Wednesday, February 13, 2013

E. W. King On The Fourth Beast Who Will Declare True Christians Crazy And Put The On Medication

This must be the day of the Beasts.  First Rod Meredith was found railing against it, now the prophet King does too.  Big, bad, meanie Beast!

This coming political organization will be seen as the World Power. It promises “false peace” [Daniel 8:25]. Revelation 13 says of this system; “And they [the deceived people] worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshiped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” [Revelation 13:4] This “beast” [government] is connected to a religious power! This religious power is depicted as the “woman” who “rides the beast”. She is the false “bride”. Christ’s church is the TRUE BRIDE! The false bride is a religious “harlot”, she mixes truth with error.
This mean nasty Beast is unlike the one Rod Meredith and HWA bought into.  Forget the mark of the Beast that will require work on the Sabbath.  Prophet King's Beast is going to be a psychologist and work psychologically to reinterpret faith and belief.

What the final anti-Christ power will begin to do is “re-educate” the masses to see things “psychologically” instead of religiously. Watch how this new government “order” in America begins to educate the masses regarding psychological language, terms and titles. God’s moral law will be ignored and the fallen world will try and replace it with the new religion of fallen Human thinking.

Apparently "true" Christians will rebel against this psychology which will cause the big meanie Beast to put them on "medication" to make them more compliant with the new Beast's psychology.
True Christians are witnessing a “new law”. This law will be defined by human psychology. In other words, humans will use their human knowledge, claiming self authority based on human certificates and “scholarly” knowledge, to redefine God’s moral standard. If you do not agree with their new “drug program” or agree with their ‘counselors’ you will be considered ‘trouble’. The first thing they will wish to do is place you on some sort of “medication”.
The new Beast power will then use this psychology to determine that "true" Christians are "crazy."  When the Beast can say people are crazy then it will be easier to put them into concentration camps.
The powerful fallen government is creating a “new matrix” of thinking. They will continue to redefine religion…especially Christianity. They will replace true religion with mere human thinking and try and control the masses through human psychology. They will begin to introduce the language of their psychology through public schools and other sources. They want you to learn their “new terminology”….their new religion. This involves the fallen government defining our vocabulary. They want to control experience and human interpretation of all things. The government wants authority to determine who is “crazy” and who isn’t.
I don't think any Beast power needs to search really hard to determine that some COGites really ARE crazy and probably do need some sort of medication.

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Douglas Becker said...

Armstrongism drives people crazy -- let's address that first and put the leaders on medications, not that they're REAL Christians, mind you -- just Olde Testament Christians.