Thursday, October 18, 2012

E.W.King: Those That Criticize Me Manifest "Near Outward Insanity"

Little did I know that when I criticize EW King that it is a result of antisocial behavior!  Who knew!  Now that that's solved, let's get on with it....

EW writes:

Most anti-social types use broad generalities when they speak. They like to place large amounts of people in social classes. Most of the time they are victims of their own repressed anger. They dwell on “bad news” with no Biblical solution. Many who are anti-social like to create problems within the relationships that surround them. Many sadly do not have any friends. They may associate with another person who is usually involved in some sort of addiction.
Many who attack COGSR fall under this category. COGSR has helped Christians become more social by giving them true hope and understanding along with true and healthy new friends. Helping other people understand true Biblical doctrine is something that most anti-social people get extremely upset about. They seek for error and bad news in everything the true Christian says or does. The good news is that in most cases the anti-social person can change and become a better person. How? Through Jesus Christ and the understanding of the Kingdom of God!

The main issue here is just what is a "true" Christian?  A follower of Jesus or a follower of Herbert Armstrong?

Like any good loyal Armstrongite, EW says that the only "true" Christians are those that are part of his little group.

Those of us in the true church of Jesus Christ have been called “anti-social”. Now please understand this argument in light of the facts of Christian understanding. Just because true Christians do not participate in fallen apostate pagan holidays does not mean that true Christians are not social. What does it mean? It simply means that true Christians have a different value method. Christians can socialize with non-Christians, we do it every day. Christians keep more holidays [God’s feast days] than pagans keep pagan days. True Christians are social much with fellow Christians. We are very social.

Those in the Church of God are only "social" with others as long as all beliefs are held in common. Deviate one inch and you will quickly find yourself on the outside. Labels will start being thrown around that you are in a bad attitude, you have allowed Satan to influence you, and more.  "Social" behavior quickly turns into antisocial behavior with the stinging rebuke of the Bible  thrown into the mix.

The King proclaims that those with antisocial behavior got that way because they were sinners and had refused to deal with that sin.
As far as being social with non-Christians we have a challenge but we understand our challenge in light of God’s word. We have to be around non-believers every day. True Christians see their social environment as a learning experience, whether they are around Christians or non-Christians. A Christian can look around his or her environment and notice behaviors in others which manifest non-social behavior. They see that dishonesty and sin are the greatest results of one wanting to be non-social.
All antisocial behaviors involve factors of un-dealt with sin.

Then on top of that accusation, The King proclaims that persons who criticizes his group are on the verge of insanity! Damn, so that's been the problem all along! :-)

Those who wish to try and keep others down, those who wish to see all true Christians as an enemy, those who hate and hate and hate COGSR need the prayers of true Christians. These unfortunate types wish to make sure that their immediate family sees things the way they do. They sometimes go to great lengths to control the beliefs of their own family members. This can and most often involves them sharing anti-Christian literature, pamphlets and or movies with their family. The unfortunate behavior of the anti-social person is to keep others down for the belief in his or hers own survival. Sadly these types manifest near outward insanity. 

Little did I know that because I make fun of EW and the other crazies in Armstrongism that I am also into Buddhism, reincarnation, ghost stories, new age teachings and fortune telling.

Many anti-social types like to attack what they see as “those poor lost fundamentalists” by delving into the New Age teachings. Their attacks on Christianity involve doctrines of reincarnation, Buddha, ghost stories and fortunetelling. The list goes on.
  “Christian Reality…the spin stops here!”


Douglas Becker said...

And yet... believing in British Israelism is insane, let alone the false prophets basing their false prophecies on it.

And believing in thoroughly disproved church history is also insanity.

But like nearly all crazy people, E. W. King just isn't facing up to his mental problems.

It's clear God hasn't given him a sound mind because E. W. King just isn't about to believe and obey Scripture (James 4:6).

Anonymous said...

Well, what a relief. Here I was thinking the world was a complicated place, filled with variation and nuance.

But E.W. King has just proved to me how the whole world is actually black and white. Yes, all my problems have very simple causes. I just haven't dealt with my "one size fits all" sin, and that has caused my "one size fits all" anti-social behavior. Sadly this has caused me to fit neatly into his unfortunate stereotypes.

No more sharing anti-Christian literature, pamphlets and or movies with my family.

Thanks E.W. King!

Anonymous said...

This guy is all over the place. "Near Outward Insanity" describes his writing style better than anything.

Douglas Becker said...

All that matters: Is he a danger to himself and / or others?

It's Richard Brothers all over again.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the guy is oblivious to the fact that he just defined himself as anti-social with his first sentence generalization.

Douglas Becker said...

Trust me, most cats are more sane than E. W. King (refering to excellent picture in blog post).

Byker Bob said...

I keep waiting for someone to come out of the Armstrong movement (not that I'd follow any of them) who isn't infected with all of the bluster and advertising nuances of HWA. E.W. is yet another smoke blower, proving yet again that it is perfectly OK to smoke 365 days a year, including on the Day of Atonement.