Monday, February 10, 2014

Jan Aaron Young's Crazy COG Teachings

For some time I have had articles from this crazy COG member who left UCG because they did not listen to him.  I was reminded of this person through the latest Journal which contains several pages of this persons weird teachings.  Its easy to see why UCG showed this person where the exit door was.  This person logic is about as stupid and useless as Bob Thiel's!

Here is some of the weirdness that's being taught by Jan Young:

  • If you celebrate St Patrick's Day then you are worshiping Osiris:
In Osiris mythology he was killed the 3rd month and 17th day. The Masonic-created holiday St. Patrick’s Day on 3/17 began in the US when George Washington allegedly rewarded Irish soldiers in the Continental Army, though even in Ireland it was a minor holiday. ...Osiris was the source of barley used for brewing beer in Egypt. The color green is worn and used profusely on the day, and Osiris was known as the Green Man...
  • Washington Monument and dead Presidents laying-in-state is PAGAN!
The pyramid on top of the giant Washington Monument obelisk represents Nimrod rising, like dead presidents lain in state in the Rotunda. They lay beneath Washington’s Apotheosis–ascended among pagan gods. 
  • The primary reason holidays are bad is because they are based on pope Gregory’s calendar–that of Mystery Babylon.  ...holidays should be avoided because they fall on days named for false gods–each day of the week. And months–with names for gods, Roman Emperors or relation to the calendar of Romulus, founder of Rome. Every holiday is a false day, distracting from God‘s Sabbath plan. 
  • The only holidays that might be good are those as Purim and Hanukkah based on God’s calendar and do not fall on a pagan god day. But Purim continues the same practice as Mardi Gras, perverse as Halloween, and Hanukkah is just another version of the Feast of Lights as Saturnalia, Christmas and Kwanza. Hanukkah driedels are 4-sided tops with Hebrew letters, as Romans for Saturnalia used 3-sided tops with Roman letters. Most Jews sing Hanukkah carols based on Christmas ones with same music; and lyrics slightly changed as: On the First Day of Hanukkah, Have Yourself a Happy Little Hanukkah, I’m Dreaming of a Bright Menorah, Maccabees Are Coming to Town.
  • Using $1.00 bills and collecting coins is PAGAN
Similar to using US currency with Eye of god Horus, Osiris or Nimrod as part of the US Great Seal. We are ‘forced’ to use it (on $1 bills), but we should not want to do so. We should avoid admiring coins or currency as collector’s items. Much of US coins have the name or image of Liberty, standing for goddess Libertas, so should be avoided the same way. 
  • Mothers day celebrates Satan's Sabbath, Catholic mothers and Nimrod's wife
That’s what they are in the US, Sundays, on Satan’s supreme fake Sabbath, so should be avoided for even that reason alone. A third main reason is to not to keep any holidays on Satan‘s Sabbath. Look up in most any reference source how Mother’s Day got started. Sure it seems nice if you look only back to fairly recent times, but should we be fooled by that? And forget how it originally came into being? That it continues Mother goddess worship? That it later was adopted by the Catholic church for Mothering Sunday to honor that church? Later, its use spread to honoring Catholic mothers, and later all mothers.
  • Father's Day honors Nimrod
Father’s Day in the US came about when people thought fathers should get equal honor when Mother’s Day was set up. It began earlier from Father god worship, usually celebrated around the summer solstice when the sun as sun god reached its fullest apparent strength. Nimrod is worshiped then, as well at the winter solstice when he seemed to be born again. Father’s Day in the US, as most nations that keep it, is the 3rd Sunday in June, close to the solstice. False creator gods were worshiped as Father or Mother.
  • Beauty Queen contests celebrate Nimrod's Wife and are PORN!
A practice of ancient Mother’s Day that tended to be kept was a beauty contest, the winner represented the Queen of Heaven, Nimrod’s wife. These beauty pageants later morphed into more secular affairs that Satan used to promote desire to look good, over being good. So girls wanted to improve their appearance to look according to an image Satan had in mind, instead of striving for inner beauty of righteousness. Trivial pursuits. And beauty contests promote lust, as a version of pornography.
  • Honoring war hero's with flyovers is PAGAN!
The US still keeps its Armed Forces Day (and Week) of military displays in May. And is one of many US holidays honoring war or war heroes. Most any special event in a stadium tends to have a flyby of military jets as the Blue Angels. We should look forward to the end of wars (Isa 2:4), not celebrate supposed war heroes.
  • 4th of July is PAGAN!
It was clever of Satan to have US citizens keep his fire festival using similar practices, but naming it something else... While the firework displays may be appealing, they are a direct offshoot of war. They are very dangerous...Since Independence Day floats during the week days, its practices can infringe on God’s Sabbath from two different days, before or after.
  • It is a SIN to honor God while feasting with others (non-converted asswipes, apparently)
We should not try to honor God while feasting (physically or spiritually) with others trying to honor Satan’s false gods. We should not join other religions in the ecumenical movement trying to unite and have friendship with those who worship God falsely. These ‘Christians’ are fakes, and we try to preach the Gospel to them so they will repent. So why join them in their falsehood? They should be learning the Holy Days of God from us, not the reverse. Satan wins if anyone keeps any other day than God’s Sabbaths.
  • Thanksgiving celebrates T-Day (Not Turkey Day but THOR's Day!)
Thanksgiving now is always on Thor’s Day, or Nimrod’s day. One name for it is T-Day for the turkey, but also stands for Thor or Tammuz...Many eat unclean meats and even during the T-Day meal....Many thousands of atheists keep Thanksgiving, as well as Christmas. Why? Because both are for unbelievers. Thanksgiving is probably the day most like one of God’s days, but falls way short since God is not in the day...So Thanksgiving copied the pagan Harvest Home, and church services were the primary part of honoring God that day, actually the fake god of Satan. Some COGs claim it is a secular day, not religious, despite the intent to honor God that day! Thus all right to keep (sounds like a ploy of Satan). But it became secular in time when football games and Christmas sales pushed out the worship aspect. And the parades feature Christmas themes and the advent of Santa Claus. Macy’s parade on T-Day was called Macy’s Christmas Parade in its first years 1924-27 for obvious reasons.
  • Evil filthy Thor's Season starts Thanksgiving Day with Cracker and Gnasher flying through the sky
 (Thanksgiving) Thursday is named for the Norse god Thor, depicted as a fake god traveling in sky chariot. An old man with white beard in red clothes, riding a chariot drawn by two goats named Cracker and Gnasher giving out presents, knowing who is naughty and nice. He became the Yule god living in the North, the fire god who went down chimneys to the fireplace...Is it a mere coincidence that Thor’s Christmas season begins on T-day? Paul said we can fellowship with the devil or demons in idolatrous feasts (1 Cor 10:19-20), it is that serious. While Jews were exiled in Babylon, they adopted the Tammuz name for a Hebrew calendar month, and in general became even more idolatrous (Pharisees). Of course, Thor is really another name for Nimrod. Some Freemasons still take the Oath of Nimrod.
  • Columbus Day and the Statue of Liberty are PAGAN!
Columbus Day is for the mass murderer and slave driver, and the goddess Columbia. She is depicted in movies as the Statue of Liberty on a stepped pyramid without capstone, and her lighted torch substitutes for the All-Seeing-Eye of Lucifer of the US/Illuminati Great Seal. And DC is her district. Columbus terrorized natives, killed many as slaves by shipping them in horrid conditions so many died on the way. He was likely a ‘Jew’ and was definitely sponsored by Khazar Jews who were evil men interested in gold and slave trading, profiting on the misery of others and funded wars.
From Jan Young's Exit Nimrod Part 1

Is it any wonder that Armstrongism has no credibility?


Anonymous said...

Do you think this guy has any happiness in his life? My guess is if he does, it is solely based on telling others how to live.

Head Usher said...

"This person['s] logic is about as stupid and useless as Bob Thiel's!

Yep, almost. He's definitely a contender. Since Bob has a competitor on his hands here, he should probably consider stepping up his "stupid and useless" game. That goes for the other contestants on "Spiritual Family Feud" as well.

Speaking of other contestants, although people are reporting on Wienerdude's prison epistles, since they're easy to report on, nobody seems to have much to say about the state of disrepair his Saturday Fan Club has fallen into. Does anybody who isn't an insider have any clue? Are any insiders lurking about in such a disreputable corner of the internet as this who could tell us anonymously? Will Wienerdude emerge from the big house to reclaim a mantle of leadership over devoted followers, or will he simply be J.Q. Citizen with undiagnosed schizophrenia and a newly minted rap sheet (notice how I'm generously assuming he didn't already have one)? I can see someone making the mistake of splintering away with him, but in order to have stuck around through all the failed prophecies, there's gotta be something wrong with your head already. To stick it out through his prison ministry, it's gotta be something serious.

Byker Bob said...

I always did say that Armstrongism gave rebellious teenagers so much to revolt against, or as Steve Marriott and Humble Pie sang, "Such a lot of good ways (ow!) to be bad!"

Knowing all of this stuff about paganism, an ACOG kid could really outgoth the Goths! Nimrod, no future, whole world coming to an end, old ratty secondhand clothes to wear because of all the extra tithes.

This stuff is not healthy! If you focus on all of the bad, and the hopelessness, you're going to miss out on all of the good productive stuff that happens in spite of it all. Whether adult or adolescent, this "stuff" can take you out of the equation as goes being part of the solution.


Anonymous said...

I actually think I know someone who agrees with what this guy says and is upset because he didn't come up with it, that would be James Malm.