Sunday, May 18, 2014

Herbert Armstrong "college" Graduates Give Seed Money for College Campus in Ephraim

Despite the declining income and membership of the PCG, it appears to moving ahead in trying to purchased large parcels of land on the former Bricket Wood Campus of Ambassador College.

At the senior dance the "future royalty,"  students of Armstrong College (AC - because we know God inspired HWA to use these same initials) they indicated that they gave a donation towards the future campus in England.

“My favorite part was Mr. Flurry’s impromptu words after receiving the donation for starting a college in Ephraim,” senior Matthew Friesen said.

After receiving a donation from the senior class for establishing a college in Britain, Chancellor Gerald Flurry spoke briefly about his trip to Britain last week with Dean of Students Stephen Flurry. “If you have just a little bit of understanding, you know that God is doing this,” he said, saying that doors were opening in Britain.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Well, first of all Britain is not Ephraim: DNA proves that they are of Israel.

Now Flurry can fail in two places.

He really needs to pay off that Auditorium.

Byker Bob said...

If you follow the link and go to the site, and see the picture of Flurry with the seniors in the John Amos field house, boy, you can see a man just living out his fantasy. I bet he even feels the presence of HWA, as he addresses those graduates! And, now, on to even greater idolatry, and the purchase of the Bricket Wood campus, where Simon Magus's remains are probably interred!


Anonymous said...

Most likely Mr. Flurry & family, found a way to have a church membership paid vacation. Suckers.

Anonymous said...

Do check out the Grant Turgeon article about the Pervert College grads, now completely brainwashed, for some hilariously inane quotes about how great EVERYTHING and EVERYONE there is.

old EXPCG hag said...

If people would realize this is all just a sick joke they would be better off.

Byker Bob said...

Did anyone document the size of the donation? One point of interest is the fact that most graduates don't generally have much surplus cash on graduation day. Many have student loans to pay off, and presumably those entering the field ministry would be getting married (which has huge start-up costs), wardrobes to purchase, and relocating expenses.

This has the aura of a public relations maneuver, perhaps with the donation being largely symbolic. It's the sort of thing that looks good in a headline.


Anonymous said...

Black Ops Mikey - did you mean to say DNA proves that they are NOT of Israel?

Corky said...

DNA also proves that the Samaritan woman by the well was just as much an Israelite as Jesus...only thing is, Jesus didn't know that.

old EXPCG hag said...

I guess Grant Turgeon was finally conned/convinced he is the most specialestest young person in the world and promised a great position now in the KINGDOM OF PCG after all the hell he caused his parents and grandpa(Gerald Flurry), growing up.

All the young people are being used,(brainwashing...get them while they're young), and promised greatness, and all the old members are being
used(tithes/offerings,homes lands)and promised greatness. All the rest better walk on egg shells because they know YOU MAY WAKE UP ONE OF THESE DAYS AND REALIZED YOU WERE SCAMMED AND THEN THE TYRANT MINISTERS WILL HAVE TO SLANDER YOU AND DISCARD YOU!

Brian Davis, Christ's humble servant ...seriously??

By the way...HWA said he already "Prophesied Again" REV.10:11

Gerald Flurry obviously is saying..."He Was Wrong!"

Assistant Deacon said...

"...for starting a college in Ephriam."

There was a time when it took a lot longer to dig and research and find material to refute this British-Israelism nonsense. That made it easier for HWA to spread the BI gospel, and easier for followers to just go along.

Today, with ample scholarship freely available all over the Internet, there is simply no excuse. United, COGWA, Living, PCG, RCG and so many others, with all of their so-called "leading ministers," and their colleges and bible centers, willingly and deceptively continue to promote a lie. It is unconscionable. I honestly don't know how they do it with a straight face.

Silenced put together an excellent series on the topic, and the nail in the coffin was presented plainly at:

Those poor "AC" grads don't know how stupid they really sound.