Monday, September 24, 2012

Ron Weinland: Certain Salutations Are Restricted To Ministers Only

Mike has a short entry about Ron Weinland's latest sermon delivered in God's appointed place, a basement.

Ron seems to be ready to disfellowship a member of his cult, probably a minister, for causing division.  He has been blabbering on for several weeks about "going to your brother" first. With Ron harping on this week after week, it will not cause too much trauma if he decides to publicly mark and disfellowship one of his top lap poodles.  The members will think Ron went to the "brother" first and after repeated attempts now has to publicly kick the offender out.

Ron is also making it clear to church members that they are not to sign letters "In Christ's service".  Only ordained men in good standing and who are loyal tithe payers can even dare to sign a letter that way.  Members apparently are too stupid to ever do anything in Christ's service.

Ron seemed to be winding up his series on “going to a brother”, titling this one as “Gaining a Brother”.  He discussed the mechanism for confronting an offending fellow member.  Boiled down to confronting them first in private, but it that doesn’t work to turn it over to an elder.  Only ministers are allowed to sign letters “In Christ’s Service”, as they have authority given them by Christ. It's About The Relationships Stupid


Assistant Deacon said...

Anyone who listens to Ron Weinland deserves the results they will inevitably receive.

Byker Bob said...

More extrabiblical elitism! Hope this makes you feel more powerful, Weinerdude. I just don't know what you think your life and work has proved.


Byker Bob said...

Weinland is a false teacher who flagrantly disobeyed Jesus' command that we should render unto Caesar what is Caesars. Weinland is also a false prophet who guessed at dates for the tribulation, and was found not to be speaking for God.

In Christ's Service!

Anonymous said...

Apostle : "Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Evangelist: Greetings Christ Name

Pastor: Warmest Greetings in Him

Preaching Elder: Greetings in Him and from my boss

Elder: Hello Everyone in God's True Church

Deacon: Greetings all

Member: Hey ya'll

Women: Hi from my husband, John and myself

Children: Hey butthead

These should work well and you should only greet accordingly depending on rank

Warmest regards in Him, Our lord and Savior Jesus Christ, High Priest of Our One True


Anonymous said...

The straight-up nerve and chuzpah of Ron Weinland, and the credulousness of those who he is SO OBVIOUSLY conning out of their ca$h never ceases to astound me!

Douglas Becker said...

Basement Apostle give new meaning for subdued.

Anonymous said...

Do the Witnesses get bejeweled leg irons?


But seriously, this reminds me of an experience I had with two ladies I worked with for a time. Their husbands were the pastor and youth pastor of the kooky local Assemblies of God congregation. I noticed that when the ladies spoke with the men, they called them "Pastor Brian" and "Pastor Mark"
So I asked the ladies, "What if you were eating dinner together- would you say, 'Please pass the salt, Pastor Brian'"? The ladies got all serious, and one exclaimed, "OH YES, DEFINITELY. WE MUST SHOW THEM THE PROPER RESPECT!"
Personally, I'd have difficulty showing that much respect to anyone who flails around on the floor babbling in tongues.


Douglas Becker said...

Yes, like convicted felon.