Wednesday, August 14, 2013

James Malm: Head Coverings For Women Required and Tassels For Men...Maybe...But I Highly Recommend It If You Really Love God

James Malm, the offical legalistic bullshitter of Armstrongsim is back today telling men in his cult that while it is not required they perhaps should be wearing blue and white tassels on their garments as they pray.

A modern example of a Karaite Tzitzit

God commanded only a ribbon of blue on the corners of the garments; this intricate braid is conceived by men.

Because people in the west no longer wear the same kind of clothes as were worn in the ancient Middle East; this is a kind of belt worn around the trousers instead of a blue ribbon at each of the four corners of a square mantle.

To our great sorrow and the great sorrow of Israel; they still continually turned and rebelled against God and did not look to tis reminder of the law of their God.  All the history of their many rebellions and overspreading if iniquities has been recorded for our instruction, that we might learn from their example to seek out and learn the whole word of God to keep it in enthusiastic zeal.

Yet we, in spite of having this record for our enlightenment and in spite of having the holy spirit of God; have also rebelled and turned away form zeal to learn and keep the commandments of God.  We shall therefore be corrected in bitter tribulation that we might learn to follow the Lamb withersoever he goeth and not to follow our idols of men away from zeal to learn and keep the word of God.

After the man forgot the Sabbath and gathered firewood polluting the Sabbath that he must be killed; God then gave the people a reminder that if they looked upon it they would be reminded of the commandments of God and if they do them they should live in them.

Today the Called Out  have been given a different reminder, which is the holy spirit of Christ; and the completed whole word of God.

This is commanded of all Israel, which includes BOTH men and women.  It is a commandment to be observed throughout their generations [as long as the Mosaic Covenant lasted].  The Mosaic Covenant ended with the death of the Husband of Israel, Jesus Christ.

Yes, Jesus wore the Tzitzit  even though he was filled with the holy spirit, in order to keep the Mosaic Covenant  perfectly; because he had not yet died ending the Mosaic Covenant, and had not yet been resurrected to become the High Priest of a New and better Covenant.

The fringe represents the gift of the holy spirit, and  I would not insist that the blue fringe is essential today, if we are already in the New Covenant and already have God’s spirit. 

However the fringe is certainly lawful and desirable.  It is highly likely that this will be required like circumcision, in the coming Kingdom of God and  I would never object to anyone who choses to wear one.


Douglas Becker said...

Talk about fringes -- Malm is weird and creepy.

Just couldn't resist this: Tzitzit -- that sounds like a breed of dog -- don't you know dogs will not be allowed in the Kingdom of God!

OK, the silliness has passed... for me... but continues in Armstrongismdum.

Head Usher said...

How this guy argues that women wearing head coverings are ABSOLUTELY necessary, tzitzits are, sort of necessary, phylacteries are entirely superseded, and beards are unnecessary too is beyond me. I think these, together with new moons too should all stand or fall together.

If phylacteries are not required to keep oneself from being thrown into a lake of fire, then then none of them should be required. The fact that he comes up with different responses and recommendations for similar Old Testament, Mosaic "commandments" is proof of his biases. He's just gonna wind up finding some way to argue that whatever he feels like should be done about these different ancient customs, and obviously, his own, private, highly biased interpretation is exactly (in his imagination) what Yahweh feels like modern people should be doing.

He WANTS to keep new moons, which isn't even a commandment of Torah at all, so he tells everybody that's a "commandment." He DOESN'T WANT to wear a beard, so he argues that's not necessary, even after one of his acolytes convincingly argues should also be a "commandment" because of Leviticus 19:27. I agree. If new moons is a "commandment" then for a man to wear a beard also ought to be a "commandment." Otherwise, you're being inconsistent. So the reason why James doesn't think wearing a beard is "commanded" is because James does not want to wear one. It's that simple.

And phylacteries, which definitely IS a CLEAR Torah "Thou Shalt" in both Exodus and Deuteronomy, why is that not a "commandment"? Because James DOESN'T WANT to wear a stupid phylactery! He wants to be a pharisee, but he doesn't want to have to dress like one. If people call him a pharisee now, how much more would they call him one if he looked like one? And nobody would follow him anymore, not after seeing him at the feast (which may be the case already, depending on how bad he already may look...)

It's so obvious he's making this stuff up as he goes along. So much for his bullshit about all of his vaunted "zeal" for the "whole" word of Yahweh.

Corky said...

That probably explains why all the Jewish, pagan and heathen priests of the iron age wore tassels and/or shaved their heads. Yep, their god commanded it, of course he did, why would they lie about it? Now, don't round the corners of your beard. Let it grow long and scraggly and curl your side burns...'cause, see, gods care about men's facial hair and the stupider it looks, the better.

Don't wear robes of linen mixed with cotton and/or wool either 'cause God wouldn't like that. He cares what you wear on your body and he much prefers animal skins (clean animals only, please). And remember, if anybody breaks these rules, they have to be killed in the most cruel way that you can think of.

Anonymous said...

Corky, I think you just proved that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, LOL!

Byker Bob said...

One thing that would do wonders for Malm would be a basic understanding of the word "dispensation". He seems intent on making all the details from a "fulfilled" ancestral dispensation the standard for living today.

I bet if we looked at his music collection, some of his favorite popular songs would be "The Israelite" by Desmond
Decker and the Aces, and "Walk Like an Egyptian" by the Bangles.