Thursday, August 15, 2013

James Malm: Since Adam and Eve Were Married It Was OK To Be Naked

Apostle Malm continues to get some flack about his head coverings for women.  Today he made the comment that Adam and Eve were spouses.  In order to be made "spouses" they have to have been married.  Did God perform a marriage ceremony in the garden of Eden?

An acolyte asks
Since you mentioned to Alex above “let us all wear skirts as well”, I have to ask you if wearing robes & the wearing of veils in public were customs and not a command from God. As we know God left Adam & Eve naked in the garden until sin…so the wearing of a veil is not a command from creation, for example, like the Sabbath.
The apostle responds:
We do not know what the custom was before the flood, we do know the custom in Israel after the flood. Further Eve and Adam were spouses and it is entirely lawful to be naked with ones spouse. God did give them clothes when he sent them out of the Garden Gen 3:21, after which they would have begun to reproduce and it was not proper in God’s eyed that any other than spouses see one another naked.


DennisCDiehl said...

Sadly and of course, poor Malm has no clue that the Adam and Eve myth is a Hebrew rework of a much older Sumerian myth about the gods becoming increasingly annoyed by all the noise and complaining of human worker bees who gardened for the gods. In the original tale, the gods drown the pesky humans and got their rest on the Seventh Day they were seeking.

This article in a nutshell:

"It is argued that by employing a "new twist" (an inversion) the Hebrews had a God (Yahweh-Elohim) coming to REST ON A SEVENTH DAY _after _CREATING A WORLD _AND MANKIND instead of _all_ the gods and goddesses RESTING ON A SEVENTH DAY _after _DESTROYING A WORLD_ AND MANKIND with a flood."

Malm and the like can pretend a literal Adam and Eve were this or that, did this or that or did not do this or that all he wishes , as if then was some guide for now, but he'd be very wrong and simply blowing smoke.

Joe Moeller said...

It is totally acceptable for Dave Pack to play the "Emperor's New Clothes Game" with his wife.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

"They were spouses.."

And the Lord said, If anyman here objects to this mar....doh...never mind!


Anonymous said...

"We do not know what the custom was before the flood..."

Oh, really? But you insist on all those "laws" having been "from creation."

Which is it. You know; you don't know? Nevermind, I know the answer.

Anonymous said...

James Malm is a modern version of those people in medieval times who argued about how many angels would fit on the head of a needle. In other words, expounding on things no one else would give two shits about.

DennisCDiehl said...
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DennisCDiehl said...

Malm needs to realize it is Adam and Eve NOT "Eve and Adam."

The whole point of the story is to demote women and place the blame for all things clearly at their feet. As a result, they will have babies painfully, even though before this there were no childbirths actually so we don't know what pain would have been or what that means. It's kinda like Cain all worried about getting booted from the Garden because "anyone who finds me will kill me." Ummm...Cain! There is NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH OUT THERE. You were just you and your brother and mom and dad. You bumped off your brother and Seth (the third born of A and E) is not yet here. But aside from that, that's the punishment.

Also they will call their husbands "Lord" as long as they do well. Though we don't know where they will get their husbands because there are no other women yet or men. But God works in mysterious ways so it all works out. If they don't do well you don't even want to know what happens to them.

I suspect Cain messed around with Neanderthals on Mt. Carmel and from there we got women of a lesser caliber than Eve to get the ball rolling. The Cainanderthals eventually became Noah's line of Shemp, Ham and Bacon who eventually populated the entire planet with Whites, Blacks and Yellows. Reds were actually Moundbuilding Israelites who were driven to near extinction by their brothers Ephraim and Manasseh

But it all works out in the Kingdom where once we are the married Bride to Christ and his Spouse, we can be all be pre-fall naked again with Malm's permission of course.

Wake up Malm. If you are going to take the last known title in COGdom of "The Moses to Come" you have to get your Old Testament Creation story straight.

ADAM and Eve....repent of that Eve and Adam stuff...

Joe Moeller said...

I, Joe Moeller, confess, (albeit in my younger days) , that I have consorted with "Neanderthal Women" , just like Cain did.

Yes, Ethel, the girls do all get prettier at closing time!

I am evidence that indeed, all sins can be forgiven, and repented of.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

James Malm should also make a discourse if Adam and Eve whisper sweet nothings to each other while naked, and if they experimented with all kinds of kisses, and all kinds of positions.

Anonymous said...

Anon: I don't think Malm would be to keen on a lot of different positions. Only those where the man is dominate over the woman would be permissible. Women are to be submissive in all things and must never take matters in their own hands> :)

Anonymous said...

This kind of extension of cosmic "right" and "wrong" into every tiny little aspect of one's life through close readings of every jot and tittle of some ancient book gives me a headache! It's just painful to me to think that some people are so totally dependent on the bible, and so worried about if they're blinking their eyes in the correct, god-ordained way, or if they're breathing in a "sinful" way or a "righteous" way, or whether their hat meets biblical criteria for a head covering, yada yada yada. At what point does a person come to their senses and realize that you just have to live life, and do what you do, and most things you do aren't THAT significant! It must be exhausting, worrying so much all of the time that god is judging you for whether you're putting one foot in front of the other in the "right" way when walking down the street, or not bouncing your eyes across the pretty women you see along the way quite fast enough. Talk about overthinking everything! How these people are wasting their lives, with so little sense of themselves, fretting over nothing.

Byker Bob said...

I'm shocked that Malm hasn't spelled out any details from the Levitical dispensation regarding correct toilet tissue, especially for the sabbath. I should think he would want to be in the very forefront in regulating that.


Anonymous said...

Adam gets as much or more blame than eve, so Dennis, you are all wet.

Anonymous said...

it seems that Mr. Malm has bought into the Roman Catholic idea of shame...Augustine, Origen, and the like propagated the idea that the human body is shameful and should be kept hidden from sight.....Mary became a perpetual virgin because sex became shameful too...

there is nothing shameful about being naked....God said creation was 'very good' after creating man, and that was sans-clothing.

they lived for who knows how long without clothing, and without naked does not equal sin.

God had Isaiah wander the streets for 3 years naked as a jaybird, and we know God will not make us do anything sinful...

we are raised being taught it is shameful to be seen nude, and that is something very difficult to overcome.

the human body is a beautiful thing and there is nothing dirty or shameful about it.

Anonymous said...

Adam gets as much or more blame than eve, so Dennis, you are all wet.

Yep, Adam shouldn't have married that bitch Eve.

Instead, he should have married...ummm...hmmm...

Actually, after looking at the facts of the situation, it looks like God's to blame!