Saturday, February 9, 2013


Poor Gerald Flurry!  He tries sooooooooooooo hard to be like his idol Herbert Armstrong but cannot carry it off.  He has turned his ministry and headquarters into a house of worship for HWA.  Even Jesus Christ is not as perfect as HWA was.  Jesus Christ was such an impotent man that he couldn't keep his message alive for 1,900 years.  The world finally needed Herb to resurrect the "truth" and save humanity.

Because of Herb, the world now knows they will be made into Gods and rule with rods of iron over fallen humanity.  The world will be trembling at our awesomeness and marvel at our buildings and colleges.  Invading armies will be so amazed by our colleges that they will not destroy the buildings  Our church HQ's will survive into the millennium as examples of God's divine presence upon earth during the age of the filthy pagans and atheists.

Gerald's worship of HWA is legendary.  Then Gerald went and committed a crime that has dogged him ever since.  Because he is/was a big time alcoholic he was arrested for public drunkenness and for trying to bribe a peace officer who was attempting to arrest him.  With a pile of beer cans outside his car door and an open container between his legs old Six Pack tried to slip a twenty to the officer to let him go.

His craziness does not end there.  In the last few years he has told his members that they should be ready to flee to Petra.  People packed bags, sold homes and farms to help Six Pack with his final push.  That final pushed ended up being a mult-million dollar useless concert hall that has almost driven the Philadelphia Church of God in to insolvency.

A recent concert was only able to garner 400 people to fill an 800 seat auditorium.  With a 20-30 thousand dollar performance fee, hotel, food and airfare for the performer, building utility costs, concert staff costs, etc. there is no way Six Pack's concert series is making money.

Six Pack has demanded that members shun family members, relatives and friends if they are not part of the Philadelphia Church of God.  Families have been broken and destroyed because of this.

Yet, Six Pack can’t see through his blinders and continues to run off at the mouth.  That stupid mouth has made him the butt of countless web sites and blogs.

Six Pack Flurry has recently named to the Encyclopedia of American Loons.  What a prestigious honor!!!!!

What brought Lord Six Pack such honor?  It seems Gerald wrote an article for his magazine where he trumpets these claims about American Colleges:

In his magazine Flurry writes an article in each issue detailing how America is falling apart because her youth do not follow his interpretation of God's values. This includes but is not limited to articles on how Universities undermine America's values: “American colleges and universities actually encourage people to indulge in SOME OF THE MOST REPUGNANT IMMORALITY IN THE HISTORY OF MAN! We lead the world to sexual immorality” (Flurry is a fan of random capitalization). Sexual interaction between consenting individuals at universities represent “SOME OF THE MOST IMMORAL ACTS IN HUMAN HISTORY”, right after the invention of science. In short, sex is the cause of the downfall of America.

Apparently, God was also responsible for the Haiti earthquake because the people there weren’t Christian enough – if you think of it, Flurry is actually a couple of notches more insane than Pat Robertson, though less influential. Oh, and Germany is ruled by the Nazis – that is, the old Nazis, since they survived WWII and are still running shop, apparently (visit the website here). He is really scared of Germany.

Flurry, like Pack, Weinland and Thiel all think they have some important message that the world needs to hear.  All any of these people have accomplished is making asses of themselves for the entire church and world to see.



Assistant Deacon said...

Encyclopedia of American Loons!


Anonymous said...

Hey, go easy on loons. They sound lovely at dusk on Tupper Lake in the Adirodaks...oh...not that kind....nevermind...


Anonymous said...


I must say that is a fair description of Gerald Flurry's PCG cult.

Gerald Flurry pretends that he is opposed to sexual immorality even while his own PCG cult has always been full of old sex maniacs, sex perverts, and predators. If anyone simply tries to shy away from these older sex perverts in the PCG and does not go along with what they want, these frustrated old sex perverts just complain to the local leaders in the PCG and get their victim kicked out.

The godless, lying, local bum that Gerald Flurry set up as a PCG (sin)ister will rant away indignantly at the victim and say that they had "done so much" for the person and "tried so hard to help" the person. Then the PCG (sin)ister will happily and proudly announce that he'll have to make an example out of the victim, and will kick the person out of the PCG.

The reason that Gerald Flurry's PCG cult is full of "SOME OF THE MOST REPUGNANT IMMORALITY IN THE HISTORY OF MAN!" is that it comes as a complete, satanic surprise to those who went with Gerald Flurry precisely because he had lied to them and pretended to be concerned about morality.

Anonymous said...

“American colleges and universities actually encourage people to indulge in SOME OF THE MOST REPUGNANT IMMORALITY IN THE HISTORY OF MAN! We lead the world to sexual immorality”

The plain truth is that Gerald Flurry's PCG encourages people to divorce and remarry and to indulge in some of the most repugnant immorality in the history of man.

The plain truth is that Gerald Flurry's PCG encourages--actually requires)--people to be unfaithful and godless and to abandon their mates, their parents, and their own children.

The plain truth is that Gerald Flurry's PCG is leading former WCG people to sexual immorality.

Anonymous said...


Some fake PCG miniturd that Gerald set up to do evil will counsel a married woman to divorce her husband and join the PCG. Then the miniturd will counsel the divorced woman to marry him after he has divorced his own wife in the PCG.

American colleges and universities might be encouraging people to indulge in some of the most repugnant immorality in the history of man, but the PCG seems to be taking the lead now and is on the cutting edge of depravity by doing it all in God's name.

Anonymous said...

If the United States and Britain need strong marriages and strong families in order to be strong nations, it is no wonder that satanic impostor cults like Gerald's PCG actually destroy marriages and families while talking deceitfully about strengthening them.

Douglas Becker said...

Gerald Flurry was also mentioned in an editorial in "Analog" by Dr. Stanley Schmidt as being dangerous.

Velvet said...

I keep turning on Key of David by pure chance at the most (in)opportune of moments...because ten times out of ten, I'll hear Six Pack come out with such zingers, that are literally jaw-dropping in their stupidity. I reproduce the choicer ones below.

"You don't have to have faith in God!"

Or, the last one I heard most recently, which is astounding in its own right:

"Jesus Christ lived by every word of the Old and New Testament!"

Ya don't say, Six Pack.

Richard said...

Whose concert only half-filled the concert hall? Before we blame the builder of the building, perhaps the performer(s) are part of the issue.

Anonymous said...

If you keep saying things are going to be bad, you have a chance of being a prophet.

Anonymous said...

Note the following interview with a criminal psychologist regarding this former Los Angeles police officer currently being hunted down.

His profile reminds me of many COG leaders, perhaps more dangerous, but the basic underlying characteristics are clearly there in both:

Anonymous said...

"If you keep saying things are going to be bad, you have a chance of being a prophet."

Same thing holds if you keep saying things are going to be good. That's why people keep buying lottery tickets. For the average person, neither happens, life just carries on as it always has. In order for the average person to win the lottery, he'd have to keep playing for quite a bit longer than the usual 80-100 years. And somebody figured out how to make money off the fact that people's outlook remains remarkably unaffected by history, or even published odds. In order for the average COG nut to be a prophet (for a day), he'd have to live quite a bit longer than usual.

The difference between a lottery player and a prophet is, nobody can tell that the guy who plays the lottery is irrational.