Monday, May 19, 2014

Eric King Started Out As A Failure in the Seventh Day Adventist Church

A former associate of Eric King sent us this info:

Eric Kings recent preaching to the Worldwide Church goes far deeper than Herbert Armstrong.  King was a Seventh Day Adventist and an apologist/devotee of Ellen G White.  Nothing like leaving the teaches of one debased cult leader to follow the debased teaching of another cult leader!

Being a Seventh Day Adventist Christian I always get asked the question regarding early Adventist author, Ellen G. White; “Wasn’t Ellen White a plagiarist?”

I find that instead of searching out her writings for themselves, most Christians are too relaxed in their own minds about their conclusions regarding what I call, “easy religion”.

Me, along with thousands of Adventist Christians have gained strength, inspiration, and a closer walk with God through the study of her writings. Just as people try to find condradictions in Scripture people search for “hooks of doubt” to hang their hats on when reading Ellen White.

What are you looking for? If you are looking for Truth you can find it. Jesus is not hiding under a rock someplace. As a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian I invite you to look at our teachings and compare them with Scripture. Read, pray, search the Scriptures for yourself. Stop looking for something to “hang your hat on”.  Stand up, get serious about your relationship with Truth, the Christian Truth!

Written by, Eric W. King  Novemebr 12th 2007 and some of this article taken from an ealier article written by Eric on  May 20,2007  Is the Bible a work of plagiarism?

...As a Seventh Day Adventist Christian I have been accused of believing that “good works” can save me because I choose to obey God’s Sabbath, or talk different, eat different, or talk about Jesus when ever I get the chance. Christian Growth

As a Christian Seventh Day Adventist I love the Lord, Jesus Christ. Therefore, I love Truth. Liars and false prophets, save they repent, shall not stand in the judgment.

Note: Since this article was posted I have received verbal and almost physical harassment from some JW’s in my community. Please pray for those stuck in the Watch Tower lies. Thank you The apostate sect of “Jehovah’s Witnesses”

Forget Herbert Armstrong and Mystery of the Ages, King claims that Ellen G Whites, Conflict of the Ages, is a MUST read.

As Seventh Day Adventist Christians we have coined the term “The Great Controversy” to describe the war between “good” and “evil”. And is it not, from our perspective as mortal beings, a “great controversy”? Indeed it is!

Seventh Day Adventist author, Ellen G. White wrote the famous “Conflict of the Ages” series which became a four volume set. The last book in this set is titled, “The Great Controversy”. The preface of the 1950 version, written by the publishers reads:

The present impending conflict, with the vital principles involved, in which no one can be neutral, is simply, lucidly, strongly, set forth.”

The book is well written and a must read for any serious student of God’s word. Now, what is this “Great Controversy” over? It is understood by Scripture that this controversy has to do with what choice we as individuals are going to take in regards to our position on Bible Truth. Are we going to trust God and His word? Or are we going to side with Satan and his group[s]?


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NO2HWA said...

Apparently King felt he was being ignored by the Adventists when they paid no attention to his rants. Then like HWA he had a snit fit and left to start his next group with a small group of gullible followers....COGers looking for someone to lead them into truth.

Anonymous said...

I had expected that Eric King had been raised in Armstrongism, but was just a few marbles short of playing with a full deck. Because who else does this sort of thing except people who have been raised to worship HWA but has a couple of loose screws?

Apparently, others too. I've never encountered serial prophet before. Every few years he morphs to become the prophet in another religion to become the mouthpiece of a new god? In polytheism, I'm sure this stuff happened all the time. But in monotheism, it seems like an illegal move.

This is kind of important information for any Armstrongite followers that might have been attracted to King to realize. They have devoted literally decades to following HWA and learning "the truth" once revealed to the original apostles which was lost for 1900 years, only to come to light once again in the end times exclusively through god's true apostle(s)/prophet(s). They've been privileged to learn "the truth" that god has denied to the vast majority of humans who ever lived. They have immersed themselves in "living it" (Old Testament rituals, not the stuff Jesus said) for decades, steeping themselves in specialness and learning its hidden meanings that can only be absorbed over a lifetime of dedicated uberdevotion. And now, Eric King shows up in the last few years and claims to be an expert? He's a noob! He's still an apprentice, not a master. He couldn't possibly know their true religion better than they do. He hasn't paid his dues. He's not even qualified yet to be a true HWA worshipper, let alone someone worthy of being HWAs one true successor, the next true end-time apostle/prophet of the HWA god.

I guess when Eric King noticed the disaster of the COG cult universe, he opportunistically saw more potential there than in the Adventist world. Sayonara Ellen, helloooooo Pervert!

Byker Bob said...

I wondered where he had come from. Based on his written materials, we'd normally expect to learn that he had been part of one of the more bizarre splinters, possibly having been thrown out as opposed to having quit.

With his guitar playing, attire, affinity for Native Americans, and Sci-Fi, it seems obvious that he has not bought into the total package of Armstrongian "restored truths". Absenting the guns, he probably has more in common with David Koresh. He'll probably take some people on a somewhat warped ride.

By the way, for those who don't know, Mrs. Eggwhite suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy, no doubt a profound influence upon her visions.


old EXPCG hag said...

He's an attention-starved goofball!

Black Ops Mikey said...

Next it will be a logical progression to Scientology.

He's not that far from it now -- all he needs is the auditing machine.

By the way, E. G. White was nuts, but we'll leave that to another time on another forum.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that in some of his SDA writings King criticizes an offshoot of not really being part of the true church. The reason? They don't believe in Trinity and they believe in keeping festivals. That's an awfully large turnaround for King in just a few years time.

Allen C. Dexter said...

We never realized while we were caught up in Worldwide, but many sects have broken off from the Adventists, including COG7, the Branch Davidians and of course, Worldwide and all its spinters. It all has its roots in a deranged prophetess. The facts on Ellen G. White is readily available on line. Her head got messed up by a severe blow that scrambled her brain a bit. That's happened a lot throughout history.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Where's Joe Moeller been lately?

Anonymous said...

Joe Moeller, our favorite UCG apologist disappeared almost as quickly as he appeared. He abruptly said his goodbyes in a comment a few months back. I always suspected he'd been asked to do it by someone like Michael Snyder, to be a light in a dark, dark world, someone to put in a good word for UCG in the toxic recesses of the internet. That he left so abruptly might indicate a change behind the scenes that led to the disconinuation of the service project.

Black Ops Mikey said...

I guess tucked safely away on his remote ranch (except for the demons in flying saucers flying overhead from time to time -- as his dog barks at them in the middle of the night) that Eric King is unaware of the Arabs, Islam and the Chinese impact on the world.

He should stick to herding sheep: He's no prophet.

Anonymous said...

2:06 and 11:42, youse guys don't pay much attention to writing style, do ya? Joe is still around. He just doesn't post under that name any more.

Anonymous said...

I suppose not. What I do notice is that when there's a post sticking it to UCG, nobody is giving it the old whitewash anymore.

Anonymous said...

Eric King thought of himself as a prophet in the SDA church. Like most in Armstrongism, they too ignored his words. When no one wanted to follow him he found the next sinking ship available, disenchanted Church of God members. They seem to be a sucker for anyone claiming they "have the truth."

Byker Bob said...

While watching one of the Grateful Dead "Bertha" videos on You Tube, I remembered an old Rolling Stone interview with Jerry Garcia from sometime in the '90s. Jerry had some much better views of the new millennium than any of these Armstrong sad sacks.


Anonymous said...

I personally know eric king. He was a seventh day Adventist. He has ex-girlfriends and ex-friends talking all kinds of shit about him now. I think that some are just jealous of his good looking "young" wives. But that's just my theory.