Friday, November 23, 2012

Obedient Church of God: Helen Keller and Shrek Are Satanists!

Did you know that Helen Keller and Shrek are Satanists?  Did you  know that George Bush, Queen Elizabeth and Obama are Satanists too?  What about Amy Grant and Celine Dion?  Yep, Satanists too!

Thanks to those fine folk at Obedient Church of God (Thanks Herbert Armstrong!) it can now be revealed that many world leaders are Satanists.

Helen Keller developed the hand sign for American Sign Language to be this:

According to OCOG this is a sign for Satan worshipers, therefore Helen Keller was a Satan worshiper.

Since the Hook 'em hand sign for the Texas Longhorns is similar, they too are all Satanists:

It continues to boggle my mind that Armstrongites can be soooooooooooo gullible and freely fall for this bullshit as if it was true and necessary for salvation.  It's no wonder Armstrongism has no credibility any more.

You can read this nonsense here and even watch an equally idiotic video: It's WORSE Than You Know!


Richard said...

As a Kansas graduate, my suspicions and concerns about Texas being in the Big XII Conference now are confirmed. Thanks, OCG! :-)

Sane Con said...

Must be sad to live in a world of paranoia where demons are everywhere,even under your mattress.

Anonymous said...

Good thing Texas CHRISTIAN beat Texas Thursday night. That rivalry now is more important than we ever could have realized!

Douglas Becker said...

Helen Keller was blind and deaf.

It's clear she made better use of her senses than this guy....

And besides, he left out surfers: How could you!

Byker Bob said...

It produces devastating results any time an Armstrongist stalwart tunes into Coast to Coast on late night AM radio! Gotta put an ACOG-spin that, too, I guess. This is not altogether different from the X-file like materials regarding the Luciferians and world leaders, or David Ickx.