Monday, August 5, 2013

The End Is Coming In 2026!!!!!!!!!!

Armstrongism has always loved to set and/or speculate about dates.  You would think by 2013 that they would have sense enough to stop doing it.  Every single one of their predictions have failed.

Now some COGers are looking at 2026 as the big date when it all happens:

Something else to ponder along with this train of thought is that it has been long thought that The End had to come by 1996, this was based on the mindset that it would be 2,000 yrs since Christ's birth. You have 2k yrs from creation to the promise being made to Abraham. Now what was the next important event to unfold? Christ's birth? Personally I would say no. The next event that had to take place was Christ overcoming Satan and qualifying to take over the throne of the Earth. That would have to have happened sometime around 26 A.D. 2,000 yrs in the future will take you to 2026. 40 yrs after Mr Armstrong died will once again take you to 2026.


Head Usher said...

And not only has every date ever set been wrong in the past, The gospels say that Jesus said that the date isn't knowable. But why should we be surprised it doesn't register in the closed mind of the Armstrongite that Jesus said this, when everything else he said has never registered either, things like, I don't know, not treating your fellow man like shit. "Whoa! REaLLy? Where did Jesus say that? How come I never heard about that before?" Cause you worship HWA, idiot! No matter how much time HWA worshipers spend "studying" their bibles, there are huge portions of it that can never penetrate through the force-field of Armstrongism, including most of the New Testament.

Painful Truth said...

These people are just trying to keep the show alive. They see the disintegration before their eyes, yet deny it.

This way allows you to justify your 40 + years wasted in a cult that stole you blind!

Happy retirement.

Byker Bob said...

Meanwhile, Dave's self-serving crap is supposed to start happening tomorrow (Tuesday). Yawn........


Anonymous said...

Comment was made that: "Armstrongism has always loved to set and/or speculate about dates. You would think by 2013 that they would have sense enough to stop doing it. Every single one of their predictions have failed..."

Well, there sure has been, and continues to be lots of speculations about dates and this and that; however, here is something that Jesus Christ did not speculate about:

Matthew 15:13 But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.
14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

Someday we will all learn what it was that the Father planted, and was not rooted up, but when?

Well, I'm not going to set any dates. Patience works for me...and life continues on...


Byker Bob said...


The thing about the dates is that it's what they use to create an artificial sense of urgency. The dates have consistently failed for decades, but if they were to admit that this were something it is actually impossible to know, and to quit setting them, they would lose their primary motivational tool. Revision accompanied by excuses, although disingenuous, keeps the "on edge" factor alive.

There is a method to the madness of not correcting their apostle's dated thoughts, or blatant errors. Every offbeat theory had very specific purposes, and was a necessary part of the total package. It's a house of cards, and if one were to pull, say the British Israel card, or the dates card, or the government from the top down card, or any other, the house collapses.


Anonymous said...

Exactly BB they set dates not realizing that they have truly destroyed people's lives and futures by dogmatically asserting something to be true when it was false. No wonder God prescribed the death penalty to false prophets in the OT!! What's wrong with living your life without the panic, anxiety and emotional distress of a great tribulation or WW3 cutting your future or life off tomorrow or next year??!! Isn't the world full of bad news enough??! True are the words of Jesus that sufficient into the day is the evil thereof! And whether HWA & the ACOGs knew it or not they were only contributing to all the suffering & sorrow in our world by their lies!
Off topic I just learned of Rick Ross's site on cults! He even includes WCG too!

Anonymous said...

Rick Ross was a life saver to many COG members as they were exiting various of the splinter cults. He has covered extensively many of the various splinter cults of the church and the criminal activity that has went on in them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my!

Someone thinks God wants his followers to wander in the desert of armstrongist splinters (UCG, PCG, LCG) for 40 years after HWA died???

That sounds like more like a sadist god than a benevolent god.