Sunday, August 31, 2014

LCG Disgusted With the Water Bucket Challenge...and NOT for the Reason You Might Think

Why is it that the Churches of God feel that they have to weigh in on every single thing that goes on in society?  As dumb as the water bucket challenge is, what business is it of ANY COG to stick their nose into it and throw out warnings?  Why do they have to give their opinions about things like this when their own churches are filled with vile unchristian goings on?

LCG has always felt that their opinion matters in all things. Wait till you see the main reason as to why the LCG does not care for the water bucket challenge.  Its quit laughable and silly!

From the LCG weekly update 8/30/2014

Ice Bucket Challenge:  In America and other parts of the world where the Internet reaches, millions of people have taken the Ice Bucket Challenge—allowing someone to dump a bucket of ice water on their heads to raise money for a charity—and then posting a picture of themselves on Facebook to record this chilling event. While contributing to a charity is a personal decision, events like this can easily become an exhibitionist activity and another way to get your picture on Facebook in front of millions of viewers. While this is a seemingly innocent activity, there are medical concerns with such a temperature shock if a person has a pre-existing heart condition. As Christians, we are advised in the Scriptures to “come out” of this world and its faddish ways (2 Corinthians 6:17). Making a contribution to preaching the Gospel to a dying world might be a better way to improve the condition of mankind.


Anonymous said...

In many parts of the world which can be reached by a Gulfsteam jet, many have, er, had taken on the support-Herbert-challenge—allowing him to have more of their money than they reasonably could give, so that he could have pictures taken with world dignitaries, which he bribed for a visit with expensive gifts of crystal. While who you give your money to can be a personal decision (if you haven’t surrendered your brain and common sense), “events” like Herbert being seen in photos, with famous people, easily became an exhibitionist activity that resulted in nothing but idolatry toward a man who deserves no such adoration. While these activities seemed to be a great thing at the time – who, among those still alive, who met the man, even remember him? -- there are medical concerns – those of the people who blindly gave him money for such trips but would be afraid to spend any on a bottle of aspirin for their headache, because they need to show their “faith.”

Assistant Deacon said...

"Making a contribution to preaching the Gospel to a dying world might be a better way to improve the condition of mankind."

Except, of course, that the faddish ALS ice bucket campaign reached more of the world and raised more awareness in a month than Armstrongism has in 90 years.

Nothing like a bunch of out-of-touch old white guys to tell people how things ought to be, yes sir.

Next up: The PLAIN TRUTH about how those Negroes in Ferguson should really behave.

Unknown said...

LCG is over-managing peoples lives with this silly statement. We all know that the ministers are on their own little ego trips, and are probably jealous that "the little people" have a picture or video of themselves on a Facebook page that is garnering any attention away from themselves.

That said, a much better argument can be made against the ALS challenge by realizing that the ALS Association has conducted Embryonic Stem Cell research , which should raise ethical concerns amongst any of us who are "Pro Life" anti-abortion activists.

Since the Churches of God are also Pro Life in position and policy , this would have been a far more justifiable position to take in regards to the "bucket challenge".

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

LCG weekly update read, "Making a contribution to preaching the Gospel to a dying world might be a better way to improve the condition of mankind."

MY COMMENT - Yeah right! And pigs fly!

How has 80 years of Herbert W. Armstrong's Church of God movement "improved the condition of mankind?" I can't even type this question without laughing!

Lake of Fire Church of God

Byker Bob said...

I wonder if maybe the local business community in Charlotte didn't challenge the LCG to take part in this. That type of inclusionism would be totally normal in the world of charity. The update almost sounds as if someone has taken this as a personal affront (like crosses, maybe?) and that they are pissed off. This is the sort of commentary one normally expects at COGwriter.

It also appears absurd that they would bash an immensely successful campaign, while figuratively earning an "F" on their own campaigns to get out their messed up message. Perhaps if they were cognizant of more "faddish ways", they'd be able to do a better job of relating to, and snagging people living in our own times, rather than those of HWA.


Questeruk said...

Don’t know about the LCG comment, (which is actually probably correct for someone with a heart condition) but not at all impressed with the youtube clip.

Doing that to a two year old kid, who has no real idea about ice bucket challenges, is pretty despicable for any parent to do.

RSK said...

Do nothing that could interrupt or decrease your financial obligations to "the Work", yes, same old dirty song and dance there.

(and, did someone at Charlotte decide to have a bitchfest about the ice bucket business on their own, or did some blindly following member actually ask "Is it Christian to do the ice bucket challenge?" Who knows, maybe Hislop would have found pagan connections to the ice bucket in a single out-of-context depiction somewhere...)

Not sure why you highlighted the heart condition bit, though, as that's legitimate if you have some risk from a suddenly accelerated heartbeat (people on blood thinners may pass out, for example).

Anonymous said...

I agree, Connie...In addition to this challenge having satanic roots...Baptism into the devil, so says an article...also the fact that only 27% reaches whatever it is to reach..Why not mention those things from the pulpit?

Anonymous said...

So let's reflect....a bucket full of icewater is harmful to the heart maybe but probably not, but a boatload of Biblical BS is good for it?

I don't think so...

Byker Bob said...

The interesting thing about the alleged health aspects to this fund raiser would be that most of the people "in the world" are painfully aware of the implications of their health problems, such as a heart condition. I am sure that the Charlottan who gave this cautionary advice felt like he had to weigh in to protect their own members due to the prevailing ignorance in LCG towards health and medical science.

In a way, this attitude is like in spirit to trashing Christmas because some people get drunk at parties, while giving the Feast of Tabernacles a pass even though some people do the same thing there. Typical Armstrong "logic". At least, ALS is a good cause!


RSK said...

Don't tell me we just found someone who actually thinks it has "satanic roots"?

Anonymous said...

Richard of Anonymous Lake of Fire Church of God wrote: "...How has 80 years of Herbert W. Armstrong's Church of God movement "improved the condition of mankind?" I can't even type this question without laughing!..."

That's an excellent point, but what about Living's gospel message that the Living update referred to? It said: "Making a contribution to preaching the Gospel to a dying world might be a better way to improve the condition of mankind."

There are so many "gospels" floating around, and from what I read to be Living's isn't good news for all humanity. Their gospel with regards to their understanding of the resurrections will have a lot of losers. Many (most?) will not be able to live up to Living's standards of what they believe one must to do "qualify" like they think they are currently qualifying, but....

...and time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Heck, even most of Christianity has "Satanic roots"....

Jesus wouldn't be squat without Satan! He'd just be a girly-man.