Monday, July 1, 2013

Bob Thiel Says Jesus Never Had A Butt Crack Stamp and Neither Should You!

God's greatest gift to the humanity (after Dave Pack, of course) is back with a video hating on tattoo's.  Thiel says if you have one it is a sign you are a harlot or a whore.  He goes on to quote the story a a Hollywood actor who got a tramp stamp when she was younger and is now in the process of having it removed.  Thiel focuses a lot on the tramp stamp and how it is a sign the woman who has it is a harlot because no one can see it other than the person having sex with her.  He also blames tattoos mostly on women as he focuses on them having them more than men.

You are also a follower of the dwarf god Bes and are involved in demonism if you have one.

If it's a Bible verse would Bob be OK with it?


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what, when BT goes him therefore into all the world preaching the Gospel, he gets right to it..

Byker Bob said...

One is forced to wonder if someone within Bob Thiel's inner circle has recently rebelled and gotten a tattoo. Otherwise, why would he spend so much time majoring in the minors?


Anonymous said...

Jesus is Coming so....Flash!!! This just in......tatoos are wrong! Pictures at 11. Now back to ...what the hell was I talking about..?"


Ishy said...

Thiel is one of the most annoying speakers I have ever heard. I don't know how anyone can stand to listen to him.

Anonymous said...

Next thing you know Bob Thiel will be against butt cracks and have his sewn up tight.

But(t)... then he'll be sorry when he gets the urge to poop.

If you think his book cases are crooked now, just wait til after he tries to poop!