Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Obedient Church of God: You're All Going Down! 2.5 Billion of You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Armstrongism has always had a fascination with war, rampaging armies, death and mayhem.  That legacy carries on today in the Obedient Church of God led by Lawrence Nowell.  Because Nowell knows the truth and the rest of the COG's and humanity ignores it, he and 10,000 other chosen ones will kill  200 million people and then four MEN will come and kill 2.5 billion people.  Apparently its not kosher if four women kill 2.5 billion people.

God will do a "short" (final) work Romans 9:28
How long will TO COG continue to warn you to REPENT of your Disobedience?
Answer: "Until" the cities are laid waste, and without inhabitant. Isaiah 6:11 KJV
I will "STAND" AGAINST the World for you Yahweh, Jesus Christ my "LORD"
Zech 4:10 Who has despised the day of small things?
which we will at Passover 2010
activate and present to the World
as a warning message and Witness to the Nations
with Swords are Arriving!!
As the kids would say: You are all going down, UNLESS you start to OBEY every jot of God's way/Shop Manual/Bible.
Christ is returning with plagues, and with 10,000 Men!!! Jude 14
Christ’s Men will Kill “200 MILLION” of you in just 1 day. Rev 9:16
Do you FEAR God yet? The beginning of Wisdom is the FEAR of God. Prov 1:7
When Killing 200 Million 4 Angels will kill another 1/3 of YOU Earth’s inhabitants Rev 9:18
= 2.5 “BILLION of

By just 4 of Christ’s Men.


Anonymous said...

Armstrongism has a fascination with war, death and mayhem? It pales compared to hollywood's fascination with those things. Who controls hollywood? And the noble public never watch those things.

James said...

This reminds me of a Batman episode from the 60's.

Anonymous said...

It never seems to dawn on these fools that the author of Romans, claiming that there would be a "short work" was just as wrong as those who claimed time was short, soon , the last hour, now is and far spent. They were wrong and their soonness was never intended for 2000 years into the future.

Jesus, the disciples, the apostles, Peter, James and John along with Paul and all the forgers of almost half of the NT were wrong

NO2HWA said...

James....these people are such flaming morons that I still am shocked that anyone follows them. They have to be incredibly naive and complete social misfits that they need to follow such people in order to have an identity

Anonymous said...


Wake me up when the death-toll reaches half a billion or so.

Anonymous said...

could we somehow arrange for all these warlike religious people to get together and fight each other and leave the rest of us alone.

Byker Bob said...

When these guys get around to having their own Gary Petty style campaign, maybe they can arrange for a special appearance by Megadeth.

Most thinking people of today recognize that this type of message is like "Night of the Living Dead." What good does it do to be spared from death if one of the requirements is that you become some kind of cult zombie? Come to think of it, Rob Zombie should be another one of their musical guests.


Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:09 PM,

It's already happening, except for the part about leaving the rest of us alone.