Thursday, October 31, 2013

Weinland Cult Members Racked Up Credit Card Bills, Spent All of their 2T and Quit Jobs Because They Thought Jesus Was Returning Pentecost 2013

According to Weinerdude Weinland, it seems that most of his long time members have left after his repeated failures and he now has a new group of people.  Why anyone would join this lying fraud is beyond me.

The purpose of this post will be to cover a few items for God’s Church that would be good to be addressed at this time concerning financial planning. As the Church today is composed mostly of newer people, there are matters that come up from time to time that have need of further clarification and guidance.
Over the past couple of years, the Church has learned much and grown much through the process of having strongly embraced two separate occasions when it believed Christ would return, Pentecost of 2012 and then again on Pentecost of 2013. This “experience” created and produced a spirit of conviction that was far more fully molded and fashioned toward “living” God’s way (truth and law) of life and it being first and foremost our primary focus in life. This is a far deeper conviction and “understanding” actively living in God’s people in a far greater way than I have witnessed in my 44 years in God’s Church.
Apparently a lot of Ron's cult members spent all of their second tithe before Pentecost this year, believing that Jesus was retuning and they would no longer need it.  It also seems that some fools quit their jobs.  Then Ron says that a lot of them went on spending sprees with their credit cards.  The reasoning behind that was that, IF Jesus is returning on Pentecost 2013 then why not rack up your card balances because at that point the banks would fail and you would not need to worry about paying it back.
There is no price that can be placed upon the value of what God has created in His people through this time. Yet, there is also a component of a literal price paid in the lives of all who have gone through this process. Some of that cost may have involved recycling stored goods (primarily foods) or even discarding some that spoiled. Other costs may have involved Feast of Tabernacles expenditures that had been largely used before each Pentecost, since the focus was so absolute that Christ would return at that time, therefore all currency saved to that time would have no value afterward. Another area of impact affected some who believed they would no longer have their jobs after Pentecost (in this age) and planned accordingly. This list could certainly include several other matters that created a greater financial impact in people’s lives, but perhaps the most common was that which involved over-extending credit purchases above what one could otherwise handle.

Stupidly following Ron led most of his  members to believe that the old way was disappearing so why not take advantage of it.  It sounds just like William Miller all over again.  Idiots all.

Yet despite the spending sprees, Ron's god transformed the lives of all those that waited patiently for Jesus.  Their lives were transformed when he did not return.  The idiotic reasoning of this guy is appalling.  Of course, everything ends up being"on the spiritual plane" and not ground in reality.

Some of the literal cost experienced by people was simply a natural consequence of believing this current age of man’s self-rule was ending, which includes man’s established economic system coming to an end. Other costs were simply self-imposed as a result of unwise choices. Yet with all of the various costs to people’s lives, none can be remotely compared to the “value” of what was created and fashioned in us by God’s creation and transforming power at work in our lives due to this incredible experience. In addition to the incredible depth of conviction that was molded into people’s lives, there was much more that was learned on a spiritual plane. As a result, many have grown much more in Godly wisdom, deeper understanding of one’s own nature, and a magnified appreciation of experiencing such a creative transformation in life.

Apparently this was not the first time his cult members did this.  They did it in 2008 also.  Since all of Ron's prophecies have been failures, the finical ruin his church members created for themselves now allow them to grow into wiser financial planning.

A common experience that has been expressed by a number of people is that if Christ had returned on either date it would have solved (resolved) ongoing financial struggles and other difficulties (battles) in life. First, it is important to acknowledge that because of all the financial struggles associated with such a strong focus of Christ’s return on two separate occasions that all of us can grow and become wiser in budgeting and planning. Secondly, we need to realize that no matter how wisely or how well we have planned ahead, there will still be financial hardships because of the “end-time” we are currently living in.

Since 2008, when the First Trumpet sounded, the financial impact from a growing global buildup to a complete economic implosion has been in the works. This buildup is steadily eroding away all the underpinnings of this world’s economic system. It is causing greater stress and strain on businesses and governments worldwide, which in turn, is doing the same to individuals and families.

For all of those who are in God’s Church, this can be likened to the first few plagues that were poured out during the time just preceding the Exodus when both Israel and Egypt suffered together. In the beginning, we will suffer what the world suffers until the time when God begins to intervene to protect and deliver His people.

Weinland admits the chruch used the tithe money set aside for the Feast on other things which was OK in his book. However, if you are a lowly church member and do not use your tithe money accordingly and need Festival assistance, Ron most likely will not give it to you.

Along these lines of financial planning, everyone should also plan wisely for the annual Holy Days and the saving of Second Tithe for their observance as God commands. As God has now given us a focus of Pentecost to Pentecost, we understand that this also means we are to plan for the potential of our next observance of the Feast of Tabernacles. Over the past couple of years in our “present truth,” when we believed Christ was specifically coming on the “following” Pentecost, the administrative decision for the use of 2nd Tithe was given to also include special visits and travel associated with those visits. Now, 2nd Tithe should only be used for annual Holy Day expenses, especially for those associated with the observance of the Feast of Tabernacles.

In the context of the Feast of Tabernacles, the Church is seeking to plan ahead wisely in financial planning. This brings us to the subject of Festival Assistance for helping those who make such request. Over the past couple of years this area of financial load has grown tremendously, and as a result there will be the need to more wisely distribute such assistance. One of the first things we are going to institute is what the Worldwide Church of God carried out in its distribution of such funds. Festival Assistance was not automatically given each and every year to all who had been fully recommended and qualified to receive it. Many had to stay home for a year or two before receiving such assistance.

In the future, there will also be the need to tighten some requirements before receiving assistance. If it is clear someone has not consistently given Holy day offerings over the past year, then they will not receive Festival Assistance. The same is true concerning whether someone has been faithfully tithing over the entire previous year. In addition, for anyone who has made no effort whatsoever to set aside something for the Feast, then no Festival Assistance will be given. Over the past few years, due to so many being new in God’s Church, the Church has been very merciful and exceedingly patient when determining the giving of assistance. We are now a more matured Church and God has made it clear that He is requiring a higher standard from everyone in the Body.
Seventy some years after Armstrongism started and Ron's church has just now matured.  What a moron.
Most people who have made requests for Festival Assistance are faithful in tithing, giving of Holy Day Offerings, and often saving extra aside for Feast observance. In every way, God’s Church will strive to make it possible for those people to attend the Feast of Tabernacles.
Translation:  If you have tithed faithfully to my wife and daughter so that they can travel expense free around the world, then you will be able to get festival assistance.


Byker Bob said...

Pure insanity. He and his flock are rapidly devolving. Fervently believing a lie makes one a better Christian? Uh, no. No!


Dennis Diehl said...

"This list could certainly include several other matters that created a greater financial impact in people’s lives, but perhaps the most common was that which involved over-extending credit purchases above what one could otherwise handle."

Witness Ron Weinland

"Now you just have a second mortgage... and frankly we flee before most of it ever becomes due"

Apostle David C. Pack
The Clarion Call

But frankly they won't

Dennis Diehl said...

Fleeing as a business model is not the best far as I can tell.

Also, it has been noted by a RCG insider that Dave Pack found his campus property in 2007. The Clarion Call to "send it in" and "pull big triggers" went out in December of that same year. I think it is obvious that the Clarion Call was not so much to get Dave's Gospel out, but to start funding his physical plant and personal empire plans.

RCG folk are so foolish.

Anonymous said...

there ya go...take out loans you have no intention of every paying back....

Fraud...that ought to make Jesus very happy with you.

Anonymous said...

The Return of Christ will be indefinitely postponed until tithe income increases to a satisfactory level.. God is mighty and all-powerful, but flat broke, you see.

Anonymous said...

What spin!!!

Did you lose a shitload of money because you believed him, and sent it to his HQ?

No problem! That's a blessing, as shown in Ron's words-

"...all of us can grow and become wiser in budgeting and planning."

Besides, if you're out of money now because you remortgaged your home and sent him $100,000 in anticipation of his prophecies happening, he just might be willing to give you a hundred dollars or so, for you to attend his FOT.

Anonymous said...

If someone tells you to refinance your mortgage or take out a second mortgage claiming that you won't have to pay it back, ask him to co-sign.

His reaction will tell you all that you need to know.

Byker Bob said...

Considering their mentor, I hope these people at least had the good sense to pay their taxes! If they all were to get red-flagged, triggered as a result of the recipient of their tithes, we might be looking at a new splinter group called the "Penitentiary Church of God"


Joe Moeller said...

Ron's words-
"...all of us can grow and become wiser in budgeting and planning."

Thats right Ron! I hope that you are budgeting your 65 cents an hour very carefully, and that you are sending in a tithe of that to support "your ongoing work".

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

All these Armstrongist cog leaders are tithing tight asses!
I can't believe that there are still people out there in his group supporting him financially when he is nothing but a low life con artist!
These tithe-teaching groups are like casinos! You give expecting something in return so it's no different to gambling. Problem is the house always wins. And in the case of Weinland, Meredith, Pack, etc. their families I'm sure would be doing well while their members scrape by giving penny after penny to these money-grubs! Cha-Ching!

Head Usher said...

@ Joe said:
Ron's words-
"...all of us can grow and become wiser in budgeting and planning."

My comment: In a sense, wasn't it poor financial planning and budgeting that landed him in the big house in the first place? Kind of ironic coming from him!

@ Anon11:33PM said:
These tithe-teaching groups are like casinos! You give expecting something in return so it's no different to gambling. Problem is the house always wins.

My comment: Bingo. Every guy who starts a church is setting up his own "house" which always wins.