Sunday, October 27, 2013

More Vile Family Destroying Filth From the Morally Degenerate Philadelphia Church of God

In November of 2010 there was a letter sent to The Painful Truth web site about a Philadelphia Church of God family that threw their daughter out on the street and refused to care for her:
"For some time, my niece has been disillusioned by the Philadelphia Church of God. Her first awakening occurred when she asked her parents if she could stay with a non-cult member relative who lives on the East Coast, (that would be my wife and me), for two weeks, as part of her summer vacation. A boy her age, (a non cult member), who was enrolled in an accelerated program at school studying to become a doctor, was staying with us."

"When my niece continued to press her parents to be released from the abuse of the Philadelphia Church of God, her mother said she was “dead to her,” and turned her photo face down on her bureau top. Her parents told her to leave the house, as they wanted to concentrate their love and affection on their other daughters, who wanted to remain in the cult. My niece said her parents told her she was infecting the household with her “evil.” While kicking her out of the house, they refused to drive her anywhere, and threatened anyone who helped her with legal action for harboring a minor. My niece was forced to walk a busy highway for over an hour alone, until a classmate saw her and gave her a ride."

"Some days later, when my niece called her parents after she was out on the streets for a few days desperate to return home, her parents refused to answer her calls, or return her voice messages. When they saw her in public, they turned their backs on her and walked the other way. At one point, her parents let her return for a few days while they made sure they wouldn’t get in any legal trouble by abandoning their minor-aged daughter to the streets. During these three days, my niece says she had to sleep on the floor, as her parents had turned her bedroom into a weight lifting room and removed her bed, giving it to the family dog. She was told to leave the house after the third day, apparently after the parent’s consultation with their “lawyer,” who must have told them they wouldn’t get into too much legal trouble. If their lawyer is the one I know of, this individual is a cult member, who the Bar Associated suspended at one point for practicing law in their state without a license"

The Painful Truth now as a letter from the father of the non-PCG boy mentioned above.  What he tells is a sickening story of the filth that Gerald Flurry and the Philadelphia Church of God have brainwashed its members into believing.

I am the father of the non-cult  (b)oyfriend (now her husband) in the letter. (Editor: next letter down) Everything you say is true, but what you didn’t know, couldn’t know, is the devastation that she has brought on my family. I paid for their entire wedding, their rings, their honeymoon, an entire new wardrobe for her, and within months of their marriage, she had reconciled with  family, and is dragging my son into the clutches of this cult. When her parents turned her out on the street at age 17, they threatened me with legal prosecution if I gave her aid in any way. I told them that i simply could not turn my back on someone so helpless, and so obviously in need. Now that she has secured my son and reconciled with her family, she disapproves of my life as a doctor (a dentist), as well as my girlfriend’s life as a cosmetologist. My relationship with my oldest son Spencer has been all but destroyed by the demands and brainwashing that her family and her church have taught her to do. None of her family came to the wedding. It was my honor to serve as my sons best man at his wedding as well as walking the bride down the aisle to give her away to my son. She currently is constantly undermining my ability to raise my remaining three children. Whenever they go over to Spencer and Jessie’s house, she “borrows” their phone and erases my girlfriends number, blocks her from their Facebook pages, and generally undermines any attempts at my son and my reconciliation. My son obviously tries to maintain contact with me, but even though we only live a few blocks apart, he can’t come over here without immediately being scolded and compelled to come “home” to her. It’s ironic that they claim to be Jewish and yet they wanted me to throw their daughter out into the street when she was looking for shelter. Have they forgotten the Holocaust? Fortunately not all Europeans shared this belief in WWII. She was literally living in my daughter’s closet for some time because she didn’t want me, or my then wife, to get into any trouble. I literally was hiding away a Jewish girl in my closet for months while her parents played them role of the Nazis and the SS. It was crazy! Now my son can barely have any relationship with me because she disapproves of our lifestyle! My son now works at the opportunity center in Redmond OR as a tutor to the disabled adults that live there. Oddly enough, Jesse’s (the niece) mother is my son’s supervisor! It goes deeper, much deeper than I could possibly convey in this letter. it would be a book. Thank you for sharing her story. It was a tragedy to my family and destroyed my second marriage, and greatly strains my current relationship. Feel free to write back or call me anytime should you have any questions or need additional information. Thank you for publishing this story, I hope it can save another family from going through what my family is currently going through.

The entire email exchange is here.


Byker Bob said...

In the minds of these cultic peoples, there is no such thing as unconditional love. Rather than see about 75% obedience, and then pray and hope for the best, they will throw their children out on the street not caring that in most cases they will be thrown into both heterosexual and homosexual prostitution to support themselves. The warping memories of those experiences will stay with them until death or Alzheimer's, and will affect all aspects of their lives, careers, marriages, and ability to raise their own children.

Years ago, while driving between business calls, I picked up a crying hitch hiker in the Hollywood area. She had just been raped by a pimp. There was nothing I could do for her, except to drive her to a friend's house and safety. Apparently she had come in from somewhere in the Midwest, where things had not been so good at home. It wasn't a pretty picture.

These cults corrupt and pervert the natural, innate love that even animals have for their offspring. And somehow, they expect their "attaboys" from Jesus when He returns! It just doesn't compute.


RSK said...

If indeed the young woman went back to the group, I can sadly say that it isn't a total surprise. Sometimes, in the process of detachment, that seems easier...

Anonymous said...

A Flurry or Pack is going to to piss off one too many folk and end up with Bob Thiel explaining why Christians don't use crosses again.

Joe Moeller said...

To think that I used to be scared by Twilight Zone episodes at one time! No, reality is scarier than fiction at times, and this time, in this situation it is not only scarier, stranger and more twisted, but also very true.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Yep, they imitate the HWA who believed in "my way or the highway" child rearing, no consultation with healthcare professionals, no cosmetics for the ladies, and it's not ok to marry Filipinas.

Britain W. Stevenson said...

This is total BULLSHIT! People need to get away from Flurry and his asshole ministers. Brian Davis, a Regional Director in the PCG,(who just happened to throw me and my 13 year old son out of the PCG), and Wayne Turgeon,(Gerald Flurry's son -in-law), would never treat they're children this way. Those people are INSANE PSYCHOPATHS!! Excuse my language, but I'm tired of these people getting away with all this cruelty. They need to be locked up FOREVER!!

Glenn said...

But it is OK to have Filipinas as girlfriends and to bring them into the country and stash them in an apartment near your house if you are an apostle.

Random Lurker said...

@ Moeller:

Wow, I agree with you on this one. At least UCG's not known for this level of horror.

@ Glen:

Source please?

@ Biker Bob:

Prostitution? In most cases? I think you're exaggerating just a bit.

In any case, this nightmare of a story is just another of many examples where I take pause and look back at how fortunate I am for never having gotten married in the cult. Falling in love is awfully easy, breaking the bonds between crazy parents and their approval-seeking children - not so much.

Sounds like the husband also gave up a promising career in the medical field. And for what?

That said, the father approving/financing the marriage at 18 is probably not the best judgment to begin with. Hindsight 20/20 I suppose.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with these people?!?!
Srsly like Britain said this is total bullshit!!!
This poor girl has BAITERS for parents who see nothing wrong in using emotional extortion to selfishly get their own way! & now this poor girl is following their unChristian & sociopathic example! The father of the bloke married to this girl has to get serious--I mean Dr Phil serious!--& lay down some ground rules with his son's wife! For starters what fcuking example is he giving when he fcuking paid for his son's entire wedding & honeymoon etc?!?! So they get an all expenses paid wedding/honeymoon & this narcissistic girl treats her father-in-law with such contempt disrespecting his choice of partner?!?!
These cults teach what I believe is Biblically true ie the Godhead is a family & thus the institution of marriage & the family should be highly respected & valued, but these same cults are so destructive to families wherever they are allowed to flourish I believe that they have come from the pit of hell just like the devil mixed some truth in persuading Eve into sabotaging & destroying her relationship with God & her husband! Honestly lstening to how damaging these Armstrong cults are I curse the day I ever came across a copy of the Plain Truth trash mag! They have destroyed families & lives & will continue to do so! I hope God will give the likes of HWA, Flurry, Pack, Meredith & all that continue to support & advance these groups & the doctrines of devils that they teach the just desserts they are entitled to for destroying relationships at the same time they hypocritically teach in the name of having a relationship with the one true God! Total blasphemy which if I recall the 3rd commandment plainly says those who do such things will not be guiltless to Him!

Anonymous said...

let's hope they don't have children because none of them sound very bright. Maybe Jerry Springer material. The problem in my mind is mostly the girl -- that she could go back to her parents and the church after that treatment.

The boy, maybe his parents should hire a cult deprogrammer to kidnap him.

RSK said...

As I said, not a surprise to me. I would be surprised if many who left the COGs had everything "together" before they left. I managed to escape as a teen in the early 90s, yet in those first few years I had several moments where I might have gone back. I hadn't yet realized the fallacy that was many aspects of Armstrongism and initially believed I'd "just" been treated badly by various persons. Its a lot to take in, especially when you were born into it. Hell, ten years ago I'd probably still have defended British-Israelism...

Byker Bob said...

RL: In most cases, you are right. Negative on the prostitution. However, it can and does happen, as we learned from some of the young people who had been expelled from Warren Jeffs' FLDS, and shunned by their families. One would hope that even the most dehumanized PCG member would not want to take the chance on this happening to one of their children, but we know that there are some who believe that if a kid leaves the church, he or she deserves anything that happens to them.

At least, back in the '60s, when I got kicked out, it was in the 'burbs, and I was always able to do yard work for neighbors to get money for food, soda, and cigarettes until my siblings were sent to find me. The parental units were hip to the fact that I was making money and actually made sure that I took care of the tithe and offering situation immediately upon my return.


Anonymous said...

I happen to agree that flurry's organization is not good, but I challenge you to follow up on that couple in a few years; my bet is all will not be well because children are typically wrong in such a situation, regardless of what families they are from.

Glenn said...

R. Lurker,

I readily concede that I have no court evidence on the Filipia girlfriend story but then I am not trying to win a court case either. As always, you are free to belief what you chose. The original source for me was an HQ executive who had personal knowledge of the situation and who is still a minister in one of the wcg splinters. I later read a reference to the story in Ambassador Watch. I would guess that the owner of this blog may be able to comment if he chooses to do so.

According to Ambassador Watch, "The Globe presented a photo of HWA standing close to a seductive young mini-skirted Oriental woman who was supposed to be "Ramona Martin, a half-breed Cherokee Indian," HWA's second wife. Actually, it wasn't Ramona but, according to some sources, HWA's former Filipino girlfriend. WCG members who sent clippings of the article to church headquarters requesting an explanation were never answered."

There was another story with more details of HWA bringing the woman to Pasadena, putting her up in an apartment, then eventually sending her back to the Philippines when he discovered that she had acquired a boyfriend in California. Can't find that story right now and it is not worth my time to search further at this point. For me it fits with what I personally know about HWA's self-indulgent lifestyle.

By the way, how about you telling us who you are instead of hiding in the shadows?

Glenn Parker

Anonymous said...

Random Lurker asked Glenn for a "source" re his comment thus: "But it is OK to have Filipinas as girlfriends and to bring them into the country and stash them in an apartment near your house if you are an apostle."

I believe the source would be William Dankenbring as I recall reading similarly in his excellent article, "Was Herbert Armstrong Really the 'Elijah to come' as some claim?"

Dankenbring states: "Along these lines, a former evangelist in the Worldwide Church of God – Albert J. Portune – told me personally that Herbert Armstrong had brought two Filipino girls to the U.S. and had put them in an apartment in Pasadena – nobody knows what for. However, later upon learning that one of the girls had found another boy friend, her own age, he grew furious and shipped them back to the Philippines! Knowing about his preoccupation with sex, the purpose those nubile young girls served for him seems rather obvious."

I think if people who adored this man and his son, GTA, clinging to every word he uttered as if it were from the mouth of God Himself, were to truly see what this man was really like behind the scenes I think they'd be shocked into a coma!

Random Lurker said...

@ Glenn

I readily concede that I have no court evidence on the Filipia girlfriend story but then I am not trying to win a court case either.

I didn't issue a subpoena, did I Glenn? I've simply never heard this particular story (not for lack of doing my research into HWA debauchery) and was simply curious as to the source.

I'm fine in the shadows, by the way. I've got nothing to prove, and quite frankly, I don't subscribe to the macho mentality a number of people here display regarding the need to wave their names in everyone's face.

I have no desire to have my name associated with any of these doomsday cults. My points are no less valid for my anonymity so I'll keep right on wearing my mask, thanks.

@ Anon 9:21

Thanks for the link!

Glenn said...


I understand your preferring to stay anon and not be publicly associated with the remnants of a cult. For me, putting my real name on my posts is a step in accepting responsibility for my past life in the cult and integrating all that into my current life.

It seems that I misunderstood your intent in asking for my source for the story and assumed that you were attempting to defend HWA, which is something for which I have little patience these days.

Glenn Parker

Anonymous said...

As far as I no. It was President Marcos who had a girlfriend living in Pasadena as a recorded fact.

RSK said...

" my bet is all will not be well because children are typically wrong in such a situation"

Can you clarify, Anon? Not sure what you mean precisely by "wrong".

Anonymous said...

Its probably better for some people 2 stay anon.
Most Worldwiders I could never relate to. Had nothing in common other than the herbolatry. Maybe not good 2 get close to anyone even now. Once in a while U can tell by the arrogance and ego one of the anons was probably a minister. Best not to pick a scab.