Friday, August 30, 2013

Dennis can't help it and muses one more time before September


Official Restored Church of God

Apostolic Reinstatement/Rehire Form

 Upon Paine of Death : The Colonial Williamsburg Official History
The following Church form is to be filled out by any Apostle of the Restored Church of God who is seeking reinstatement and rehire into the ministry of the Restored Church of God. 
(Any similarity to any previous rehire forms is merely coincidental)


  Important Questionnaire
(By David C Pack-Apostle formerly known as Joshua High Priest)
A crucial series of questions present themselves before every shepherd of any rank. As you read, think hard—very, very hard!—about your original calling to serve in one or more offices under the sure guidance and direction of Christ as Head of His Church. Ask yourself each difficult question today’s circumstances require you to answer. Do not permit yourself to look away from hard realities now confronting all of God’s ­people.

In every age of His Church, Christ’s sheep have needed shepherds. Those with special leadership training and experience from the past will be held accountable in a greater way than all others (Jms. 3:1-2). Dereliction of duty by those “to whom much was given” will mean that “much will be required” of them some day (Luke 12:48). Take a deep breath and think of yourself standing before the “judgment seat” of Christ (II Cor. 5:10). You will be forced to give answers to HIM then if you are unwilling to demand them of YOURSELF ­now.

The millions constituting the physical remnant of modern Israel returning from captivity are foretold to come “weeping and loathing themselves” for having rejected God’s Way (Jer. 50:4-5; Ezek. 6:8-9). What about the spiritual remnant, who once knew that Way, but largely left it? Will/does this describe you? Read the above verses, and then read the following questions slowly, carefully and prayerfully. They are the biggest way that the ministry should “consider their ways.” Consider writing out the answers:

          (1) Retirement—Mr. Armstrong taught that retirement is not an option for a true minister.
  • Did you retire? If so, when, and why did you think yourself an exception
  • (Did you think you were someone spoken of in the Bible anywhere and if so why?)
(2) Non-Career—Mr. Armstrong taught that “going non-career” is not an option for a true minister.
  • Did you do this? If so, why did you think yourself an exception?
  • (Did you go non-coherent at any time during your ministry?  If so why do you think that occurred?)

(3) Established Doctrine and Tradition
  • In what doctrines or traditions do you believe Mr. Armstrong “got it wrong”? (Include all areas—be specific.)
  • (In what doctrines, traditions or scriptures do you think you "got it wrong"? Include all areas--be specific)

 (4) Did you actively resist false doctrine in your ministry?—or give safe sermons where you disagreed? (Be specific.)
  • During the liberal years of the 1970s?
  • In the WCG in the late 1980s and early 90s?
  • In your splinter or splinters?
  • (Did you give dangerous sermons at any time that could be construed as unbalanced or a sign of mental illness?)

(5) On each doctrine where you came to agree with God’s enemies—either Joe Tkach, those who assisted his destruction or your splinter leader, such as David C Packwhy did you agree?
(6) Why should you still be considered for the ministry in God’s Church?

.Why should God’s flock ever again be entrusted to your care?

  • Are you prepared to re-win brethren’s trust, including brethren now here whom you will likely also pastor? What about re-winning the trust of Headquarters?

7.  Did you actively pursue where God’s Truth, Church, Work, College and Government were found?
  • If not, why not? Be specific.
  • If so, how hard? Be specific.

          ( 8) Have you read or viewed any of our Splinter Explanation Packet material?  (Have you read Psalm 51 and 30 other scriptures on unsound teaching and beliefs?)

  • What items?  Did you at any time hear my “30 Reasons” sermons of 1993 and 1994? (Parts 1, 2 or 3?)

 (9) Do you now believe again that Christ works solely through one unified organization?

(10) In light of government(s) you followed, how do you see God’s government today?  (Are you willing to submit to it no matter who you think you are or were?)

(11) Have you returned to believing that Mr. Armstrong was the final “Elijah”?—and Zerubbabel?  (Have you gotten over believing you were the Joshua of Haggai?)

(12) Have you returned to believing that truth only enters the Church through apostles as Mr. Armstrong said so often?  (And have you come to see that self ordinations are dicey and slippery concepts in religion?)

(13) Do you believe I Corinthians 12:18 applies to you with no qualifications added?

(14) Do you believe there can be exceptions to I Corinthians 1:10 and 13—regarding members or ministers in the Church?

(15) Are you willing to temporarily or permanently become an associate pastor?

(16) Are you willing to be excluded from the ministry until you requalify?

(17) Are you familiar with the new teachings that God has added to His Church on top of what Mr. Armstrong taught?
  • Which ones?—and do you agree?

         (18) If your ordination(s) is(are) invalid, are you interested in being re-trained for Christ’s true ministry?

          (19) Do you believe ministers should be able to voice opinions to others about:

  • Where Headquarters is “wrong”?
  • What Mr. Armstrong taught/said/did “wrong”?
  • What Mr. Pack (Or any current Apostle should Mr. Pack be found wanting)teaches/says/does “wrong”?
  • Where your boss is “wrong” or harsh, etc.?
  • Where you disagree doctrinally?

          (20) Do you consider yourself as having been (rate yourself from 5 being best to 0 being worst):

  • Weak
  • Cowardly
  • Slothful
  • Covetous
  • Confused
  • Compromising
  • Foolish
  • Political (And did you ever “run for office” in a splinter?)
  • Heretical
  • Deceitful
  • Easily deceived
  • Betrayed your calling

(21) Why did you lose the ability to “discern good from evil” (Heb. 5:13-14)?—and for so long?

          (22) What do you consider to be your ministerial rank?
(Joshua the High Priest of Haggai, Apostle) Evangelist Ÿ Pastor Ÿ Preaching Elder Ÿ Local Elder Ÿ Local Church Elder Ÿ “Elder” Ÿ Ministerial Assistant

          (23) Are you prepared to dedicate the rest of your life to serving God’s flock and fixing completely the horrific mess you helped cause in so many lives?

          (24) In light of how you once saw Mr. Armstrong, do you still recognize the fruits of a true apostle when you see one?

  • If you say yes, why did you follow Joe Tkach until he destroyed everything?
  • (Why did you follow David C Pack until he destroyed everything?)

          (25) Describe your spiritual condition today. (Also, rate your temperature from 0-10, with 10 the highest.)

          (26) What 5 biggest lessons did you learn from and since the apostasy? (In order of importance.)

Did you fast before you answered all of these vitally  important questions?
          (27) How many times did you fast for 24 hours (or more) before answering these questions?

          (28) How many times have you prayed over Psalm 51 on your knees?

          (29) Having now long abandoned many doctrines you said you would never leave, how would you convince Headquarters that this time you “mean it” if you intend to now “hold fast” (Rev. 3:11)?

          (30) What have been your pastoral actions during the troubles of recent weeks and months?

          (31) Are you prepared to spend a full year (or more) catching up with all you must unlearn, relearn, and learn new?

          (32) What personal responsibility do you feel for the deplorable condition into which God’s people have sunk?

          (33) How would you prove that you are still Spirit-led?—or were ever Spirit-led?

          (34) What date did you leave the WCG (RCG), and why did you remain beyond May 1995, if this is the case?  If you are the One Apostle, or were, why did you remain beyond September 1, 2013???

(35) What did you do after reading the article “God’s People Back Together—SOON!”?
       (If you threw up, explain why you thought you threw up and did you throw up more than once?)

FINALLY:  You are NOT to discuss this or share it in anyway with ANYONE (expect with us)


Sweetblood777 said...

Well here we are. The BIG day when thousands of cogers are running to Dave's tiny church in whatsyourwadworth.

The excitement at world headquarters is intense. We have all 30 tables set up so that lines can be formed in front of each table where your information will be taken and verfied, then a special stamp will finalize your entry into the real church, by stamping the symbol of the RCG on your right arm, or forehead, if you don't have a right arm.

Welcome back. After completing the paper work at the welcome table, proceed to the tithe table where a deacon will accept your tithes that you were putting aside for the past few months.

After emptying your pockets at the tithe table, please proceed to the members only table to pick up our gift to you. At this table you will receive a box of sermon tapes with various titles such as '90 reasons why you should belong in the RCG,' 90 reasons why obeying your minister is more important than obeying Jesus,' and finally '90 reasons why Joshua aka David Pack is the leader in these end times.'

Thank you for choosing the RCG. Thank you for having the courage to make your move to the RCG. Don't worry about your old friends back at that Satanic group that you came out of. Remember that you are only obeying the command of 'Come out of her My people...'

Please proceed to the next line where you are given the special opportunity to shake the hand of God's anointed for these end times.

Douglas Becker said...

This failure reflects on all Armstrongists.

Ask yourself: How different is this than the decades of failed prophecies from Herbert Armstrong?

All of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong is worthless, useless, unworthy of participation by anyone except severely deranged mental patients.

It's a spectacular failure and this is just the latest of so very many.

UCG and CoGWA are NOT exempted: They are as daft as everyone else no matter if their presentation is better or not.

They lie to you and then
they take your money.

And they do so knowingly.

The question not asked:

nn) Are you off your meds?

Anonymous said...

For those of you who have already given and arm and a leg to your church or RCG and can't shake the apostles hand, please bow...

Byker Bob said...

Barring any sudden news bulletins regarding three random examples of spontaneous human combustion, this should be like any Friday leading into an extended holiday weekend.

Due to nearly total invisibility, nobody will even know that some idiot wrote himself into the Bible, and began babbling dire prognostications regarding his competitors, and foretelling his own enhanced grandeur. This doesn't even rise to the level of Howard Camping. As go personal embarrassments, this one is self-contained within a very small circle. It won't even make the back page of the Wadsworth newspaper. One would hope it gets written into Dave's Wikipedia page as a red flag for any future prospective RCG members, but ACOG people have been successful in times past in keeping much of the embarrassing daily activity out of that resource. That's OK, though. We have a "voice" right here!


Head Usher said...

Something tells me that if you were to show up at the "Hall of Ad" today, you would find nothing out of the ordinary. No special preparations for receiving thousands of new people. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if security escorted you off the property.

Anonymous said...

Crooks on Wall Street on in the Mob are amateurs, compared to these religious frauds. If you work on Wall Street and break the law, you can go to jail. But not a preacher. Tax Free money plus a Teflon coating guaranteed by the First Amendment. These false teachers are not as dumb as some may think.

Anonymous said...

"Churches" are supposed to pay to Ceasar (Sam) what is Ceasar's. These 501c not for profit, are sick and attached to an evil of this world and making big profits.
Pack is no different than Benny Hinn, Harold Camping, Paula White,
Clefto Dollar, etc. Many of these
false teachers were investigated and found clean because they only give the books that are falsified.

“A City Set on a Hill”
Building a Vision
God’s Work is rapidly growing on all fronts! The Real Truth subscriber list is booming and the number of baptized members in The Restored Church of God, the publisher of this magazine, is increasing.

These are the words of Joshua Pack. "The publisher of this magazine is increasing". That is all that matters to him. It sickens me! The devil is so obvious.

Douglas Becker said...

Taking God's Name in vain has reached dizzying new heights without a single swear word.

Anonymous said...

News Flash!

Apostle Flurry, Apostle Malm, and Apostle Pack have all dropped dead!

Each one was struck by a green lightning flash in the shape of the prophetic number 7.

It was all just as I predicted.


Anonymous said...

Pack-it-in is just doing what Jesus, Herbert and Gerald did--reading his own name into the scriptures.

Joe Moeller said...


You are now in charge of "Human Resources" for the COG!

However, I do think you should add a "urine sample" test for Pack , (for I suspect mind altering drugs) and also a polygraph test.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY