Saturday, February 16, 2013

Non-Ordained False Prophet Thiel: Will Russia Repent Of Her Sins? More Meteors To Come!

Non-ordained false propeht Thiel in his anxious zeal to not let a natural event go unexploited has issued a warning to Russia and the United States.  Unless you repent his god is going to send more meteors and comets to destroy your nations.

So, the Bible clearly teaches that the “end of the world” events will include problems that will come from space (called the heavens above). 

Part of Russia yesterday, got to experience just a small foretaste of what objects from outer space can do.  Will this help any of them, or you, repent?  Civilization as we know it will end.  And there will be destruction coming from the heavens.  But never forget that God is in charge of the universe and that Jesus will return.
It still remain fascinated after all of these years on how much these wacko Armstrongites want to see the world destroyed around them.  They want to see death and destruction reign down upon humanity. They need to see concentration camps and the youth of the country dragged off to Europe to be slaves.  They need to see meat hooks and gas ovens.  They want to see starving children and parents eating their kids.

If these things don't happen then what really was the point of the last 70 some years?


Douglas Becker said...

But, but!

Russia isn't Israel!

Thiel needs to convince the Jews in Israel the next meteor might hit the Golan Heights Winery if they don't repent!

Has Thiel accepted Jesus as his personal Savior yet?

Anonymous said...

Thiel is right. If we don't all repent, this will happen again. On the other hand, if we do repent, it will happen again anyway. Probably in about 100 years from now. There's no connection between the two, but technically, he is not wrong. LOL