Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Apostle Malm on Oral Sex

This day just keeps getting better and better in Malmland!  The apostle is now giving advice on oral sex to his acolytes:

An acolyte asks:

You say oral sex is OK. But quote about the un natural use of the body. Is a mouth or tongue a sex organ anymore than an anus.

I said that there is NO commandment or principle in the Bible against vaginal, manual or oral sex between spouses. This is a fact. Give me the scripture and not the purely human reasoning without biblical foundation. Even HWA told an AC class after his wedding that he married his wife due to her oral expertise.

Most definitely the mouth and tongue are major sex organs! Do you kiss and express affection with your anus? Is the anus designed to take things inserted into itself like the mouth, or is it an organ designed to expel waste? Do you not kiss and suck breasts with your mouth?

Yes, the mouth is a primary sexual organ and it is rather ignorant to compare a person’s mouth with their anus. Would you like someone to call you “anus face” and say your mouth is like an anus? Would you not take that as a highly degrading insult?

Let me reverse your statement; if your mouth is not a sex organ and is like an anus; why do you use it to kiss affectionately? Would you also make kissing a sin?

What is the real difference between kissing one part and another? There is nothing wrong with kissing all over the body of our spouse!

Only do NOT swallow body fluids. James


Anonymous said...

OMG! I can't stop laughing!!!!!!!! This is priceless, and the picture.....

Anonymous said...

"No one has the right to force his extra-biblical positions about sex on married couples. That is a great sin for it is adding to God’s law, and is commanding what God has NOT commanded."

According to this earlier Malm quote, Malm just did all kinds of sinning today. This guy's pretty good at condemning himself with his own sex orga--whoops, I mean, mouth.

Byker Bob said...

The funniest part of this all is remembering that it's coming from James Malm, and not a bunch of stoners partying in the living room. There's really not that much difference in the language used, including his priceless "anus face" phrase.


Anonymous said...

It is shameful to talk about what some people do in secret. Light exposes the true character of everything because light makes everything easy to see.

Anonymous said...

What is up with this Malm clown?
Is he now the Dr. Ruth of Armstrongism?

Painful Truth said...

" Anonymous said...

What is up with this Malm clown?
Is he now the Dr. Ruth of Armstrongism?"

This guy hasn't had sex in aloooong time. He's horny!

Take the problem in hand and deal with it Malm!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! This is just going from bad to worse! I think Malm's finally jumped off the deep end with all this talk about sex...SEX...S E X!!! Give him a hand somebody please and end his frustration!

And his quoting of HWA i.e. he married Loma or Ramona(?) on account of her "oral expertise" WTF?! That surely means he had sex outside of marriage! If that's a true account didn't his audience even read between the lines about what he was really saying?

Anonymous said...

"Only do NOT swallow body fluids."

What's the scriptural backing for this one? Or at least the rationale for making such an unequivocal dogmatic statement.

Harriette Spitzer-Swallows

Steve Kisack said...

Sounds like Malm can't get it up any more.

Anonymous said...

My word, is there ANYTHING that this guy is not an expert on? What does it say about his followers who have to go to him to seek advise on every subject? What make of automobile should I buy? What brand of toilet paper do you use? This guy must think he is a national treasure. Please, let's get Malm to go to Washington to solve all of our problems, then on to the United Nations.

Allen C. Dexter said...

"...didn't his audience even read between the lines about what he was really saying?"

Of course not. You don't do that to the standin for your deity. Herb was holy and untouchable as well as unquestionable to worldwiders back then. Like the Pope, he was the "vicar of Christ." Thousands have never left that attitude behind.

Head Usher said...

Just saw a 3-part documentary called, "The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler." And there was an extension of that which I found chilling.

Among professional management and leadership circles (business not politics) it has come to be recognized that the ability to create followers and the ability to serve people well and lead them effectively are two totally different things. Charisma has come to be recognized as a personality trait which is undesirable in a leader because it is dangerous.

Charisma creates intense faith in a leader, but this is disconnected from his ability to lead well and it interferes with the tempering of a vision for the future against reality. The charismatic personality is dangerous because it blinds people. Frequently it blinds them to their imminent ruin. This is how Adolf Hitler led. He wanted no advisors, he accepted no counsel. He dreamed up a vision for the future and everyone else made it into reality--until they couldn't. Even then, they were still not allowed to question their leader because he had already ascended to the status of a god. He escaped into oblivion and left a broken people to clean up the mess.

This was the basis of HWA's power too. He was a charismatic individual, and so was Garner Ted. Like most of his era, HWA believed that charisma was leadership and said as much to RCM in 1980: "In brutal frankness, you lack the charisma to lead God's work." Just like Hitler, he lived in his own personal fiefdom, spending millions upon himself, meanwhile telling everyone else that finances were dire and that he was working tirelessly with no thought except for the people and for accomplishing the most important things that had ever been done.

For the last 25 years, other people have been making a good living off tens of thousands of people who never met HWA but placed an unwavering faith in his person and his legacy. These people still cannot perceive how their personal faith in a man has continued to blind them to the fact that they have not been well served or well led, but merely seduced by his charisma. They still are not allowed to question their leader because he has ascended to the status of a god.

Thankfully Malm is not particularly charismatic. He will never ascend to the status of a god to sufficient numbers to matter. He will never go to Washington or the UN. But if he were and did, it would be another unmitigated disaster for the people of the world.

Anonymous said...

So it's fair to say that Mr. James Malm and his disciples prefer oral sects?

I don't do oral now that Mr. Roberts is dead. If Mr. Malm just had a little charisma, though, I might consider giving him a lap dance. It's just that he's such a nerd. EWWW!

Randie R. Swigler

Anonymous said...

We never learned this in "Principles of Living" at AC but it is pretty clear that the bible talks about oral sex.

The KJV translates a body part in Song of Solomon 7:2 as "navel" but more modern scholars would translate this as "vulva" which in the context makes more sense (along with the "heap of wheat" = pubic area). And since the "navel" generates a "liquor" I doubt that the guy was following Malm's advice to avoid swallowing "bodily fluids."

Some scholars claim that the "apple tree" imagery of S of S 2:3 represents the male genitalia. The women speaking in this verse says his "fruit" was sweet to the my taste. It sounds like she is swallowing too.

Of the women I have had sex with only one was unable to have an orgasm - and she was the one from a COG background. If only there had been a more open discussion about sexuality in general and oral sex in particular, I think many women would have had better experiences.

Anonymous said...

You people are disgusting! You take an innocent cat and tie it into a filthy post on a topic that no Christian should be discussing!

Byker Bob said...

Anonymous, the best censorship is self-censorship. These issues most certainly do affect the lives of Christians, but if the stuff offends you, blog elsewhere!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Malm gets all his thoughts and ideas on subjects people ask about, or things he wants to write about from the net. He will google the subject , study and research it from what others say about it, and then put it together and make others think he is so knowledgeable. Everything he writes or speaks about or answers is already there, all we have to do is google it. As far as his thoughts are on oral sex, just google "IS ORAL SEX OKAY WITH GOD" . You will get both sides of the story. Mr. malm simply chooses whatever way that suites his thinking and reasoning about it and answers the question someone asks accordingly as if he is all knowing and right about the subject, which in this case I believe he is totally wrong, he should have went to the other side of the story. (AS FAR AS THE SONG OF SOLEMON GOES, IT IS NOT TALKING ABOUT OR JUSTIFYING ORAL SEX).

Byker Bob said...

Me thinks the kitty kat deserves a name. Since he appears to be a theology discussion mascot, may I suggest Cat E. Chism?


Retired Prof said...

Hey, good one, BB!