Monday, August 19, 2013

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"Where in the World are The Splinters?"
"In six short weeks, the “Church of God landscape” will forever change. Saturday, August 31 will be a Sabbath unlike any other in history. It will be the first time in decades that all of God’s people around the world will be meeting together in the same locations for services. Words cannot describe the excitement and happiness that will be everywhere soon after this reunification. In many areas, much of or possibly even entire congregations might “roll over” into The Restored Church of God. Brethren will have had weeks to prepare for this and to “consider their ways” before God. Those who come will have been led to return to the Body of Christ the day before this Sabbath. Reread this last sentence."
Screed #23


DANGER: Golf's Ticking Time Bomb  

" I tell you...they are coming.  They are....  You people just don't have faith!  God would not have revealed the real meaning of Haggai in a year different from the year it was going to happen.  Think!  Consider!  Ask why you don't get it. How many proofs do I have to give!"
(I made this one up...for now)
Well, here we are.  Getting into the last week of August and still nothing much on the horizon as far as Exodus 2013 is concerned.  At least nothing visible on my end.  I can't imagine if there had not been some major defections especially by men of renoun, Dave would not have spoken up to at least use it for advertising and propaganda.  I could be wrong.  Maybe there are lines of ministers right now being processed and tested , hidden away in sound proof booths with their cell phones confiscated.

Stalag IV-B/Z, WWII POW Camp

Reporting For Ministry Mr. Pack...Sir!

I imagine there are look outs posted all around the grounds for signs of unusual traffic and movement into Wadsworth and towards God's Headquarters.

Photo Gallery -

"No Sir..we're looking.  We don't see anything yet."


Changes: a new brand is being born

"Yes Sir...of course we're looking out the entrance towards Giant Eagle. » Gallery » Screen Shots » Bad Hotel » Hotel Watch

"No Sir...I'm sorry.  The parking lots aren't filled up yet.  We have a few spaces left"


"Sir!  I think I see a group from United coming onto the property!"
Become a Zombie for The Walking Dead | The Walking Dead Podcast

"Oh sorry bad.  It's the group who want their retirements and 401k's back from last week."


Banned by HWA! Books, News and Observations About Armstrongism and

"Yes Sir, that's exactly where we referred them."




" Yes Sir...we'll look again.  Where are you looking Sir?  Oh wait!   Yes we see that too..."


"No sorry Sir...that's just those former employee kids again...Yes sir, the ones you called demon possessed in church for not sitting still while you spoke."


Cloud Corridor - WWII Airmen in Captivity

"Yes Sir, we see them too.  Those are the staff you just let go and took their fleet cars."


Toronto Real Estate and Neighbourhoods Blog | Move Smartly: Ed's

"We do have a second minister here wanting an audience.  He doesn't want to say which splinter he is from until he knows he passes the test."


Gordon Campbell » Blog Archive » WTF: Beating up on Goff

"Oh sorry Sir...we thought you said 'fork him.  Our bad."


August | 2011 | troopytracks

"No...just be a bit more patient Sir.  I'm sure they are all getting gas even as we speak."


Keep Your Eyes Peeled on Behance

"Yes sir.  As painful as that sounds, we will do that Sir and let you know if we see anything happening."


8 Common Small Business Marketing Problems - Results Easy

"Hi Sir..No Sir. Not much going on here.  It could happen Sir."


Ticking Clock



















Allen C. Dexter said...

This is such a circus to watch! I want to see what weasling he uses to get out of this fix. If COGers weren't so dumb, I'd predict a mass exodus from his group instead. I suspect that's too much to hope for.

Byker Bob said...

These ACOG guys really like to test their teflon, and their kevlar, don't they?

It's what happens sometimes when you get a voice and amplify it yourself, rather than letting God do it. Imagine, prancing all over the internet telling everybody that you are the pivotal character in one of God's prophet's prophecies! No wonder Dave doesn't want anybody else having a voice! He can't stand rebuttal, and he can't stand competition.

How many times has he been defrocked and disfellowshipped? Oops. Just remembered. These guys never repent of HWA's sins!


Anonymous said...

It appears that the "Pack gambit" has failed to pay off in a steady stream of new clarion call victims. Dave would certainly be boasting of new ministers he poached and new tithe-payers, if he got any. He is so silent these days. Maybe he is hoping that everyone will forget about his false prophesies.

Nemesis of Pack

Joe Moeller said...

I have friends in various COGs all around the country. I am connected on Facebook with hundreds of others as well.

The official count so far from both my camera angle and those of my contacts....


Also, if Pack even got ONE minister, he would be bragging to the rooftops right now, in trying to create a "cascade effect" or a "me too" momentum. Heck, Pack almost "pee'd his pants" when Dale Schurter came his way from UCG a few years ago.

There is no buzz about Pack. He is not even being discussed or gossiped about. He is really a non-issue, and his silly campaign really only gets any attention right HERE! , and of course it is derided at this forum.

Only 10 days left for a lot of crap to hit the fan according to Davey. The pressure must be unbearable for him.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Dude, do u have a job? U people are obsessed to the point of compulsion...

Anonymous said...

I'll continue just a bit.......

"Watch in amazement as Superherbie removes lipstick from women all around the world just by using CAPS LOCK in his typewriter!"

Did you think you'd leave this big show unscathed???
"See a half-asleep Don Billingsley drive a clown car around the third ring and crash head-on into a monkey!"

Then, an animatronic Richard Armstrong gets out of the cute mini-car and stands near the exit and spanks everyone who made too much noise during the big show!

DennisCDiehl said...

Anonymous said...
Dude, do u have a job? U people are obsessed to the point of compulsion..."

yes and probably. I did not speak up to myself or others the first time this theological baloney and one man show religion came calling. It was unchallenged and unaccountable. Not this time.

DennisCDiehl said...

PS. I have tried 4x to share some thoughts and they get trashed so I will assume the Karma Fairy wants me to get to the point.

If Dave Pack was a gentle, meek, kind, patient, longsuffering practician of the kind of ministry and life we see in I Corinthians 13, which I find hard to believe the Apostle Paul wrote but if he came to his arrogant senses in life too, good on him, I'd not care one whit about Dave Pack.

If he was a helper of people's joy in all things positive in scripture and a servant to all, I'd not care. But he is not. He has thrown down a ridiculous and theologically error ridden gauntlet that expires in 11 days when he will become moot and irrelevant.

I have asked him 3x to talk, debate or "reason together" publically to no avail. Anyone can be brave and outspoken from behind castle walls. Dave hurts people and a number are in touch with me over just how he does it and the pain it causes them.

Hes a clever Bible reader and proof texter which is not the same as an educated, balanced and intelligent theologian. He is not qualified to teach religion and all the titles in the world or being an HWA clone cannot fix that.

And Bob Thiel got a double portion of nothing as far as I can tell. Only in the COGs do you see this ridiculous title taking and true church hubris. It would be hilarious if it was not so hurtful to sincerely seeking folk.

I watch this when I need to regain my perspective on all this stuff.

Head Usher said...

"In six short weeks, the 'Church of God landscape' will forever change. Saturday, August 31 will be a Sabbath unlike any other in history."

And what happens when August 31 is just another ordinary Saturday? There ought to be a personal cost to Dave F. Pack. If there isn't, he'll keep doing this over and over ... and over again.

It just pains me that people are stupid enough to keep following Ron Weinland and it pains me that Ron Weinland is unscrupulous enough to do this to those who are stupid enough to let him get away with it, and then continue to send him their money. It pains me that Dave F. Pack in another Ron Weinland.

Anonymous said...

(Don't feel bad Dennis, the Cyber Karma Fairy keeps keeping this comment from being posted, too! Here's my 3x try....)

"This is such a circus to watch!"

I thought it was a "Sir-cus", from reading here.

Lots of animals, preachimals and amazing acts to see in this multi-ring circus under the Big Top of splintered Armstrongism.

"Step right up, folks! See the weasel Feazell balance the Ball of Inequity on his nose!"

"Be astounded as the "cows that roar" in the center ring make mincemeat of the United Church of God's "unitedness"!

"Come see the reenactment of Terry Ratzman's distain for gun control at the 'OK LCG Corral'!"

"Watch in amazement as 10,000 ACOG trapeze artists all land in Davey Pack's midget car - by yesterday!"

"See the astounding buttclenching by Ron Weinland in prison as he writes about sex!"

"See the amazing Intercontinental church bring Garner Ted Armstrong back to life!"

"Watch as James Malm takes the Old Testament to new heights under the Big Top!"

"See the Largest Christian Elephant In The Room dispel the notion of "harmony of the gospels" via The Amazing Paul!"

"Watch the dizzying antics of Chiropractor Bob as he tries to straighten his crooked bookshelf while devils from ancient Mayan civilizations keep unstraightening it!"

"Be a part of it all, as the 3 rings suddenly become Lake Loma, and you can participate by digging it by hand with your bloody fingers while a huge holograph of Loma Armstrong appears overhead insisting you clean all WCG toilets with a toothbrush!"

"Watch in amazement as God's Ministers juggle the Bible on the high wire, claiming that prophecies which are thousands of years old are all about RIGHT NOW! (Don't worry folks, should they slip, those ministers are protected by a safety net woven of tithe-payers in a state of rigor mortisly ignorant bliss.)"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates and sharing info on the status of Pack's prophesy. I suffer from his lies because my spouse believes that Dave is an apostle and the only correct thinking human being on planet Earth with regard to church matters. I have been dealing with this for about a year now. My marriage is suffering and our money is going to Dave against my will. Dave and his goons know how I feel about it, and they have gone covert against me and are a wedge between me and my husband, they have no respect for the marriage. I hate this cult group, they are harmful and cunning. You folks here help me get through the days when I feel alone and isolated. It's a miserable feeling to think that your spouse loves Dave's church more than me. So please keep sharing, I need you, and am grateful for the time that you all put in here. I want to see Dave fail in a big way so that it is undeniable and so that my spouse will return to his senses and get out of this cult.

Allen C. Dexter said...

I really feel sorry for the anonymous lady. Don't hold your breath over your husband regaining his senses. This kind of thing warps the mind to where no amount of happenings will open it. Pack will have some clever way of explaining it all away and making it the fault of the members who will be made to feel guilty so they'll sacrifice even more.

Former RCG said...

This is in response to that poor lady who's husband is in RCG. Dave Pack may appear to be cunning, but he edits all his sermons. He makes a lot of mistakes, so they have to be corrected before they are sent out into the field or put on the Internet. Unfortunately, not that many will leave RCG (when his prophesies fail). They believe he is the way, the truth, and the life.

Byker Bob said...

Anon 1:44 ~Most of us who are regular posters here remember our own former predicaments in Armstrongism, and are always thinking of folks such as yourself over whom these people still exert power. I do not envy your predicament, and you and your husband will be in my prayers. I am one of the mainstream Christian posters here on Gary's blog, and I believe that your husband has made a relatively common mistake in the world of Armstrongism.

Jesus did tell His followers we are to love the Lord our God with all our beings. I don't think you would mind it if your husband put God first, ahead of you. But, it's Dave he's putting first. Unfortunately, Armstrongism teaches people to substitute their ministers who call themselves Apostles and Prophets for God, and the work that they do for God's one and only work. The original Apostles didn't even take that kind of authority for themselves because they knew they had to leave room for God to exercise His government from the bottom-up, transforming one human heart at a time. To my knowledge, none of the original apostles inserted themselves as specific individuals into Old Testament prophecy. They reserved that privilege for Jesus. And, the closest thing they had to a building program was Paul's tentmaking with Aquilla and Priscilla. Those tents were for commercial usage outside of the church, not to aggrandize personal empires.

We believe Dave Pack has positioned himself for a great fall, but unfortunately, some of these people in the past have also gotten away with the massive evil they inflict on others. The good news is that they are less likely to escape unscathed, because we do have a voice with which to expose their error and evil, while holding them accountable.

It is very possible that your husband's outlook will change with time. I've heard Christian counsellors recommend showing such mates lots of love, but also, be true to what you know in your heart to be right. And that is a paraphrase for putting God first. They recommend a loving approach because it is difficult to walk away from love, but relatively easy to turn one's back on anger and bitterness. Because of this, the reality is that you probably have more control than you realize.

Best of luck, and Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

You have a mate in RCG? Watch out.

It seemed to me that the PCG they practically try to select your mate for you. It's done according to what they think is best for them, not you, and there is no bible basis for what they are doing. However, they can always find some bible "principle" to justify anything, and so could anybody else if they were so inclined. Watch out, because I think some of these churches want to get rid of unconverted mates so they might even try to break up a marriage. All they need is an excuse.

Anonymous said...

there are plenty of folks out there scaming guillible people in the name of religion...

HERE are a few not connected to the old WCG.

it is much more effective, however, to use people like Pack, Flurry, et al, if you are trying to discredit The Church....their teachings are much closer to the truth than any of the protestants, and therefore more likely to mislead Church members....

Glenn said...

So, Anon 10:59,

Which splinter is the real cog? You tell us that it is not Pack or Flurry. Please save us a lot of effort and just tell us which group is the god blessed, really true remnant. Maybe everyone will rush over there on August 30th.

Glenn Parker

Anonymous said...

"Which splinter is the real cog? You tell us that it is not Pack or Flurry. Please save us a lot of effort and just tell us which group is the god blessed, really true remnant. Maybe everyone will rush over there on August 30th."

I tell you, it is not any of the WCG splinters that preach HWA. Just because they are prospering does not mean they are of God above. All churches are prospering in America with these mega churches preaching prosperity, RCG is no different and the members love it.

I have found one that is very much preaching the word, because all others are afraid to speak of the sin in our lives and how we are to live in righteousness. This one assembly even paid to put up a billboard that says "sin: America's only problem, Yahweh: America's only hope."

Amos 8:11 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

I think we are here, very hard to hear the truth from the pulpit. All are preaching half truths and the ones with a lot of truth leave out the Savior. The gospel is not just about the coming kingdom, but about salvation. It is the good news of the grace that is given to us, we cannot achieve it on our own, yet we must obey the Father.

Isa 52:7 How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!

Isa 61:1 The Spirit of the Lord GOD [is] upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to [them that are] bound;

Is Pack doing this? No, he is putting a yoke upon people, telling them if they leave him/his church that they will loose the Holy Spirit and Saying that his church is the government of God is false. Jesus the Son said himself that His kingdom/government was not of this world. These are deceiving doctrines and unbiblical, like so many of his teachings (very lukewarm). People are still looking for signs and wonders, they will come, but not from above. BEWARE! We must read our bibles daily and be careful who we let in our minds.