Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flurry Cult Youth Camp: Pray Before You Play Basketball It's A Sport Easy To Get Frustrated In

Summer camp with the Flurry cult in Edmond OK.  
Will the youth be instructed this summer not to fornicate 
so that no babies will be born before they flee to Petra?  
Why are they even doing camp when they should be packing to flee?

In respoinse to a comment that followers the online video, Grant Turgeon sums up all that is wrong with the Philadelphia Church of God:


Douglas Becker said...

Basketball: The non contact sport.

Anointings will be held for the team by an elder after the game.

No guarantees on healing though, since it's apparent God isn't with this bunch.

Be it according to your faith (and make sure your medical insurance is paid up).

Youth camp: Life insurance is important too, since you could easily die at camp.

James said...

His father should have let him drip down his leg.

Anonymous said...

Aren't most of Flurry's adherents very old and "double dribbling" out of their mouths when they sleep?

Anonymous said...

Typical Flurry bait-and-switch. Enjoy the video -- can't you just wait to come and do all this fun stuff? -- and once they arrive: "SIEG HEIL MEIN FUHRER!"

Anonymous said...

Can I have 4 minutes of my life back?

Anonymous said...

Can I have 16 years of my life back?

Anonymous said...

Beat this: Can I have 27 years and 4 minutes of my life back? haha.