Thursday, May 22, 2014

COG Latter Days Prophet, Talking Crow, the Wannabe Polish Cherokee Indian, Premiers His Singing Site

The world has just gotten a little bit prettier and safer.  Eric King, aka Koga Gawaniski (since when were Cherokee 's Polish?) has premiered his site where he sings Indian and religious songs.  I guess when you are a failure in both the SDA church and the Worldwide Church of God as a leader you need another hobby to occupy your spare time.

Eric W. King's Sounds of Life

You can see the Polish Cherokee in his play outfits here: Cherokee ~ Eric W. King aka Koga Gawaniski

and here:  A Look at Cherokee beliefs and true Christianity


Anonymous said...

Polish Cherokee? I love it. You guys are too much fun this early in the morning!

I guess they came across the land bridge between Alaska and Russia many new moons ago as they trekked from Poland.

Connie Schmidt said...

(Movie trailer narration by the famous announcer Art Gilmore)...

Coming to a theater near you soon...


Dances with COG is a 2014 American epic western film directed, produced by, and starring Eric King.

It is a film adaptation of the 1988 book "Dances With Wolves" by Michael Blake and tells the story of a disillusioned religionist who travels to the American frontier to find God and truth.

There, he befriends a guitar , a lonely dog and a local Indian tribe, whose ways he grows to respect. He adopts their culture and posts about a life that is threatened by liberal Church of God encroachment on their minds and souls. An epic tale of the American Cult scene as it once was, and perhaps can still be.


Anonymous said...

Now that Koga Gawaniski (a.k.a. Runs With Poo) has gone on what appears to be a major bender, is there anyone left who is still going to accuse us of mocking "a true servant of god"? Or have they all departed to look for less fertilized, yet greener pastures?

old EXPCG hag said...

Gerald Flurry:> "You people have become very bizarre,(especially since Eric's Polish). Now if he was Irish he wouldn't be so bizarre, Quake! Quake!"

Byker Bob said...

This name thing reminds me of an old story my English teacher used to tell.

He had had a prof at university who prided himself in correctly pronouncing his new students names, no matter the background. He did this from the very first roll call. At one point when he called out the name Bleweski, nobody answered. So, at the end of the roll call, he called out that name once again, just soas not to miss anybody.

Later, during actual class, a student whom he was sure had not been called or responded during roll call made a brilliant contribution. The prof said, "I seem to have missed you during roll call, son. What is your name? The reply, "Blue Sky, sir! Native American!"

I believe that like our erstwhile professor, Eric King has confused a Native name with a Polish one. What kind of superficial acolyte does that? Speaks volumes, as if we didn't already know.


Allen C. Dexter said...

Thanks for the chuckle, BB!

Dan said...

I am just laughing a whole lot at this weird character. These men make the C of G a joke.

old EXPCG hag said...

Gerald Flurry:> "You people have become very bizarre,(especially since Eric's Polish). Now if he was Irish he wouldn't be so bizarre, Quake! Quake!"

May 22, 2014 at 5:59 PM

> Quack! Quack!<

Anonymous said...

The master troll (droll troll) has struck again. Oh, spare us!

Anonymous said...

The earth is warming (hot as hell actually) and San Fran is now under 200 feet of water, just like Al Gore said. The end really IS here! Al Gore is the greatest prophet the COG has come up with yet!