Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dennis Asks: "Why Is Dave Pack Scared of Me?"

Debate Me Mr. Pack
A Proposal Part II

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorSince the Restored Church of God has the real truth I merely have the present truth, it should be no problem for us to debate these things like adults who share the same WCG/Minister experience.  The only difference between us is that you have gone on to reinvent WCG after the passing of HWA and all that followed, and I have not.  We share the same education and I totally understand why you teach as you do.  I know how you think about the Bible and where you go to prove it. 

So, how about a debate?  Call it a discussion or a chat if you wish.  I have nothing to prove except that there is much much more accurate information beyond the boundries of the Restored Church of God and most Churches of God actually.  I also enjoy showing the rancor between those who "all spoke the same thing," was quite remarkable as well as the disharmony of the Gospels.  We both sat through that Harmony of the Gospels of the Class with RCM so this can be a lot of fun.  Perhaps we could invite him to moderate since we both were "his students" and he often seems puzzled as to why we would have strayed from his clear teachings .

So,  and I have to head out the door as I have a couple clients,  how about that debate?

I'll give you a heads up on topics if you like.

Is Genesis 1-11 Literally True
Sabbath Origins
Who really wrote the Books of Moses
Is Daniel Prophecy or History Backwards
What's With Revelation?
How Soon is "Soon"
The Harmony of the Gospels
Who Was Paul
Just What do You Mean Midrash
Did Jesus mean to start a church
Can humans all speak the same thing
Is it OK to disagree with the Church/Minister
Was Paul a False Prophet About Jesus Coming
Failed OT Prophecies
Failed NT Prophecies
Evolution or Creation
Six Thousand Years or 13.77 Million
Were Adam and Eve Real People
The Purpose of Genesis 1-3
Who is Elohim anyway
The Ten Commandments
What Were the Two Trees Really
and so on....

You are more than welcome to come up with your own list of things you'd enjoy discussing.  I'm pretty easy going about this and we can chat about anything you like as long as we stick to the Bible and the real truth.

Warm regards


Anonymous said...

maybe he's afraid of you, maybe he isn't....but it makes no sense to debate a non-believer.

so on this one, Pack wins.

DennisCDiehl said...

I don't consider myself a non believer. My studies have lead me to conclude the impossibility of belonging to a group where "all believe the same thing." This is not a formula for progress as we see in the COG Churches.

I don't believe in what some call, "Bible God" That does not negate their being something in the Universe that is much more hollistic, much more inclusive and much more compassionate and meaningful than the cultic God we see in the Old Testament.

I don't believe the Bible is inerrant or has no contradictions. On the contrary it is full of errors and has major contradictions in the texts. If this were not so the art of apologetics would not have developed to try to make it seem inerrant after all.

I seek a true spirituality, whatever that means. But that is an inside job and an awareness that doesn't seem to grow well or is tolerated by organizations. Organizations want religion, which to me is believing what others tell you to believe, filtering the world through their minds and not my own, showing up on this or that day to do this or that kind of worship and as always, give this amount so God can open the windows of heaven for us, or rather you...

I know DP is not "scared" of me. Rather, we are just on different paths and have different perspectives. I don't like to see Churches like RCG hurt people with the gospel of fear, guilt and shame and talk out of one side of the mouth about "Christ comes soon," and "Send it in to build my campus." etc..out the other. We've already seen how that turns out.

I will be offline for a few days as I will be heding to NY shortly. My mom passed away peacefully yesterday and will be having a memorial service in Rochester next weekend. No wifi at the house etc. I want to see and support my dad who is 97 and alone for the first time in 80 years without mom. I believe he'll fade quickly as well which is ok.

Mom's remains are being cremated today which , to me , is a rather spiritual lesson on the difference between the person who is gone and the container that got it this far in life. I'm weird..

I know DP is not about to debate or even have a public chat but I'll be passing though eastern Ohio so maybe I'll take him,

Anyway...Namaste says it all.

Douglas Becker said...

Davey Pack will choose the path of greatest contempt.

He will ignore you.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

There is NOTHING (and I do mean NOTHING) to be gained by the Packatolla in debating you, Dennis. Unless you can show him "what's in it for Dave Pack", it just isn't going to happen.

It would be a great debate, but he has everything to lose (which isn't really much) including credibility from his few remaining tithe slaves left over from the WCG glory years of HWA.

The problem, Dennis, is that you will rip him to shreds in a debate. And the Packatolla knows it. So it isn't going to happen.


Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no doubt that you mean well, Dennis.

It makes no sense for 2 people to play a game with each using their own set of rules. There is nothing to be gained for either side by doing so.

I also have no doubt that DP is one mixed up dude. I can't see myself every getting involved with him. I feel sorry for the people he's gotten money from.

I offer my sincere heartfelt condolences to you and your dad on the passing of your mom.

DennisCDiehl said...

Anon said:

"It makes no sense for 2 people to play a game with each using their own set of rules. There is nothing to be gained for either side by doing so."

I know. I never would expect such a discussion to take place. I was being a bit proactive in showing that COG ministers are good at telling eveyrone how it all is as long as it is IN HOUSE. Outside of their very small world is danger to their belief system and corporate endeavors.

It truly is an apple having a discussion with an orange lol.

Off to NY