Saturday, August 31, 2013

Will the Members of the Restored Church of God Hold David C Pack Accountable For His Lie?

It is now after 6:00 p.m. Wadsworth time.  All Restored Church of God services are over, even here on the West Coast.  No splinter group ministers died today.  Tens of thousands of COG members did not jump ship to join up with Dave.  Not a thing happened.

David C Pack is now ready to go down in Church of God history as a certified liar and false prophet in the vein of William Miller, Herbert Armstrong, Gerald Flurry and Ron Weinland.  1844, 1845, 1971, 1975, 2008, 2012, and 2013, all dates to live in COG infamy for lies uttered by theological depraved idiots.

The sad part is that Dave's cult members will stick by his side when he comes up with a new excuse.  They did that for William Miller, so much so that his followers became even more fervent in their end time prophecies.  They did it to Herbert Armstrong when he lied in 1971 and 1975.  They stood by Ron Weinland when his prophecies failed and they stood by Gerald Flurry when he lied about Petra two years ago. It only took a prison sentence for Ron to start losing members and ministers, while members have stuck by the side of the other leaders.

What will Dave Pack's members do?  Will any of them have the wherewithal to leave his cult now?  They know for a fact he lied to them.  He has stolen their money to build monuments to himself.  Will Dale Schurter grow a pair of balls and take personal responsibility and walk away publicly holding Dave accountable for his lie?

On Sunday morning, September 1, Dave is going to go about his business as if nothing happened.  He will of course have had his god talking to him over the last day or so telling him to not to respond to his critics.  His god will remind him that the average COG member is a sucker and will soon forget Dave ever uttered his false predictions.  People will quickly forget and send in more money when Dave asks.  They do this because in the back of their mind  Armstrongism has installed a tape that runs 24/7/365.  That tape says, "But, what IF he was right, but the timing is off.  I am under the government of God and must remain loyal or I will lose my salvation." 

That "what IF" is a big deal breaker for many.  They will see it as a test to see if they are loyal to the government of God.  Dave, ever the manipulator that he is, will take full advantage of that thinking.  With threats of being disloyal to the "government of God," to disloyalty to Dave himself, is the yoke that he will hang over his members.

Disloyalty is a heavy burden in Armstrongism.  The problem is, 9 times out of 10 it is disloyalty on the part of the ministers, evangelists, prophets, and leaders that is the issue.  Their disloyalty to the membership is appalling.  They use and abuse the members while never taking responsibility for anything.  Heck, when you have leaders like Dave Pack and Rod Meredith who claim that they have never committed a major sin, what is a bottom feeding member supposed to do? How do you question that...


Douglas Becker said...

Incompetent fools.

Former RCG said...

A lot of members will just say, "so what he made a mistake regarding prophesy, others have, but the RCG/Pack are the only ones doing the work."

Head Usher said...

Or in other words, Dave Pack is just the latest broken record of Armstrongism failing to learn the lessons of history and as such is doomed to repeat...doomed to reapeat...doomed to repeat...doomed to reapeat...doomed to reapeat...doomed to reapeat...doomed to reapeat...doomed to reapeat...doomed to reapeat...doomed to reapeat...doomed to reapeat...doomed to reapeat...doomed to reapeat...doomed to reapeat...doomed to reapeat...

Head Usher said...

Hey, I just lied,
And this is crazy,
But here's my campus,
Send money maybe?

Byker Bob said...

It takes a big cluster to make people leave an ACOG. I would say that if there were some of Dave's members right on the tipping point, this charade might be the final prompt for them to vote with their boot heels. Probably most won't.

The problem is that these "ministers" know that, and exploit it. Bad, bad leadership. There was no reason for any of this. If God had anything to do with the pollution of the New Covenant with the Old (which is Armstrongism), and wanted the splinters united, it would be done without some third rate carni barker's self-aggrandizing hoopla and death threats.

We can't forget the elitism that would have existed amongst Dave's original members if this had gone through. Some of them were probably looking forward to being the fair-haired children, the leaders. Like I say, many of them are probably saying "looks like its going to be next Elul." For some, this crap, unfortunately, is not over yet. Just watch!


Michael said...

"The sad part is that Dave's cult members will stick by his side when he comes up with a new excuse."

Yep, because, unfortunately, they are convinced that this man has some special magical way of interpreting their copy of the Bible.
I think the biggest hump one has to overcome is this idea that one's leader/minister/preacher has some magic understanding, even if scripture were somehow divine.
In reality, David C. Pack is just a guy who came along, like everyone else, read some verses from a very old source and decided "I think this is what it means". Anyone is able to do that, but if you become convinced that Pack's "I think this is what it means" somehow carries monumental weight, well, all bets are off, you will stick by his side.

Michael said...

Also, any bets on how long before "God's People back together - SOON!" is removed from the RCG site?
As long as it remains online isn't it a major embarrassment for them?
Or at least when the backpedaling begins, it will require a major rewriting :-)
At least "1975 in prophecy" was removed from print well before 1975 methinks!

Sweetblood777 said...

With all the attention that Pack is getting these days, has anyone noticed (besides me)that King's blog is gone from the net?

Perhaps he joined Pack, or he has run for cover. Hope it is the latter for these guys ought to get real jobs like the rest of us, instead of being leeches.

DennisCDiehl said...

I would think Dave is going to have to pull his 25 Anouncements proving to all future readers something is amiss in the man's mind fairly soon. It can't help to have them on the site.

I expect his will either go stone cold silend and go about his business as if nothing has occurred, or he will mine his own writings for wiggle room.

Neither approach will serve him very well.

I guarantee there will be no lasting apology. Those with Dave's type of mentality and issues can apologize initially when trapped, but are adept at apology withdrawals a very short time later either publically to keep the show going, or privately hoping it all will go away and one can continue on their old trajetory of abuse and control.

Or he may brag up the few who may have been unstable enough to join him and make the few and "awesome" "huge" and "gyrate in your seats," event.

That gyrating in your seats stuff leaves a disturbing mental image in my head for some reason lol

We'll see I guess. The silence speaks volumes.

NO2HWA said...

Sweetblood: Malm moved his blog to another domain name. He's still here spouting his stupidity.

Joe Moeller said...


I think you mean E.W. King, not Malm. (yes, it is easy to get the crazies mixed up!)

Indeed, and unfortunately he is still writing his madness, now to be found at

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

NO2HWA said...

Joe: Thanks. I am so used to Malm's stupidity that is what my brain was thinking. Thanks for the link, I did nt have it on my iPad.

NO2RCM said...

"Former RCG said... A lot of members will just say, "so what he made a mistake regarding prophesy, others have, but the RCG/Pack are the only ones doing the work."

That's exactly what many people in LCG say when I point out how RCM is wrong in so many ways. The reality is they don't want to face the facts, don't want to face the possibility that they're wrong; and they dread the trauma of leaving the church. So they just close their eyes and drink in the propaganda, never mind what God wants. The reality is that Pack and Meredith are hardly doing the work of God at all. Nowhere did Jesus command us to preach the gospel to the world as a witness. Nowhere did Jesus call on us to spew vile hatred for other groups (both RCM & DCP do that). What about "becoming all things to all men that by any means I might save some"? No, these men are nothing but lazy evangelists, doing what Jesus never told us to do and not doing what He did tell us to do.

Anonymous said...

Even if the members accept in their heart that Daveoid blew it, don't expect a mass exodus because it makes some people feel righteous to be in one of the strictest, most sacrificing COGs with a pile of literature to do the work (even if nobody in the world is actually reading it, but they don't know that, they believe Davoid's phoney stats).