Thursday, February 7, 2013

E.W. King Predicting the Rise and Fall of the Human Race

God's greatest living prophet, E. W. King, has been claiming over the last few weeks that ALL of his prophetic predictions have been coming true.  Today he writes about the fall of the human race that he has predicted:

The Rise and Fall of the Human Race..........

We are witnessing the most exciting, strange and terrible time ever recorded on this planet as far as human experience is concerned. We have come a long way. We have come from very simple civilizations to the invention of machines, fuel run equipment, electrical mechanics and ultimately to computer technology. Our communication system is now a flash fast connection to all parts of the globe. Our weapons now have the capability to blow up this entire planet.

I predicted in 2011 & 2012:

“Also, I have warned about the increase in earthquakes and the solar flare activity that may be headed our way. And sadly, more terrorist attacks and shootings in the US. We are living in sad times.”

And sadly we have seen this come to pass in 2013 with great power. Even today as I write and put this article together there is an all out search for an ex-Los Angeles police officer who has gone on a shooting rage.

A nut job that goes on a killing spree is not a "proof" that humanity is falling apart.  The good far outweighs the bad.  It always has and will always so in our lifetimes.  The problem with Armstrongism and most fundamentalist groups is that they only see the "bad" in the world around them.  Their mindset is so conditioned to find filth and degradation that they cannot see beauty and harmony in the world around them.

EW goes on to write about the disgusting world he is only capable of seeing:

We have people explaining experiences that could have never been experienced even 50 years ago. People are able to experience space flight. People are able to travel faster than the speed of sound. People are able to view world events from a chair in their living room. While all this is happening we are witnessing our planet go through great changes. The weather patterns have changed, the ice caps are melting, and the earth is shifting and shaking. We can now understand all the changes that original Christianity has gone through as it goes deeper and deeper into apostasy.
We have seen nations rise and fall. We are witnessing the reconstruction of governments as continued revolutions unfold. We are experiencing wars, hunger and strife at global levels. We are witnessing the fact that true moral stability has and is going from bad to worse. We are witnessing this earth become extremely violent. Humans are killing millions of children by abortion and sporadic gun massacres. People are killing themselves. People are using and selling drugs, powerful drugs.
Governments are corrupt. We have nothing of value. Our money is based on the faith of a printed piece of paper and or small piece of worthless metal. Global pollution increases as we continue to pump more and more toxins into the atmosphere. Population grows and grows into a mass of uneducated people who only rely on human technology for survival.
When one walks down the street he watches thousands of people talking or texting on a small gadget. People with hypnotized eyes looking at monitors and televisions. People listening to music that preaches mans corruption and how to participate in it. Trash liters the streets. Cars pump out exhaust into the smoggy cities. People breathing in the toxins and eating the toxins. Young people jumping from one relationship to another. Single women and girls producing children with no father or family support. People buying lottery tickets hoping to get more money to support their addictions.
World leaders killing their own people to try and gain some sort of control in all the nonsense. Homeless people growing like flies. Lines of people at hospital emergency rooms crying for help. Humans with no proper priority to do anything. Eat, drink, party, for tomorrow we die.
This is our world. This is the world that man has produced.

EW King and other COG evangelists love to bash the world and point about all that they see wrong with it, yet not a single one ever gets off their lazy asses and does something about it.  The only one who has ever made an effort to do such is Vic Kubik and his "Lifenets."

Ones eyes only see what they want to see.  Biblical literalism causes people to search out and find things that they want to fit the narrow world they have set before them.  They can’t see the good that people do for each other or for the communities around them. They can’t see or help the homeless and the poor.  They don’t join work teams to rebuild broken down neighborhood homes or help clean up after natural disasters. They won't work in a soup kitchen or let a homeless person sit next to them in church.

These kind of people need to see evil and societal collapse around them.  To see such things validates their narrow mindset and makes them feel special in their understanding. Their mind set also tells them that their goad has predicted all of this and that they are not to interrupt their god’s plan for the world.  To do so might cause the delay of their Jesus "christ" in coming.  They need their god to come and  spank the world into submission.  It's up to their god to fix things in their millennium.


Douglas Becker said...

It would be tempting to predict the fall of the churches of God, which still has a better potential of continuing failure than all of humanity.

Anonymous said...

There are so many angles this could be criticized from that It's paralyzing. I'm gobsmacked.

Byker Bob said...
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