Friday, August 23, 2013

Bob Thiel Has A Kenyan Deacon Who Is Conning Him and Various Churches of God for Money

Poor Bob Thiel, being doubly blessed apparently has not given him any double insight into the types of "leaders" he has preaching for his personality cult.  In order to increase his numbers and look like he is doing a worldwide work, Thiel embraced a lot of Africans who claimed they wanted to join his group.  It turns out that they were only after money. Instead of a Nigerian money scam going on, it is a Kenyan money scam. 

Life can't get any more delicious....Thiels tithe money has been conned from him.

James Malm has an article on his blog today about Kenyans who are conning various COG's into giving them money.  They are contacting various COG's telling them that they are a longtime COG members and need financial help.   Kenya, A Warning to The Church of God

On August 19th, in a phone conversation with James Russell, of the Church of God in Truth, “Prove All Things”;  it was discovered that their Nyandiwa Scout Camp [Feast Site]arrangements had fallen through, but they weren’t aware of it in time to withdraw the announcement from being published in their magazine.  

In another unrelated search, it was discovered that a George Otieno was listed as a deacon in the “Continuing Church of God”, led by Bob Thiel.  Otieno is named as a ‘deacon’ in his organization, and is a representative for Thiel (and apparently Russell’s the Church of God in Truth, “Prove All Things”.) simultaneously. 
Otieno had contacted Thiel for the first time in about February of 2012 (claiming to have been a long-time member of the WCG / UCG / LCG over time).   Bob Thiel, until August 20th, was not aware of these other affiliations.  
He today (8/21) indicated that he’d found that George Otieno was nephew of Lukas Ogada.  We have long known that Polycal Ormondi Ogalo is also nephew of brother Lukas.  Just this morning (8/21/13) Simon Muthama, rep. for the Living Church of God in Kenya, wrote indicating that Polycap Ogalo and George Otieno are brothers.  

Thiel indicates that his sponsored Feast site was not Nyandiwa.  But, that George Otieno was the contact person for his site at Homa Bay!  The Continuing CoG website lists the location as the Prudence Hotel in Homa Bay.

We are at present drawn to conclude that these men were colluding to draw support from our two organizations, the CCoG-GJ and CoGit (and perhaps others).  When CCoG-GJ balked at sending $17,800+, the deal fell apart. 


DennisCDiehl said...

As a Prophet, you'd think Bob could have seen that coming...

James said...

Bob Thiel may be retarded. I can't say for sure, but it doesn't take much to figure out why some dirt poor dirt bag(s) want's to join up with your church!
It seems the cults want to appear to be a worldwide outreach. Reality shows otherwise. They are world class fools!

Douglas Becker said...

These scams have been going on for years: The third world countries have been rather expert in extracting funds from the various Armstrongist churches of God. Nearly a decade ago, some of those in Africa were accepting money from both the LCG and CCG at the same time for holding a Feast.

The Armstrongists are filled with such hubris they are blind to the scams until it is too late.

Byker Bob said...

Here's the way something of this nature would normally work in an ACOG: The needy person would have been documented as having been a splinter member. He or she would present a convincing explanation as to why he wished to "transfer". If persuasive enough, the transfer would be approved, and possibly aid given. Or, this individual would have been baptized personally by the person giving the aid. Most of the ACOGs are pretty tight with their charity, and one would expect scams to be rare.


Anonymous said...

"It turns out that they were only after money"


I thought the whole COG movement since its inception by H "dubbya" A was only EVER about and after money?!!?

So a scammer is finally getting scammed?!!?

I guess he's getting a dose of divine correction of what this diabolical teaching of tithing has always really been about! S-C-A-M-M-I-N-G

Anonymous said...

Normally, I'm against Nigerian money scams, but this one makes me smile!