as stunning proof that he is a notable end-time prophet through whom the God of Abraham is speaking today. If nothing happens to anyone, then this "prophecy" will be swept under the rug and not mentioned again.

The more predictions you make, the more of them will turn out to be right. However, it won't change the PERCENTAGE of them that turn out to be right. The more vague the prediction is, the higher the percentage could be claimed to be. The more specific, the lower we would expect it to be (under scrutiny, of course).

Byker Bob said...

Yawn! Yet another poser from the Armstrong mold. Prophets in the OT never used terms like "I believe", they said, "Thus saith the Lord!" There was no guessing, no hedging, and no, "possibly in 3-5 years....."

EW, here's a small suggestion for your future prophecies: Do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is speaking through you, or, like HWA, are you just using God as a marketing technique? Do you have faith? Next time you make a prophecy, state it authoritatively, and then promise that if your prophecy fails, you'll cut off your penis. Otherwise, shut up and go away!


Douglas Becker said...

It's always useful when an Armstrongist confirms he is a psychopath.