Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prophet Thiel: The Germans Are Coming! The Germans Are Coming!

The non-ordained and self appointed false prophet is all a dither today about the rise of Germany and how he expects it to lead to World War III.  

The prophet starts out by quoting from a web site Global  Global Research is a Canadian web site that is full of more conspiracy theories that the Illuminati could have ever dreamed up.  Like Armstrongism, they take facts and slightly distort them into darker fear based meanings.  It is a site that is fear based to the core. Conspiracy theories and Armstrongism both are fear based and fear driven so it is no wonder that prophet Thiel is using them in his fear laden posts.

The prophet quotes Global Research with:

The return of German imperialism is a threat for World War III

 The very same business circles that financed Hitler are again banging the war drums…Paskert makes clear that the German bourgeoisie is willing to use military force to secure such resources against its rivals…

The return of aggressive German imperialism initiates a new stage of inter-imperialist conflict, raising the threat of a Third World War…

The Handelsblatt bluntly states that the German army will be rebuilt “in order to be used all over the world.”  The vast majority of the German population is vehemently opposed to militarism.

There you have it folks!  The German state is rising up and will some be coming to the United States to take it over! Concentration camps will soon appear.  Cities will be bombed into submission.  Families will starve because no food will be available. Famine, disease and pestilence will be the theme for the day and worst of all, COG members will not be allowed to worship on Saturdays.  Fear is in the air!  Fear! Fear! Fear!

The prophet breathlessly announces:

Notice that the above states that the vast majority of Germans do not want to be militaristic, but that voices are calling for that anyway.  And that some suspect that this could lead to WWIII.

The Bible shows that certain descendants of ancient Assyria (many of which are German) are to dominate part of the world scene, do not wish to think they are militaristic, yet they will takeover certain descendants of Israel (it is probable that the USA is considered to be Samaria in certain end time prophecies)

So, according to Bible prophecy, an Assyrian-descended power, who does not intend to take over various nations, will do so anyway. Various historical records suggest that at least some of the Germanic peoples have Assyrian ancestry.

Germany’s influence and aggressiveness are becoming more apparent, to some at least.  Those in that nation will help fulfill biblical prophecy.

Brethren, it is time for the final push!  Send all of your money to Arroyo Grande, CA as soon as possible.  The non-ordained self appointed prophet needs it!



Joe Moeller said...

Well, given enough time anything is possible.

But in the present, we have ICBMs , atomic weapons, B1 Bombers, B52 Bombers and a lot of "big mama" weaponry kind of stuff!

Just how will Germany pull this off, even if it controlled all of Europe? Even if they launched an EMT or atomic attack, that disabled us, the repercussion of such an attack would turn Germany, (or Iran for that matter) into glass.

Can you imagine Germany trying to "occupy" the USA?? If you think Afghanistan is bad, imagine all the mischief the rednecks, gangs, and everyone else will dream up to screw up the Germans day in guerilla warfare. A true nightmare.

Doesnt make sense for the immediate future. There is no 200 million man army around in the East either. Would take many , many years to create such an army, to train it , to supply it, to be able to transport it, etc.

No man buying or selling? Means a cashless society , not just in Europe or the USA, but EVERYWHERE. No man , means NO MAN. That means every little island nation, deep Africa, and even Pitcairn Island. Not going to happen for many years yet.

So, if the Germans are coming, let em come. I like polka music, beef bratwurst, and sauerkraut. Im German nationality as well. Maybe they will make me mayor of Cody , WY , or something.

German women are very acceptable too, especially now that they understand about shaving their legs.


Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

What stands out most about Theil is that he is a remarkably ineffective communicator. He's a very poor writer, and an even worse "researcher." Just so typical of the endless number of conspiracy-based lunatics out there on the Internet that are a dime a dozen these days. Theil's blather isn't research, it's nothing more than mere ranting assertions that provide absolutely no evidence or clear reasoning whatsoever.

Head Usher said...

You're telling me, Anon. So, let's take a look at it...

"Various historical records suggest that at least some of the Germanic peoples have Assyrian ancestry."

Holy jelly doughnuts, Batman. Which ones?

Europe had a diverse and very complex history, and most of it we don't even know. Are you prepared the acknowledge the ramifications of that reality, Bob?

This is not a compilation CD. Don't say "various historical records," tell us specifically which ones. And don't tell me about the legendary founder of Trier who supposedly lived around 2,000 BCE retold by some 12th century CE monks.

Practically the next thing we hear about Northern Europe is from the Roman era, 2,000 years later. Romans such as Cassius Dio, Tacitus, and Julius Caesar recorded the existence of hundreds of independent tribes from Turkey to Ireland. Only occasionally did the Romans call them what they called themselves. We don't know the origins of most of these tribes, and most Romans couldn't have cared less, so long as they paid their taxes and didn't cause too much trouble. Over the span of Roman occupation, some of these tribes are recorded having moved around in ways you wouldn't have predicted, and we don't know where most of them finally settled. Almost none of these tribes left any records behind.

So, don't say "at least some of the Germanic peoples," tell us specifically which ones. The Tungri? How about the Banochaemae? How about the Ubii? Come on, Bob, connect some dots for us here.

Oh, but wait, you're not done yet. Now you have to prove these "Assyrian" Germani stayed in Northern Europe, and didn't go to somewhere else like Spain, North Africa, or the British Isles, as some of them did.

So my question to Bob is, which modern Germanic people have "Assyrian" ancestry? Angela Merkel? Baron Karl von und zu Guttenberg? Adolf Hitler?

Here's a couple of tribes that did leave written records: Anglii and Saxoni. I bet these ones you have at least heard of. We know where these tribes ended up, so perhaps these are the "Germanic peoples" you're referring to. Why, they tried to take over America as little as 240 years ago! There's a lot of signs that point to Great Britain as being modern Assyria. OH MY! You might even be descended from these Germans, Bob. That's right, you might be a full-blooded modern Assyrian. Maybe we should be afraid of you, Bob. Although it's a little hard with those flipping wrists an' all.

I wish people would quit repeating the bogus claims of others which they've never even spent 5 minutes researching themselves in their entire lives. It gets really annoying after a while.

Anonymous said...

Oh good. I hope they bring chocolate when they come.

Douglas Becker said...

OK, now I'm confused about specifically which alternative Universe history he is talking about, because it sure isn't this one.

Given enough time, nearly everything is impossible... except in one of the infinite alternative Universes, of the which, several trillions just spun off and in many of them, I did not make this comment.

Painful Truth said...

The Germanic people are coming here this summer!!... going to Disneyland!

Douglas Becker said...

Let me know when the Cybermen and Daleks show up.

Anonymous said...

I very much appreciate Head Usher's more detailed analysis above. If Thiel truly had the academic background and degrees that he constantly boasts of, then such solid training would come across loud and clear in his writings and speeches. As it is, Thiel's sloppy and extremely vague assertions are compelling evidence that in actual fact he has no such training in real historical analysis at all.

Thanks again Head!

Anonymous said...

I heard 25% of Americans have German ancestry. They are everywhere in Canada too, don't need to invade. And what about the Anglo Saxons -- Germanic tribes. Maybe we're all German

Douglas Becker said...

In 1975, there was one report that 75% of those in the United States could trace their ancestry back to Germany one way or another.

And more good news: The German Chocolates are coming! The German Chocolates are coming!

Anonymous said...

This is clearly a sign!
(A sign that Bob's been bewitched by the Baron's big bratwurst.)


RSK said...

Modern DNA analysis is driving new nails in British-Israelism's old coffin, including the purported Assyrian-German association. But you know, that's all hard stuff to read about, easier to just have a self-appointed prophet/apostle/pastor general/average Joe with a big mouth tell you it is what he says it is.

Velvet said...

"Well, given enough time, anything is possible."

Correct. And the Evangelical Beast Power known only to those men of Satanic-inspired power, lurking in the dark recesses of worldly governments by names like The Family, The Fellowship, and other innocuous-sounding names, WILL eventually give the Nazis enough backing and power to rise up, oh, say, a hundred and something years from now. And it has already taken them a hundred years to garner as much insider power as they have now. Quite slow-burning for an Apocalypse, no?

"retold by some 12th century CE monks"

*Mythbusters voice* "Well THERE'S your problem!"

"Although it's a little hard with those flipping wrists an' all."

I just ran across the Packatollah spewing forth on the 2 Witlesses, and lo and behold, the exact same maneuver. WHY?

"I wish people would quit repeating the bogus claims of others which they've never even spent 5 minutes researching themselves in their entire lives. It gets really annoying after a while."


Anonymous said...

The Germans are coming?!
Oh boy!
All we need now are the flesh eating zombies...