Friday, November 23, 2012

Obedient Church of God on "Sinisters" and the Turkey-god

Those delusional folk in Obedient Church of God are back with more mind-numbing stupidity.  Lawrence Nowell has up several sermon tapes railing against all kinds of sins present in the Churches of God.

Lawrence Nowell is that mentally disturbed COG splinter cult minster that proclaimed he and his cult were ready to KILL the sabbath breakers, pork eaters and all around heathens, to help bring forth what he thinks is the kingdom of God.  See: The Obedient Church of God Ready To Kill The Disobedient

He is particularly incensed right now in those pathetic Armstrongites that worshiped the Turkey-god on Thanksgiving day.  He is also ticked off at COG ministers so much so that he calls them "Sinisters."

I also have a feeling this is the nut job that James Malm is getting some of his filth from.  Nowell is all about New Moons, and other silliness that Malm is promoting.  Malm has not yet bought into the sacred names baloney that Nowell uses..

A reader here sent me the link to his latest sermon.  If you want to hear 2 hours of the stupidest sermon you will ever hear, take a listen to this one.  Dave Pack and Weinerdude Wienland pale in comparison!

You will just love how he sings along with the music recordings at the beginning of the video. 

Nowell talks about Sky-father day,  Mother-goddess day and Turkey -god day.

 50.)           There is such duplicity in the Churches of God; duplicity because the Churches of God offshoots say that you can’t celebrate Christmas because it has pagan roots. Then they say, oh, you can celebrate Turkey-god Day. Well, Turkey-god Day has pagan roots whether you say so or not; Turkey-god Day goes back 4,000 years to Ra-Osiris who sprang forth from the egg laid by the Cosmic Goose, whether you say so or not.
51.)            If you say you are doing it [having a Thanksgiving Day Dinner] in honor of God, that is exactly the same as you saying you are doing Christmas in honor of God. You can’t do that; it is a pagan day.
52.)            All day long on November 22, 2012, on your radio it will be Harvest Home this and Harvest Home that. It is a pagan day and the President spares a turkey on that day. Why a turkey? Why doesn’t the President spare a lamb on Passover? It is because they broadcast a day and everybody else to celebrate Turkey-god Day coming up on November 22nd. So give your head a shake. Or else you can celebrate Christmas. 
53.)            Whether you say it [Thanksgiving Day] is a pagan day or not, it doesn’t matter because when you are dead and gone, it will be 4001 years that it has been a pagan day. 

55.)            So if the other Churches of God want to have duplicity, and say it is just fine to have Turkey-god Day, or Mother-goddess Day to your dear sweet mother, or Sky-Father’s Day for your dear father when God says that He, God the Father, created the firmament, not Sky-father on the longest day of the year, just like Christmas is the shortest day of the year.

56.)            Duplicity all of you Churches of God. Duplicity is “contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action,” especially underlined with deceptive words. It is deceptive when you are telling your members it doesn’t have pagan roots when it does have pagan roots. Mother-goddess Day does, Sky-Father’s Day does, Turkey-god Day does, whether you say so and lie about it or not.

57.)            And no, Bradford didn’t just have the idea pop into his head, because Bradford celebrated for three days, the same way as the Pawnee Indians who sacrificed a virgin on their “Thanksgiving,” Harvest Home Festival. Indians were just fine with having a three-day festival, and that is what Bradford had.

58.)            Even Bradford didn’t just have it pop into his mind. He brought it with him from England or Holland.

59.)            Now duplicity is the quality or state of being double-minded; it is two-fold. So if you want to speak out of both sides of your mouth and say, can’t have Christmas Day because it has pagan roots; and on the other side of your mouth you say, we’re going to have Turkey-god Day, but don’t worry about its pagan roots because we aren’t doing that. We don’t have anything to do with the pagan roots.

60.)            Well then, you can have Christmas Day because you can say the same thing about Christmas; we are not doing it for any reason. Well, God says you can’t learn the way of the Gentile; so that should settle the argument right there, unless you want to tell God that you can learn the way of the Gentile.

92.)            The unclean won’t enter in. They just won’t enter in. And you are unclean if you sacrifice to pagan gods: if you have a turkey sitting on your table, [it is the same as the goose that gave its life for its young and laid the egg from which Ra-Osiris sprang.] It is unbelievable that you would continue doing such a thing.

He goes on and one about how half of the Churches of God are already keeping Friday as Sabbath or will soon by because of calendar changes.

It's fascinating listening to him, out of morbid curiosity though.  Then after about 10 minutes you have to shut him off because he is soooooooooooo incredibly off the wall that you can't handle it any more.

The idea that Church of God members give this man credence shows how sick Armstrongism has really sunk to.


Douglas Becker said...

I sit here wondering what ever happened to "Thou Shalt not Kill".

The one exception being false prophets (which was never... Executed!).

Anonymous said...

OBEDIENT Church of God. Er. Mah. Gerd.

As though this wasn't the most hypocritical title in all of christendom. What else do you need to know about this silly group? Obviously they're the only "obedient" people on earth. "So long suckers! See y'all in hell!"

Good luck with that.

Sane Con said...

This guy makes The Tea Party look sane.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jehovah. So insecure that he forbids his Peoples to even talk to the imaginary god down the hall lest they hook up with him. Jehovah is the typical abusive husband- morbidly jealous, and quick with his temper and his fists.


Byker Bob said...

It's been my experience that in Armstrongism, anyone who does anything that is mainstream, or said to be "normal" is depicted as being deceived, "of Satan", unknowingly indulging in paganism, or some such nonsense. I'm still waiting for one of these ACOGs to insist that their members wear robes, tassels, linen ephods, sandals, and the other apparel described in Scripture.


Richard said...

I couldn't resist looking up that first song on the video.

A Church of God minister is singing along to - Rod Stewart?!

Rod "Do You Think I'm Sexy" Stewart!?!?!

When did THAT become appropriate "special music" for Sabbath?