Tuesday, December 25, 2012

E. W. King; My Prophecies Have Come True

E W King is gloating on his blog today that two prophecies he made earlier in the year have come true. 

He predicted solar flares and tornadoes.

On the Christ-mas tornadoes:

Christ-mas tornadoes????
Today, December 25,2012, we see rare tornados hitting the states. A major winter storm sweeping through the United States could tangle holiday travel plans in the central United States and even in the South, as could a weaker storm moving through the Northeast.
The Northeast storm will likely bring a “wintry mix” to cities of the I-95 corridor and east to the coast but could still be detrimental to holiday travelers,
On the official COGSR website there is a whole list of these predictions since April 2011. Stay tooned for more prophecy fulfillments!

He describes himself talking about solar flares:

Mr. E.W.King predicted that the solar cycle would get off to an earlier time than expected. He stated:
“Our sun has a solar storm cycle which comes every 11 years. Sometime in November of 2012 we should begin to see an increase in solar activity. Long lasting solar storms may damage high-latitude power grids.”
And what do we see has happened?
· The Sun erupted with two prominence eruptions, one after the other over a four-hour period on Nov. 16, 2012, between the hours of 1 and 5 a.m. EST.
I tremble at his awesomeness.....where can I send my money?


Head Usher said...

Oh my god! The price of gas DID go down to $3.69 per gallon while Venus was in Aries' 9th house. I AM a fucking prophet after all!

DennisCDiehl said...

The winter storm from the midwest to the northeast prophecy is stunning! The December cooler temps here in SC are stunning fulfillment of prophecy for sure. We had some rain here overnight which had prophecy marches on written all over it!


Anonymous said...

This guy needs to get a job with the weather service...

Anonymous said...

are we scoffing? i hope not for our sakes

Assistant Deacon said...

Well, Anon, now we can add you to the list of ones about whom we are scoffing. Thanks for the heads up!

Douglas Becker said...

And I predict the Syfy channel will have a Twilight Zone marathon next week.

Some how The Twilight Zone seems like an especially appropriate reference here at this time.

Where is Rod Serling when you really need him?

Byker Bob said...

EW is probably the type of guy who would brag about his masturbatory prowess. He probably watched LaVerne and Shirley too much, and patterns his ACOG after something Lenny and Squiggy would hatch as their latest pipe dream.